Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Little Fireman

Jackson The Littlest Fireman
The neat thing about these pictures to me is that it was
nearly 100 degrees outside and Jackson wanted to play
with this new outfit that he found in my spare closet.
You see his Papa is a retired Fire Fighter and
in case you didn't know it, Papa walks on water...
 Jackson loves his Papa and is constantly wanting
 to do what ever he is doing.

This boy just has so much expression he cracks me up!

This serious look is one I get often....

And then he look at you and say...."Really?"
Like you ask him to do something,
"Really?" in that little high pitched voice!

 He is such a mischief little guy with a huge laugh.

But don't bother him right now, he's busy fighting,
(not Really!)

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Paxie said...

Jackson is just as cute as he can be, hon!!! I know you are enjoying every minute.

I keep forgetting you are blogging again. Maybe you can add a "Subscribe by email" thingy on your sidebar. I'm going to try :)