Monday, September 15, 2014

Just a Few Thoughts

        Well it has been an interesting week.   Jackson just can not get to feeling better.  We have been to the doctor about six times in the last few weeks.  This last visit to the ENT Doctor says the tubes are trying to come out and causing him discomfort.  So if he continues to have pain they will do surgery again.  Taking the old tubes out and putting new ones in.  I hate this on many levels.  First he does not do well coming out of the anesthetics, it was a horrible experience with him screaming and fighting demons in the room.  Secondly, it is so expensive and Beth is trying so hard to get ahead so of course this will be a huge setback.  I know it's just part of life but darn it.
     Another thing this week was Scott's daughter who married the guy she's been having the affair with for six years and beat her up a couple years ago, well he got mad at HIS son and hit him in the face backhanded.  Bloodied his nose with a couple hits, and I guess the third hit came after the 15 year old ran to the bathroom and locked himself in.  His dad got in and continued the fight, hitting him and shoving him backwards causing him to trip over the tub and falling.  The Sheriff's dept was called from what I hear but Sarah works for them so nothing happened.  I don't know any of this to be factual, I am just repeating what I was told.  But what makes me mad is Oklahoma is 3rd in the US for domestic violence and I don't understand how he gets away with this.  I do NOT understand how no report is made until later after questions are asked.....I do NOT understand under what theory, ANY theory it is ok to hit a kid (even a large 15 year old boy) in the nose with a backhand...three times, bloody his face up and NOTHING is done......You can imagine the stress this has caused me.  I hope and pray DHS or Law Enforcement does SOMETHING.....but I won't count on it.  This happened in front of my grandson and Sean's other son, I sure would like to know what DHS is doing. 
       But on the positive side.....Scott and I are planning our trip to South Dakota.  I am EXCITED.  We are stopping by a friends house in Nebraska for a couple nights then heading on to see a lot of stuff in just four days, maybe five days.  Mt. Rushmore is top of my list.  I want to see it lit up at night too.  We are riding the train, going to Bear Country USA, Crazy Horse, Bad lands, Wild Horse Sanctuary, Deadwood, Custer State Park, and more.  Doesn't that sound like a ton of fun?  I am so excited.  I will miss Beth and Jackson so much.  I begged and begged for them to come also, but she doesn't have vacation time for it.  Darn it.  I hope to have a bunch of pictures to show for it, I hope the weather will be nice and cool, I hope the leaves are changing and the scenery will be beautiful.  I am counting on a very nice, quiet, peaceful trip....uneventful.  I get nervous traveling now after Scott and I were in the accident a year ago that resulted in his truck being totaled out.  I think we will stick to back roads, well at least roads less traveled and no big cities. Maybe I will feel a bit more relaxed about our traveling.  Beth is house and puppy sitting for me which I am grateful.  As much as I miss Rudy, it is nice having only one dog to have to worry about.  And Abby is not as spoiled as Rudy, Callie and Zoe were.  She and Rex will be fine together and Beth will do a lot of work from home (ie, my house) so that will be even better yet. 
     Ok, that's it for now.  A lot on our plate, but not so much that we can't handle it.  I am grateful for my blessings God has bestowed upon us as I am learning to remove stress from my life, one stressor at a time.  Well sometimes more than one at a time. hahahaha

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Paxie said...

Wow. Terrible news and I too don't understand how you can hit a child and get away with it! I know you are steaming about it. Breathe.

Your trip sounds fabulous!! I've never been up it that part of the states and I look forward to seeing all your photos. I hope you and Scott have a safe and wonderful trip hon! Love ya!