Saturday, March 28, 2009

And then today we got this!!!!

Oh how I LOVE it!!!

We have not had snow all winter.
Except maybe a little storm while we were in Florida
But I didn't get to be a part of it.

They had been telling us all week it was coming.
And I TOLD HIM to feed the birds yesterday.
We needed to get everything ready for the storm.

It is awesome. It has just been pouring snow.
We get the thunder with it too.
We have a lot of snow.
It has been snowing since about 9:00 or so
and it is still snowing here at 3:15.
It is the GOOD snow. It is wet, it is heavy
it will make great snowballs and snowmen.
Where are the grand kids when I NEED them?
And tomorrow??? It will probably be all gone!
But at least I got one good snow storm to play in!
I posted a few other pictures today from spring break.

Tara's Family Farm

This is my partner in crime!!!
Tara has been taking pictures and classes with me for awhile now
She has put up with me and has become quite a good friend.
Her dad has a really neat place near her house that
they have made for family gatherings.
But it also takes some really nice pictures.
The day we were there it was very cloudy and dark
So the pictures did not come out like I wanted.
And we had a small herd of kids with us as well.
She was taking care of a very special little girl who lost her momma
about a year, year and a half ago. Tara was very close to her.
And that day was the little girls' mommas birthday being
celebrated in heaven. It was a tough day.
This was during spring break a week or so ago.

But she is a special girl and Tara does special things

with her every chance she can.

Of course Caleb was my victim again.
This is just the tall grass around the area.

And when the trees are leafed out with all that green
sure makes for pretty pictures.

They have a stage, a sorghum mill, rope swings
and just the good ole outdoors.
The kids had a great time playing.
Thanks Tara!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Other Project

I do work on other things!
If you want to see what I have been doing
you can view my "other" blog.
I have been posting pictures there so maybe
my potential new clients can view my work.
If you have been following me for a while
then you probably have already seen these.
But just in case, pop over and take a peek.
that's fairly simple huh?
Oh and did I tell you the twins were born?
They arrived on Monday
weighing in at 4lbs 13 oz Xavier
and 6lbs 3 oz Zachery
I hope to photograph them this weekend.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Other Victim(s) Today

High School Friends
And their new family member..
Miss Sadie.
I have known Richard for about 35 years
And then he married Teresa after high school.
They have been together ever since.
Knowing Richard....Teresa you are a saint!
Their family is grown (that happens)
so this is their new member.

Richard just had a pretty bad scare with Cancer.
But everything is fine now.
And this little girl came home about the same
time he came home from the hospital.
He seems to be pretty crazy about her.
But Teresa loves her too.
And Sadie loves her momma.

Oh, just look at this look.

Richard volunteers his time to the city of Tulsa

about one night a month as a Reserve Officer.

He has done this for nearly 20 years.

Did I mention he does NOT get paid for all that time?

He is quite a character.
Can you tell?

But this is the true star of the day!!!

I just could not get enough of her.

She is a blood hound you know!!!!

Happy, fun loving, adorable, tolerant...

Just simply precious.
Look at those eyes.

And EARS!!!!

I had a great day reconnecting with old friends
And getting a good dose of wonderful puppy breath.
Caleb loved her too.
Don't miss my posting of Caleb Pictures too.
Yes, that means I posted twice in a mater of just a few minutes!!!

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This Week It Is Calebs Turn!!

The Multi Looks of Mr. Caleb
This is his more serious, sophisticated look!

This is his look of wonderment...
Grandma, what in the world are you doing???

My favorite look
Mr. Happy, my world is right.
(why not, he is at grandma's house!)
Just another angle, of the angelic look.

Look at his strength look,
yes, that is an actual push up.
How many can you do daddy?

And this is his muscles look,
looking for his muscles!!!

They just weren't being found easily,
but grandpa was behind grandma
making fun of her taking pictures.
Sure hard to be serious when that's going on!
This is his Calvin Klein look!

GRANDMA, they can see my underwear!

Yes, but it was green for St. Patrick's Day!
And he is showing off his "chicken wings"
(Shoulder blades!)

Oh this is just too much....

Oh my sweet and innocent look.
But don't be fooled!

A boy and his dog...well Zoe is like his dog!

This is painful, Callie and Caleb just can't get it together!

My what a big mouth you have....

Yes, all the better to kiss you with!!!
Lots and lots of kisses......

My Apologize

I want to extent my deepest apologize to anyone that was offended by a couple of the pictures I posted in the maternity shoot. I would never purposely offend anyone and I should have thought through a little longer and deeper. Even though I loved the picture I needed to realize that it is not for everyone. And I have readers that I love more than this blog so I need to be more mindful. And I certainly do not want any negative repercussions from it. So please do not comment either way on this, just know that I felt it in my heart to apologize to you, for that is the right thing to do.

Love to you all,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Little Miracle(s)

It's Twins!!!
So twice the blessings!
And they will be here in three weeks or less.
For some reason my editing did not show up on all the pictures. I have had lots of trouble today with editing so this does not surprise me. One picture had text on it saying "Waiting on the boys".

This picture said TWINS, Xavier and Zachery.

The babies about two weeks ago were nearly
5 lbs, and the other one a little over 5 lbs.
So that is 10 lbs of babies there!!!

I think she looks GREAT!!!
And here is the happy dad!

He is such a neat guy.
And so much fun to be around.

This is my favorite picture, although
Jack was not too crazy about it.
I think it is just fun!!!
What a sport he was.

Please pray that all goes well
as the boys will be born c-section
when their time comes.
The world awaits them.