Thursday, January 19, 2012

Here's Jackson !!

 This little guy was born on November 14, 2011 coming in at 7 lbs 4 ozs.  And 19 inches long.  He is perfect.  I am typing this on a laptop that I got for Scott and I don't have any of my other pictures of him on this one.  So this is what you are going to get.  MOST OF YOU have already seen him on facebook, but since I have not written in a long time I thought Marge might like to know I am alive and doing good !!!!!

 I am going to keep this little rascal for Beth while she works.  She went back to work at five weeks, working a three day week, then the next two weeks were four day weeks before going back full time after Christmas or New Years, I can't remember....She works for s really great lady who lets her take Jackson to work with her.  But she has decided it is just too hard to get anything done at work with the baby there.  She misses him, but has let me keep him two days this week and will do so again tomorrow.  He is really a good baby, easy keeper, and such a happy baby.

Today he got his two months shots.  I have not seen him so I don't know how he is doing.  She took him to work and then to the doctors office. But since I last talked to every one, we bought the house next door for Beth, Jackson and (?) Matt to live.  But Matt has since decided at this time he is going to stay at his mom's house.  They have a few things to work on before he will be living there again.  He is a really nice guy, he just has some things he needs to take care of before he will be mature and responsible enough to be a good dad and mate.  But I trust that God is in control and hope that my daughter will not only use her heart but her head as well.  She has more to take care of than just herself.  She is a GREAT mother.  I am really proud of her.  She is nervous...remember those days?  I do!!!!  But she is very attentive, very loving, and very proud of her son.

 They lived with us a week before Jackson was born for we had not closed on the house next door.  In fact, we were suppose to close like Nov. 10th, it didn't happen....Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are HORRIBLE to deal with.  I will NEVER buy a foreclosure house again.  NEVER.....but we finally got it, and it is going to be a nice house.  I am very proud of it and with time (and money) it will be a very nice home, one in which Jackson can grow up in if his momma wants.

This is gong to be a short one, but I wanted to get some news out there and let Marge know I am alive.  In fact, I am doing pretty darn good.  More to come later about the other grand kids and the rest of my life happenings....
Talk to you soon girls,

Friday, November 4, 2011

Latest News

Ok, lets see...three months ago I posted right after we lost our precious Callie.  It was a rather depressing post so I will try to have this one much lighter.  And really I am doing much better, it has taken time, but I am going to be ok.  Can not believe the loss of a dog can hit one so hard, but let me tell you, it did.  I am still where I cry at certain times for no reason, but the times are getting fewer and farther in between. 

We have gotten another dog, not because I wanted one, but our poor Rudy was as depressed and I was.  He would not get off the sofa to even greet me at the door.  Completely out of his character.  So we found a 14 month old female (on Craigs list) and after looking at her Scott fell in love right away.  I did not.  But we took her home (hour and ahalf drive).  I did not like her, I cried ALL the time, and I wanted to send her back. Just way too soon.  Rudy did not like her either.  He was nice, and he put up with her, but he did not want to play.  All she wanted to do WAS play.  For a boxer, she is very calm, oh my goodness, could not believe that. And she is VERY loving.  She reminded me a lot of Callie.  Loving, kind, always wanting to touch you.  It was just more than I could take.  I took her to the vet to ensure she was healthy and after about $150.00 bill she was good to go. The owners had said she was up to date on her shots... she wasn't.  But she is now!  So after a battle with the previous owners and the not being truthful with me, we decided to keep her.  And I fell in love.  Abby is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met.  Boxers are wonderful dogs, great with family, loving, funny, guard dogs, and the list goes on.  Abby is just wonderful.  Callie was very dominate.  Abby is not.  She is not a big barker, and she just loves everyone.  I do not fear one bit, not for one second that she will bite anyone.  Of course any dog can bite.  But I have no fears.  I trust her, I test her, I work with her, and she is just the most loving thing in the world.  I have to tell you, I truly believe God and Callie sent her to me.  They knew I needed her.  And even though I am still very sad and miss Callie, my days and nights are more bearable with Abby and Rudy in my life.  She is so smart, knows tricks and minds so well.  She is the best combination of my Callie and Zoe in personality, not looks, but that's ok.   She is not nearly as pretty as Callie and Zoe were, but she makes up for it in Love....

We are about two weeks away from getting our little Jackson here too.  Beth is doing good.  She and Matt moved into an apartment with it being a disaster.  It smells sooooo badly. Tweakers live above her she thinks for they do weird things at weird times of day and night.  So they probably are meth users.  So they were able to get out of their lease.  We are still waiting on the word about buying the house next door.  We have a contract on it, but issues have developed. I still think we will come to an agreement on the house and will purchase it, but probably not before the baby gets here.  So I guess we will be having house guests for a few weeks.  I remember doing the same thing with my in laws years ago.  It was a much bigger house than what we have, but I remember we made it work and it was fine.  So I am confident we can make it here as well.  Ideal?  No way.  But for a short time we can do it.  Maybe they can save a few bucks, and I will help with the baby and Jordynn and it will give us time to work on fixing the house up before it becomes occupied.   I am so in love with the idea of owning five acres and two homes and Scott and I fixing it up.  I am good at remodeling homes, and Scott is good at doing my dreams for me.  So I have high hopes for this new goal for us.  It will be an investment for our future and that is the most exciting part of it all. 

My son and dil will be here for Christmas...can't believe that. Two years in a row?!  Wow.  Scott and TJ went deer hunting a couple weeks ago and was successful.  Yeah for them.  (said with sarcasm!) But they were happy. Scott is taking on a new job, still driving and delivering trucks, but with a different company.  The one now has a very hateful, vindictive mean spirited woman that makes his life too stressful for being retired.  So good by ugly lady.  This new company does not pay as well, but very close.  But the less stress is more important.  Me?  well I am still taking pictures here and there, still loving life beyond measure and can't wait for the baby to arrive. My life is calming down from the past year or so.  My step daughter is still seeing her boyfriend and it is much easier for her since her husband is gone out to sea. We have not seen our grand kids since the end of July, she is punishing us but the real punishment is Caleb and Allie don't have us in their lives.  But I have come to grips with it, she is being mean, hateful and unloving, but that is her decision not mine.  We have asked and asked for the kids but there is some reason why they can never come here.  We can't even talk to them. Oh well, she will answer for it some day.  She thinks I don't know what she is doing, but she forgets what I did for a living and how I find out things.  I have pictures and more information of her with the other family,and at some point in time it will benefit me.  But she will have to come to realize what she is doing and decide to change or she won't and things will continue.  It is her decision not mine.  Oh well.  Scott does not want to confront her with it, and I have come to realize that is HIS decision.  I will live my life as I know I should and that is all I can do.  So there it is girls.  My life is doing ok, and I hope and trust yours is too....Miss you girls and maybe I will get back to blogging more when I have PICTURES to post of a precious new little one. 

Love to you all,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where to Start?

Six Months Ago
Well where do I begin this posting? I will be surprised if anyone even reads it since I have not posted in over six months. So what should I talk about? How about just life?
Life, it has been going on around here at our house. My daughter lost her job in March, and lost her dog. Daisy was once again trying to escape and we had done everything known to man to prevent it. But she got hung up on the fence and died. Beth came home to find her and I am furious that NO ONE called the police or animal control or anything and you know that dog had to be crying in pain. She was hanging by her back leg on a wooden fence. Are people really that shallow? Or maybe it didn't happen the way I see it in my head. But that was so upsetting. So that was on Friday and she lost her job on Monday. I was a basket case over that. There is a whole lot to the story that I just don't want to go in to. but I feel mostly it is a bunch of men who did not like Beth dating Matt (because he is black) and she did bring their drama to work. So they got tired of it in my opinion. But when they told her she didn't make coffee in the morning or tea really set me over the edge. She doesn't drink either, is NOT a secretary, and had not been told to do so. They were slobs and did not keep the kitchenette clean or the bathroom. But they got upset with her because the place was not clean. Well why was it her job to clean up their pee all over the floor, or messing bathroom sink, their spilt coffee on the cabinet. They could also have hired a cleaning person to some vacuum, empty trash or TELL her that it is her job. Frustrating, but I do want to say that I am grateful to the guys for hiring her and giving her a chance. Things just did not work out.
Ok, step daughter continued to have her affair with this Sean guy. She was pretty open about it, didn't matter to her that her husband said to stop, didn't matter she was hurting her children, nothing mattered but her selfish desires and her affair. But then I got frustrated with my son in law because when he got tired of her on going affair, she decided to go pick up a girl from the bar, or go sleep with a friend (with benefits!) So he sure showed her! In the mean time those precious kids suffered from the yelling, fighting, lies, cussing, and physical conflicts. Caleb was told to not talk to the counselor at school for they were afraid that the kids might be taken away. Ya think? This has gone on and to this day I believe she is still with him for she is not speaking to me now. She has blocked me facebook and then created another facebook page using the name Sarah Jobes not Harrison. Interesting huh? But I found out she is still friends with the guy she had the affair with and his wife. Oh wait, he divorced his wife and moved her into a trailer a few feet from his house so she could shack up with the hired hand on the farm. So I wonder did the threesome just increase to a foursome? hummm? I contacted a couple attorneys trying to get custody of the kids but I had waited too long and the emergency situation had passed....and now she is very careful about what I know. She has threaten Caleb that she will "beat him" if he tells me anything. Poor little guy. And he told me that himself. He threatened to jump out of a moving truck if his parents didn't stop fighting, but this was because his mother threatened to jump out of a moving truck in front of her kids. Can you imagine how that made Caleb feel? And he tells me it is HIS FAULT. That if he would just be better behaved, or do more around the house or not fight with his sister. I told him NO, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. This poor boy will be messed up in the head for the rest of his life. My son in law has now deployed so Sarah can't divorce him while he is at sea. But I have reason to believe she is still with Sean, I won't give away my sources but when I need to pull out the big guns I will have it. That is part of why she won't talk to me for she thinks I am stupid, and of course she calls me all kinds of grown up names in front of my grandkids. Isn't she lovely? I guess you can tell I am a bit angry.
Ok, so after that.....(which continues to this day!) My poor little Callie got sick. In May Callie was coughing and I just didn't like the way she sounded. I had taken her to the vet in Dec for Heartworm testing but was not confident in the vet we saw. So my fear was her cough was due to heartworms. We went to a new doctor who also has boxers and I knew that. He listened to her heart and told me to rush her to the hospital. I didn't, we went the next day and the doctor there put her in ICU and the mess started. She had a bad heart. I can't spell all the things she had, but it was an irregular heart beat and then she went into heart failure due to some medicine they gave her. It was the reaction to it. So from then on she was on three or four meds a day. Then as time went by things got worse. I took Rudy to the vet just a week ago to get him heartworm tested and took Callie with me. Well she started breathing really hard and bad and the look on her face was the lights were on, but no one was home. I got so scared. My vet said to rush her back to the hospital. She had called and talk to our specialist and that is what he said to do. Well I did, and she collasped in the car. I got her there and they stabilized her, kept her for about three or four days. She came on Friday but I could tell she was not ok. Her medicine was $100, for one and $100 for another plus her hospital bill was about 1,000. I talked to the doctor about what her prognosis was and he said he felt good that this new medicine would regulate her heart and things would be ok. But he said, if it didn't, there was nothing else they could do for her. All weekend she kept getting worse and I could tell. I was going to take her back to the vet on Monday but that morning she would not take her medicine, and she would not eat. All the sudden she started breathing really hard. She went outside and just looked lost. She couldn't stand up and just laid down panting. It was misting and I knew she would not lay there if she were ok. I went out in my pj's picked up my baby and carried her into the house. I yelled for Scott to come and told him she wasn't going to make it. He went to get dressed (and I guess decided to take a shower etc) and I laid there with her on her pillow and told her it was ok, it was ok to just go. She looked at me and I could tell she was not going to make it. She would take a breath and then stop. She did that about three times and then was gone. Of course tears are streaming down my face right now as I relive it again with you. But I kissed on her and hugged her and cried. Poor Rudy was right there with me and I know it is really hard on him too. But I know she was tired of taking all that medicine and she was tired of not being able to run and play. So as sad as I am (and I am really really sad!) I do have some peace that she went quickly, God did not make me decided this time how long she was to live which had been my prayer, and I knew what the outcome was going to be at some point in time soon. My life had been on hold while I took care of her. I slept on the sofa to let her out at night and to not disturb Scott's sleep. I did not go to Texas for my son's 30th birthday because I knew she was not having a good weekend. I told him she would be gone soon and please don't begrudge me. At least she died knowing how much she was loved and she died with me knowing how much she loved and trusted me. Oh this is harder to write than I expected. I miss her but I know it will get easier with time. I just went through this with Zoe FIFTEEN MONTHS ago.
Now here is more. I have been having terrible pain up under my ribs on the right side. So here goes all the testing and me putting things off and this and that. I thought it was gall bladder (well after I really thought it was my back out of place!)
But all the testing showed it was not the gall bladder. But they found a spot on my lungs....They decided to test the upper part of my lungs to see if there were more spots. there was, and there was something on my thyroid and something about my esophagus. Now more testing. I am tested out. Everything shows to be....OK more or less. They are going to just keep an eye on things and see if anything grows. But I am tired of testing and it has cost soooo much, this has been such a bad year for us and expenses.
So I thought things were pretty much done with that paragraph. WRONG. In May Beth and Matt found out the land lord did not renew their lease. Then he kept their deposit after I worked my BUTT off cleaning that house. I hate people that lie. Had I known he was NOT going to give them the money back, we would have walked away. But he told Beth she would get it back. I told her to take him to small claims court but she didn't. THEN.....I find out she is pregnant. That was really hard. This all happens the end of May, Callie is sick, Chris is deploying, Sarah is openly going to Westville to be with her boyfriend, Beth has no job, lost the house and NOW IS PREGNANT. Man, when it rains it pours. So they start looking for an apartment and on Memorial day weekend, they get into an argument and decide no apartment. They decide to just go back to living with their parents. I was fine with Beth moving back home.....and after I got over the shock of her being pregnant, I decided life was going to go on. This baby didn't ask to be conceived, he didn't ask to be born, he didn't ask who his parents were, he just will ask to be loved. WELL I CAN DO THAT. So now we are expecting a handsome little boy in November. Beth and Matt are still living with their respective parents as we are trying to buy the HOUSE NEXT DOOR!!! If we can get the house, we will rent it to them and I will keep the baby! Wait, wait, not that I am taking the baby in exchange for a no no. Beth got a good job, Matt has a good job, and they need a GOOD baby sitter. Then the lady a couple doors down will keep Jordynn on the weeks that Matt has custody of her. That way I am not stressed out with a baby and Jordynn at the same time. Please be praying that this house works out. It went into foreclosure and we tried to buy it. The bank bought it back, we can only give so much for it, and come Sept 8th(ish) we will make an offer AGAIN on it and see if they will take it. It will probably be about 30,000 less than what they will ask, but this house has been on the market for four years and no one has wanted it. So we will see if they will work with us or not. Please pray for it to be God's plan, it would so make my life easier and I could sure use that right now. But I know HE knows better than we do on what the future holds. We are just trying to help Beth and Matt out and to help them have a good start. We shall see. We are looking at the name being Jackson. I think that is so cute. Jackson and Jordynn. Jackson Cooper. I don't know what middle name, but it needs to be short! Beth went to the doctor yesterday and the news was a little disturbing. The baby is only in the 13th percentile of growth. If he does not start growing they will send her to a specialist. He is over two pounds, but it is a little scary for all the things Beth is reading is it could be placenta previa (?) or some other thing. She will be 28 weeks on Thursday. She goes back to the doctor in two weeks to recheck little guy. I will try to get a bit better about posting (for you Marge!)
In all of this, I feel God has taken very good care of me (and Scott) and the stress is just part of our life. Everyone has stress and what doesn't kill you.....only makes you stronger. I AM ONE PRETTY STRONG LADY!!!
Love to you all,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello Again Ladies

Been Forever
Well I thought I should try to catch a few of you up who don't follow me on Marge! But I can also talk a little more privately and openly with my blog than I can on f/b.
A lot has been going on and boy have the emotions been high.
So Christmas came and went, we had a really nice time with Todd and I think he had a good time as well. We showed him a big family Christmas with tree, gifts, stocking, hidden gift to find, extended family, more gifts, and food. I think he had a good time and I think he will remember it. But it was short lived. by about Dec 29th I think, his father got out of prison. Todd became very agitated and life became a bit more complicated. But he lived through it and then school started back up a few days later.
It was after school starting again, his girlfriend broke up with him. He was pretty upset, as was I for he was getting some ugly text messages from girls. One cussed him out and he told me about it so my feathers got a little ruffled. But I didn't say anything to the girl. Around this same time Todd's mom got out of prison, Jan 11th. She was suppose to be picked up by Smith County deputies and transported back to Tyler for there was a warrant out for her arrest on bogus check (hot check). Well, they didn't do it.....we didn't know it, but she got out and got on a bus and went back to Tyler. Here is where the mess all started. She had wanted me to get her a bus ticket to Tulsa, find her a place to stay etc. She said I could drop her off at the Salvation Army. Well I checked into it and you can't do that. We were coming into some bad weather and cold temps, and there was no way I could drop a 64 year old lady in a wheel chair off and just leave her. AND I could not/would not bring her into my home. Todd started getting antsy and Scott and I both knew things were fixin' to get rough round here. She got mad and said I refused a collect call from her (I didn't), she started calling Todd and they would talk for hours. Or he would call her and talk for hours. I expected it, she is his mother and he loves her. But I just was not prepared for how he would change. He kept reassuring me that he was not leaving....We had some serious talks and I would cry, and at times so would he. I felt like we had really connected and did feel that he was going to stay with us.
We had planned to take Todd to Texas to visit with his mom the weekend after she was released. He had asked if we could go and he needed to see her. I understood that. We had planned this trip even before she was released. But the Friday before we were to go, Todd got into trouble at school. I feel the school went to an extreme, they suspended him OUT OF SCHOOL for five days. He was in computer class and not cooperating with the teacher. She got on to him and he said to another student (which she overheard) "she better not mess up my weekend or she will regret it." So they suspended him for threatening the teacher. I asked the principal to not give him out of school, but rather in school suspension. She said no. If the assistant principal had dealt with Todd, I think she would have done what I asked, but the principal has never been a Todd fan. She is the one that did not even want to let him in her school....because his grades were not high enough. (she told me that) Well there was no way I would keep him from going to see his mom. I had planned to get them a hotel room, and food etc so they could spend time....quality time together. But Friday night I talked to him and offered to let him stay the week there in Texas with his mom if he would ride the bus. Or we would drive him there and only stay the three days. Well he called his mom to ask if he could stay the week and it was a disaster. She shot him down, treated him like crap, he broke....he was completely broken by his mother. It was a HORRIBLE night. The next morning we decided to still go and still get the hotel room. The drive down there was horrible as well. She kept getting on to Todd every time he called her. She was so mean to him. I told Scott I did not like this, this trip was not going to end good at all.
As we got to Tyler, we stayed at TJ's house, took Todd around where all he wanted and needed to go. Starting with his "granny Ruth's" house. We took her the Christmas presents Todd had bought her, we visited for a minute and then left Todd there to visit. Scott and I just left to give them time together. After a couple hours, and by this time it was late at night, we headed back to TJ's house, and here we go again. Todd's mom and Todd get into an argument over the phone. I can't stand it. She gets on to him for not coming to see her. I finally call her myself and tell her, I was the one driving the car, not him, and I was not going to North Tyler. sorry, but not going to happen. TJ told me to stay out of there especially late at night. So that is what I did. I had gotten them a hotel room for the next day and night, I had bought food for them, soda, tea, candy, and cash to go eat on...and you know what she says???? What? They aren't taking us out to a nice restaurant to eat? Ummmm nope! not after how you have treated Todd for the past several hours and me for that matter. I really was dreading this hole weekend.
Sunday we took Todd to the hotel, gathered up all the food and things. We had pictures of Todd that I had taken, lotions and bubble bath, shampoo, conditioner, all kinds of personal things for her to have. A nice batch of items for her to have. We drop him off, and we leave.
We had talked to the front desk and told them about what all had been happening. We asked if she would keep her ears opened in case there is an argument would she call me. She said she would. She being the lady that runs the front desk and I am guessing owns the hotel (Mrs. Patel) for she lives there. She was super nice and I really appreciated how she was so willing to help. So all night I was very was a bad feeling....I was honestly very worried for and about Todd. That was a very long night for me.
The next day we went to the hotel to get Todd. We had told him we would be there between 10 and 11. We arrived at 10:15, went to his room and spoke to his mom. I told him we needed to be heading out, for we were going to go get his things from "Vicki", the lady who threw him out of the house when TJ met up with him. He wanted to get his special things and we were going to try and help him reach that goal. Well, that started the first of the problems of that day. First he was mad because he wanted to wait till 11:00 to leave. I told him no, I was sorry, but we had a long drive home, and plus getting his things from Vicki, we needed to be going. He was mad. We told him we would be waiting for him in the car. He came out in a few minutes. All this time his mother never said thank you, or anything. She kept saying to him in a whiney voice, "it's ok Todd, just go on, I will be fine...." I knew we were going to be in trouble. As we were driving to Vicki's house, his anger continued. I had him call her to make sure she was home. She wasn't. She was in another town about 20 minutes away. there started the second problem. He wanted his things, she was not home. I spoke with her on the phone and asked if there was another person that could give him his things...she said yes, but she did not want Todd in her house. I said ok, I understood. So I went to the house and got the things she handed out to me and Todd was FURIOUS. He wanted in that house. When he did not get all his stuff that he wanted he became more enraged. Scott had to basically keep him in the car. We left and drove around the corner to wait for Vicki at Tony's house. Tony could calm him down if anyone could. Well for over an hour Todd just kept going on and on, not calming down, I called his mom, I called vicki, I was getting pretty worn down. Todd didn't want to come home. bottom line.....Tony asked for me to let Todd stay the week (well a few days) and since he was suspended I really didn't have any choice. I knew if we tried to MAKE him get in the car he would fight us all the way back home. So we had to just let him stay. I knew it was a bad decision....for him. But I also knew he was not my son and I could not make him go. I cried. I hugged him and told him goodbye, told him I loved him, kissed his cheek, and that is the last time I have seen him. I cried....I sobbed....Scott even asked me to let him drive, but I said no, I was fine, I wasn't but I wanted to drive. About an hour out of town we get a phone call and the police have already been called to Tony's house involving Todd. What a mess.
Now that we are home and things are settling down, Todd has called and stayed in touch. His phone conversations have not been that good towards us either. He was suppose to stay a week and then come back but I knew in my heart it was not going to happen, and I was right. The next weekend when I called and was making the arrangements to get his bus ticket he had an attitude with me and I just told him goodby and hung up the phone. I knew it was not going to work, the week that he stayed there in Texas, he had returned to the boy that he once was. I had to say good by to the Todd I knew, the Todd was had watch change and grow. Now he calls and still wants me to hurry up and mail him his clothes, get him his things, give him his stuff that we have gotten for him while he was here. I had cleaned out cabinets and given him some things for him and his mom.....they want them now. Oh by the way....after leaving him there, he is NOT living with his mom. He can't. So now he is back to staying with Granny Ruth and she does not have room for him,but he is there. He is in school after being out for two weeks......he tells me it is really hard for they do not work with him on his schedule or classes or anything. I told him I was sure sorry. He told me he was bored, for he can't get on the internet, or do anything.....I told him I was sure sorry. He asked if I had mailed his I-pod yet.....nope, we have had a blizzard here and no mail even ran for over a week, and then another storm came in and I had not gotten out to mail him anything. Then he calls and wants to know where his check is. Where HIS money is....then his mom emails me demanding his check and his things. So I called S.S. and told them what is going on, what the situations is and we got things worked out. I am off his case, and his mother can go to the S. S. office and take it up with them. I was told she will not get the money for Todd is not living with her. But not my problem. I told his mom that I will bring all his stuff to him my next trip to Texas. I have everything boxed up and I am ready for it to be out of my house. but I don't want to take it there when Ruth has no room for his things, and his mother doesn't have room for it, and I am not where I can go to Texas right now anyways. So it will happen when I can make it happen. We already spent $20.00 mailing his first box of clothes. He has another three big boxes, and two or three little his laundry "tub" and his prized pitcher and bowl set from his natural grandmother. It will be a car load no doubt. I can take it and go see TJ, but not for another couple weeks. He had even talked about coming up for spring break, but I doubt that he will now. Life has been complicated. I miss him, but I think it is pretty sure that he can't come back. We had told him this door was always opened. But I fear that now with all that has been said and done, and the treatment we have gotten from him/them does not lend me to have much of an open door policy now. He will have to have a huge change of heart if he ever wants to come back. He has already started back to a lot of his old ways and I don't want to have to deal with that again. His mother is not taking care of him, but she has ruined him for us.
there is a lot more to talk about with my daughter and her boyfriend, my step daughter and her is crazy. But I will stop for now and try to post another one in the next month or two...ahahah!!!!
I am doing ok, i miss Todd, but I am honestly ok. Our life is settling back down. I think of this and that thinking Todd would have enjoyed doing this, or Todd would have enjoy enjoyed eating there...but he made his choices and that is all I can do......accept it....and hope he know I love him and always will.

Friday, December 31, 2010

December 31, 2010

Welcome 2011
Happy New Year
What an exciting year it has been. I have not written in quite some time and I am happy to say that this year has been a blessing. We have been in good health, lost no one to death, and things have really just been a great year.
In the start of the year I really can't remember any thing exciting taking place. It seems my life just goes along day in and day out. We were getting a bit stressed out with our house renter in OKC not paying and was behind over 3,000 dollars. But we put the house on the market and sold it the first week. We did not make a profit, might even have taken a loss, but we are out from under the payment, one less stressor and hopefully the taxes won't kill us. Beth found a job and a boyfriend but both of those items caused stress, one being the job fairly far away and cost a small fortune in gasoline and the boyfriend just did not turn out to be a good one. She got rid of him. As spring came along Beth decided to move to the town in which she was working, found a rent home and we got her moved. She had been renting from a family member in S.S. and it was best that she move on for her values did not meet the same standards as the owner (or her mother) and it has been again a great blessing that she moved. She is now less than two miles from her work in a really cute and energy efficient home. She has found another boyfriend and as I do really like him, not sure he is going to be the husband material that she is hoping for. He is a cute, funny, nice guy and I have gotten attached to him and his beautiful daughter, but he and Beth are going to have to make some changes in their lives and get on the same page in order to make a relationship work long term. Beth did graduate from OSU/OKC with two associate degrees and I am very proud of her for that. She is now finishing up with her bachelors and hopefully will do so quickly. School has become a part of her life that needs to be over with!
Stress occurred with our step daughter and her family, but we pray that all will work out. We fear that she and her husband will divorce, it is playing out day by day and we don't know what the future holds. But they are both wonderful people, have much to offer this world, and by marrying young life has offered many changes. Being in a military life does not help either with all the moving and not being able to set down roots. We see the grandkids as often as we can and watching our little Allie grow up has been such a blessing. She is over three years old now and moved here when she was just a mere two months old. She has been a grandma's girl till this past summer and then she really became clingy to her momma. Made me sad, but she still loves me. We don't know if they will stay another year or move with daddy when he takes his next assignment. Only time will tell the outcome of all of that.
TJ and Amanda are going through life as a very active couple. They love to hunt, fish, attend basketball and baseball games in Dallas. TJ works very hard and many part time jobs beside his police work. Amanda has a very nice job at the bank and she seems to be loving it. I believe she just recently got a promotion and it is always nice to be recognized for a job well done. They also decided to take on a big deer lease in West Texas where they can go and get away for a bit. They have taken a couple big deer from there and just enjoy the time together and getting away. No talk of children from them but that is no big deal. They understand that children will change their lives and until/if they are ready for that huge commitment they are wise to not have kids just because everyone else is or that is what the "grandparents" want. I think they really enjoy being able to go and play as much as they will certainly stop and change that.
This summer came a heart breaker for us. On June 4th we lost our beloved Zoe who had just turned 10 years in May. She had been the most wonderful companion we could have ever asked for. She was great with the grandkids and she also blessed us with a little of beautiful puppies in which we kept two. Our dogs are not pets, they are our family and losing Zoe to cancer caused me much grief. But it happened and it will happen two more times as our puppies are turning six on the 13th of January, 2011. This summer did bring us one of the greatest times with friends that we have had in ages. Our very dear friends from Texas brought their four children to our home for the 4th of July. We had just finished remodeling our kitchen and we were anxious to see how well it worked. It passed with flying colors. Cara and her family spent about four days with us and we were able to bond with the kids to the point they seem like my very own grandkids. If we lived closer I assure you Cara would have a hard time keeping them home for I would be having them here quite often. They live about 10 hours away I think and that is a pretty long drive. We ate a lot of good food, we fished, and created monsters over the fireworks. My heart was just filled with joy!
We also got to spend time with another very dear couple. Mike a retired police officer that worked many years with me, had moved to Georgia and married a wonderful lady that is like a sister to me. They traveled here and spent some time with us before heading to Enid for his parents 60th wedding anniversary. Scott and I went with them to help and of course I wanted to take pictures. We just are so blessed when we get to spend time with Mike and Nancy. Three more years and she will retire, we are planning a cruise together and hoping they will move close to us. There is some serious talk about it.
Scott and I then late August, opened our home to a 15 year old young man from Texas to come and live with us. My son had met Todd "professionally" and asked me if I would take him in. I said are you crazy? Then as he explained the boys parents were both in prison and he needed a home for the state did not take custody of him. The "lady?" he was living with had kicked him out and the boy was house hopping trying to find a place to lay his head at night. He has been such a blessing in our lives. Oh let me assure you it has not been without stress, some arguments, and a lot of talks....but this young man has changed his life in so many ways it would take me pages to write it all down. I am so proud of him. He has attended school with 100%, (has not attended regularly in the past three years!) his grades are "ok", and he is learning rules are there for a reason. He still is not big enough to "take me" yet. He will have to get up earlier in the morning to pull one over on me like he thinks he can. Sometimes I have to whip out my police moves to prove to him that I am still a pretty good cop. Thank goodness the kid only weighs 110 pounds maybe soaking wet! And I am still half way quick on my feet. Thank goodness he doesn't REALLY want to challenge me, that could get ugly. He is a lot of talk and not a lot of go, but I have fun with him. We believe he wants to stay with us at least the rest of this school year. I am going to start teaching him "parent taught" drivers ed so he can get his license as soon as possible. We have him settling down to a routine and even though the kid can eat me out of house and home, and talk the bark off a tree, I so enjoy having him in our life. His dad just got out of prison yesterday and he is nervous about that, his mother gets out Jan 11th and that will be a very tough day for him, but we will get through it.
Christmas saw all of my family together under one roof. My parents were so happy that all their kids, grandkids and great grandkids were able to share the holiday together. This is the first time in many many years for it to occur since they are spread out all across the country. Yes, this has been a pretty darn good year.
So as I close this last posting of the year, I don't know if I will write much in 2011. I have been blessed that my photography has been super busy and I need to start me a web page. (!) I enjoy writing, and I enjoy my blogger friends, but now face book has taken over since it is much quicker and easier. come on Marge, get on the bandwagon here would you? I want to say Happy New Year's to all my family and friends, those of you that I read about everyday, or talk to once in a blue moon. I loved meeting Marge and would love to find a way to meet all my blogger friends. I am truly blessed to have good friends, a wonderful life, and blessings beyond measure. May we continue this relationship in 2011.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Need a Vacation!!
Well I can't believe that once again a month has passed and I have not written. As you can tell I am pretty much out of the blogging business. My life right now is CONSUMED by one young man. I never knew how blessed I was until I brought Todd into our home. He is a really good kid, but it is so much work. When you do not raise them from the start they bring to the relationship ....a lot of different life styles. I think the word "baggage" has a negative connotation but I guess it is true in a way. Baggage is stuff you bring with you after all. So I guess it is in fact a true statement.
I am working very hard on helping Todd with so much. His homework is a constant battle. I believe he is just now not bringing it home so I will stay off his back. We did some money from Social Security to help take care of his needs. I appealed the fact that they cut it off, but it was a good thing they did or he would never have been kicked out of the "other house" and would never have been in contact with my son and me. So all things happen for a reason and everything works for the good when God is in control. We have started the process of getting him tested and getting the teachers off his back about his work. I have pressed pretty hard and may have made a few ...less than friends because of it. I don't care. I don't have any other children who will go through that school system, and I will not...NOT be pushed around by people who are PAID and have personally selected that field to be in a classroom to teach ALL children. He has a few that take it seriously and are trying to work with Todd, and then there are some others that as of right now I would not give you a plug nickle for. I am backing off and letting the director of special education take over and do his job. Yesterday I got an email that Todd is eating too much candy and eating it in class. I have told him to not do it, but he sneaks it anyways. So I am just waiting till I get the phone call that says he is in detention AGAIN for not following the rules. That is one that I will sure support. I have told him, the school has told him and now he needs to get caught to learn there are consequences. He pushes his luck and right now is not thinking about choices and consequences. He pushed a little too hard yesterday and we had a pretty good "disagreement". I got up to fix him breakfast and he was very rude about things. So today, I did NOT get up and fix his breakfast, I did not take him to school (Scott did) and I took away ALL the candy. He got mad at me because I would not let him take a soda to school yesterday morning. I told him to drink a glass of milk or orange juice. He said no, he would have to go to the bathroom then. I said, and soda won't make you have to use the restroom? So he got mad and would NOT speak to me the rest of the morning or all the way to school and I MADE him speak to me when he got out of the car. He came home from school still with a chip on his shoulder, so I just ignored him. By the time evening was here he was starting to lighten up a bit. I just did not push or make myself all that friendly. I was SUPER tired after getting up around 5:00 and stressed out for how upset I was over his treatment of me. Plus the fighting over food is wearing me down. He is soooo picky and will not eat healthy. So I guess now I will just have to quit buying snack food, let him lose weight again, and just make good things available. And I will have to keep his money from him or he will go to the quick shop at lunch and buy junk food. But my fear is he will start stealing if I don't give in to him some. I have never had to deal with stuff like this before. It is hard staying one step ahead, and it has become a full time job. He does not think I really do check up on him, but I do. I am on the computer emailing teachers, or talking to people or trying to get him help, I am worn out. Plus getting up and taking him to school, plus going back to pick him up is taking its toll. I don't mind but I am really really tired today. Plus Scott is not helping matters much at all. Scott acts like he does not like him. He is gruff, or unfriendly towards Todd and I do NOT like that. I have dealt with all the crap his daughter dished out to us for all those years, (and still some to this day!) I have dealt with all the stuff my own daughter has dished out and my son too. So why do we need to treat Todd any different. He agreed to bring him home with us, so I don't want to hear it from him at all. He says he loves Todd, but he just is not acting very loving towards him and that hurts my heart. So we have more growing to do here at the Jobes house.
I have been taking some pictures of others and enjoying it. I have a few more photo sessions set up for this month, this is my favorite month to photograph for I LOVE fall.
Oh I have more news....good news. Beth and Matt are fighting for custody of his daughter. I support this too. Matt has tried to be a dad to his daughter but his ex wants nothing to do with Matt. well sometimes....Sometimes she wants him back. So poor Jordynn is paying the price. Since Beth has come into their lives W. has allowed them to keep Jordynn more and more. In fact, they were keeping here four days a week till W. got mad. Then she disappeared for four weeks. Lost her job, lost her car, got kicked out of her apartment, phone shut off, and she would not let Matt see his daughter. She says it is Matt's fault she lost her job....because Matt and Beth had planned to go to the city for the weekend. I was going to keep Jordynn but W. refused to let me. She also refused to let Matt and Beth take her to the city with them. So I don't see how it is Matt's fault she lost her job. She will not give them her shot record or let them put her in day care if they have her. Well they work, hello, someone has to watch her. So she went to DHS to file for child support. No problem, Matt should pay and has been paying when he sees her to give her the money. Scott and I offered to buy her new tires, and Beth was going to fill her gas tank up, but she said no, she wanted the money not the stuff. We said....uh...NO. Anyways, Beth and I went with Matt to his child support hearing. While we were there they told us they had NOTHING to do with visitation and if we wanted to pursue that Matt would HAVE to have an attorney. God is great.....we found a (what we think)great attorney there in the same town as the child support hearing, and he has been a DA, a judge, and defense lawyer, so we are hoping he truly knows his stuff. He allowed us to make a down payment and will let the kids pay out the rest. I was very grateful for no other attorney would let them. So Monday when they were all going to court for Child Support decision.....poor little W was served with papers for custody of Jordynn. She was FURIOUS. You know, I am truly very sorry. It did NOT have to come to this. Matt would pay the child support, but when they have no home, car, job, way to support herself, Matt feels she is better off with them. And I agree. They have good jobs, a bedroom for Jordynn, food, a clean house, a car, and lots of love. they have Jordynn on a schedule, she eats better, takes naps and goes to bed at a regular time when they have her. W has done a very good job with her daughter, I am not saying she is not a good mother. But she can not refuse to let Matt be her dad and she can NOT pull those strings when she gets mad. That is not ok. Plus she lets Jordynn stay with so many different people. When Jordynn kissed me good night she tried to kiss me with an open mouth, french kiss style. I did not react, but told Matt he needed to watch out for stuff like that. That is not healthy or normal. He said yes, he noticed it too. She is so smart and talks to plain for having just turned two. She is very sweet, already is pottied trained and loves loves loves to have books read to her. I hope they get her, and I hope that W. will work with them to do what is best for Jordynn. Please keep all this in your prayers. One last note...her dad (W.'s dad) the people that kicked her out of their house for she was having a baby with a black man, now tell her she can run away to CA if she wants......Beth will be giving that info to the lawyer as well.
Ok, I guess I have rambled on enough. Hopefully this catches you up just a bit. I am really tired.....and I am having a stupid colonoscopy Friday just for fun....for turning 50!!!! ain't age grand?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Introduction to Todd

New Houseguest...
Well we are starting to settle in with our new house guest. Todd is really a great kid and we are so happy that our lives are enriched by his presense. Everyone is so nice to say how lucky Todd is to be in our home...and although I do appreciate those comments, I want to tell you how blessed WE ARE to have him. My life was good before, but now I feel so, so, so needed? So full of love? So happy, I don't know what words to use but I do like the feeling. Yes it is stressful, I can not deny that, yesterday was a VERY hard day. I have spent more time on the phone than I have in ages. I have had a horrible headache, and I am tired. But I have something I am working towards, I have a goal, a mission, a job. I have had my eyes opened as to how "other" people get treated at school when you are not known and helped and liked. Wow, what an eye opening experience to be a part of the real world. In Enid I never dealt with these types of problems that I have with Todd. The school we enrolled in him was not in our district..had to get a transfer. Ok, we did. Toured the school, got his school supplies, bus route figured out, clothes bought, let him skip the first day (sorry) to go dove hunting with all my family (men folk!). We got a phone call that he was not able to attend school there for he was in fact in the 9th grade not 8th. Now we have to send him to a totally different school. Was advised to NOT attend the large school that is closest to us. Many many issues with it. And not the best enviroment for Todd. So we went to the little country school about 10 miles away. They fought me on wanting to go there. We have the right to go where ever we want and they can not refuse she tried on the card that I am not his legal guardian. Oh yes I am. But she says no for the papers are not signed by a judge. I explained we are not taking his mothers rights away from her, he is living with us till she is able to take care of him (ie, get out of jail). She fought me more and I had to beg and plead. NEVER have I been made to feel so bad about a child needing to go to school. She told me she (the school) has a reputation for high academics. Todd will not achieve those same high levels. The boy has not attened school regularly for the past three years. Texas passed him due to his age not ability. I talked to them too. They were hateful. Asked me if I expected them to give Todd a permanent parking space, how many times did I expect them to retain him. I had some snappy comeback, don't remember what it was, but I was truly offended that a COUNSELOR would speak of a child in that manner and especially to a stranger. She made some comment when I told her I was the person who has taken Todd into my home and I asked her what "I" could do to help him. She said something this and that, and then said "well God bless you", it was meant to be sarcastic, and I replied "thank you, He certainly already has!"

Ok, I put this post on hold and now I have lots more to talk about. I should learn to write more often and smaller postings, but just does not seem to work that way with me.

Well we got him into school and he had a pretty good first day....however I cried like a baby. I felt so bad taking him to a school that just was not "friendly" towards him, but he seemed to have a good day. We took him out to eat at Freddies, a famous steak house in Sapulpa and my parents came, my daughter and her boyfriend came and then even my cousin and her husband came. We had a nice visit, and hopefully made Todd feel really good about himself. The next day was Friday and seemed to be a pretty good day as well. So I was told. Until he got into the last two periods of the day. A girl (new friend) told him a guy wanted to fight him. Over her. He is some ex kind of friend so she says. The boy and his "friends" were waiting for Todd after class. Todd went to the office and requested to speak to the counselor. One of the boys was in the office with him and the secretary kept asking him why he "needed" to talk to the counselor, but the boy was standing right behind Todd. He just told her he needed to talk to her. Finally she went and got a different principal than the one we had trouble with while enrolling him, and said right out loud, "I don't know why he needs to see the counselor, he won't tell me". S o she took him into the office and Todd told her there was going to be an altercation and he wanted to avoid it. She asked him who it was and Todd said he didn't know the boy. She said, you go to school here and you don't know who is threatening you? He said, this is only my second day of school here. She then asked him why he had a pencil in his hand, was he going to stab the kid? He told her no.Now if all this conversation really took place...I AM OFFENDED. But we will see. T oday is a new day.

I have been taking pictures of Todd, partly because I want to, and partly because HE wants me to. It has been fun, I enjoy it, and he seems to enjoy it too. He has enjoyed his new clothes, lays them out on the bed and matches them with this and that just to see how they look. He says he is a girl when it come to his clothes, I think it is that he hasn't had new clothes and he like lookin' good. I am hoping that he fabricates a lot. If he is telling me the truth about half of the things he says, then he has had LOTS of money in his life....I just don't believe it, he has NOTHING to show for it, so I don't believe it. No bling, no fancy cars, no money of any kind I just don't think he is telling the full truth about his whole past. I think it sounds good in Texas, with other people, but it does not sound all that to me. He will have to learn a new past, new stories to tell, new things to be proud of.