Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Little Fireman

Jackson The Littlest Fireman
The neat thing about these pictures to me is that it was
nearly 100 degrees outside and Jackson wanted to play
with this new outfit that he found in my spare closet.
You see his Papa is a retired Fire Fighter and
in case you didn't know it, Papa walks on water...
 Jackson loves his Papa and is constantly wanting
 to do what ever he is doing.

This boy just has so much expression he cracks me up!

This serious look is one I get often....

And then he look at you and say...."Really?"
Like you ask him to do something,
"Really?" in that little high pitched voice!

 He is such a mischief little guy with a huge laugh.

But don't bother him right now, he's busy fighting,
(not Really!)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Day, New School.....

Good Morning Class....

Today was Jackson's first day of Mother's Day Out at his new location.
We were not "unhappy" with his other school, in fact loved them to death, but this one is much closer for me and I appreciate Beth changing just for that reason.  I don't know if it is larger, smaller, better or worse, but so far I know that I LIKE IT....

I followed Beth and Jackson to school today so I could take just a few pictures, not anything fancy, but just wanted to have it documented that he did go! 

 He was so happy, he loves going to school and playing with the other kids.

Miss Chris told me this afternoon that Jackson had already stolen her heart.
She was so in love with him.
That made ME happy!

 Miss Jeanne is the main teacher and she said Jackson was awesome today.
He did NOT pee outside (thank goodness, we talked about that just before class!)
She said he was sooo polite and had the best manners!  I was beaming...
Said he was so kind and helpful to the other kids (he is the oldest in his class)
and when they were "resting" on the mats and reading books he leaned over to her
and said "you make me so happy". 

So all in all I think today was successful. 
I had a hard time getting him to leave, he was "working" on the
very neat work bench they have.  Then he picked up all the little
toys laying around.
He is such a good little helper and I sure do love him. 
Got him home, had a snack and a drink and then down
for a nap with Papa. 
I think he is going to do great !
And yes, I teared up just a tiny bit when Beth dropped him off today.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

I'm BACK!!!!

Well hello my few friends....I am looking at maybe blogging again.  I have gotten to where Facebook is just toooo much drama and I want my "old" friends back.  I haven't been here in two years so I don't even remember how to upload pictures....but I'll figure it out because I have got to show you a couple more pics of Jackson.   Any maybe some others...So let's see if I can figure this out!

Jackson at ALMOST 3 !!! isn't he just sooo cute?
 We were at Pretty Water Lake
and what boy doesn't love his rain boots?
Or playing in the water?
Or walking on the curbs (sidewalk curb not street!)

 It cracks me up that my last posting was of this little two months of age.  And look at him now!  I sure do love this boy and he is the light of my life.  Beth is so blessed to be his mother even if he DOES give her a run for her money.  (something about paybacks I've heard!)