Saturday, March 1, 2008

Allie's Posting

Allie's Turn To Post
(Starting at a young age!!)
Hello everyone, I am Allie the grand daughter. I am four and a half months old. Grandma is one of these people that likes to take pictures all the time. Caleb had worn me this would happen. So I had to wear this cute sleeper and lay on the SOFT fuzzy blanket for grandma to take my picture.
I love my grandma so I don't mind doing it. I smile at her all the time, not just for her pictures, but just because I am happy. Why shouldn't I be happy? Grandma holds me, rocks me, feeds me, and gives me nice warms baths. I love my grandma.
However sometimes I do tire of all this picture stuff. The lights, the changing of clothes, and sometimes I just like to give her funny faces because like Caleb said, Because I can!!!
Doesn't this look funny??? It looks like an evening gown for a little girl with big boobies. What are boobies?? This is something grandma said to me and I was not sure what she was talking about, but I do think it is a rather silly picture.
Now this is more like my style. I love bright colors, and believe me this red outfit was loud. Grandma has a hole bunch more clothes for me to wear and take pictures in but we didn't get it done. We went to my cousins' soccer game, went out to eat with my Aunt Kim, had to to go Wal-mart. I was really good for grandma because I heard she is taking us to the Circus. I just can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait....wait, what is a circus????? I bet grandma will have more pictures tomorrow. It was nice talking to you and I will talk to you again the next time I come to visit my grandma. Until then, bye bye.
ps from grandma, I think I will be posting other pictures of Miss Allie just because I think they are cute. If you don't have time to look that's ok.


Anonymous said...

I hae to say that those are two adorable kids!! Though I am a little partial!! LOL!! I want you to know that I am very grateful that my kids have been blessed with such a wonderful grandma (and papa too). I have to thank you for everything you have done for all of us! I am so glad taht the kids have such a good time when they are with you! Thank you again!! Love, Sarah

Eckmama said...

I think somebody's Grandma is having too much fun! GOOD FOR YOU! Some people don't know that the whole point of having little girls is so you can play dress-up. And then take a gazillion pictures. Right? :)