Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Gottcha!!! (Rated S for Scary, better watch out!)

Oh man, this one will get you. You will not be able to sleep, or get into your car ever again!

This time I was , yes say it with me!, on patrolman one night!! (good, you are learning!) when I got a call of a domestic after the fact in this little trailer park. This place is impossible to find, serious, if you do not know exactly where it is and how to get into it, you will NOT find it. You have to go to the grocery store, go behind it, drive down the alley, cut back into the driveway and there are about half dozen trailers in there. It was a hot summer night when domestics are the most common. It is hot, so people tend to drink, drink a little too much beer and the fist flow freely. I hate alcohol. Well that is not entirely true. I hate how alcohol makes people act, what it makes them say, and what it makes them do. I have seen so much stuff happen because of alcohol...rapes, crime such as assaults, burglaries, driving under the influence, you know, all that general stupid stuff. Tonight was going to be no different. Just like all the other hot nights when people drink too much. Pay day, Friday night or Saturday, all make for fist city. I don't remember having any backup that night Probably didn't. A domestic after the fact usually is a one unit call. Unless you have reason to believe the suspect might still be there or be coming back, then one unit can handle the call. But no matter what domestics are one of the most dangerous calls an officer can make. Always in the back of my mind I am thinking what if the suspect should return? What if my backup can't get here in time? What will I do? Can I shoot another person? Can I actually pull the trigger if I have to? All these things are going through my mind as I take this call. I have always loved working domestics. You see, I am going to save the world one woman at a time. I am going to help her leave this situation. I am going to help her see the light. Yes, I am playing Superman as a woman in blue.
No, I do not favor women and always take her side. I am always fair, I am always honest, I believe in being open minded. I have arrested women for domestic abuse as well as men. And yes, women are becoming much more aggressive in our society. But I can tell you that in 21+ years of law enforcement the majority of victims from domestic violence are women. This night was going to prove the same as many others.

As I was finding this isolated trailer, this very desolate place I was preparing my mind for this call. It was hot, and we are taught to drive with our windows down to hear people talking, screaming, or noises that might indicate a crime is taking place. I remember finally finding the place and the call being intense as most of them are. The place was a mess, a complete shamble. He had torn the place up and guess what?? He can do that. He lives there too, he can destroy all the property if he wants and there is nothing I can do about that. I talk to her and give her advise, I give her information as to what she can/should do. I tell her who to talk to at the District Attorney's Office on Monday morning. I try to get her to leave and go stay with someone else. The place is already torn up, no sense in staying to "protect" your stuff. That is always their excuse for not leaving. I was there for quite a while taking the report and doing what little I could. Then it was time for me to leave. My job here is done, the report will need to be completed, turned in to the sergeant at the station, but for now, this is all I can do. I get back into my car and put it into drive and was pulling out of the parking area when all the sudden something jumped from my backseat up to the front, but in order to do that it had to come under the "cage" and up by the armrest and it was a dag gum BLACK CAT. It scared me so bad I threw the car in parked, jumped out with my heart POUNDING, and the silly thing just lumbered out of the car like, oh hey, thanks for the look see, catch you later. And with a flip of his tail he was gone. I hate it when things scare me like that. I learned to ALWAYS check my car if I leave the window down or the door unlocked. Like my other postings, good thing you can do something wrong and live through it. That one nearly caused me a heart attack. Good thing I am not superstitious!

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