Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easter 2010

Ok, How Cute are These !!!!
I will not need to explain ANY of these you will see they are
just precious of my grand children.
And our new addition to the family

Monday, March 15, 2010

Grandkids were here !!!!

Our Precious Grandchildren.....
We were blessed to finally have the grand kids
after not seeing them for over two months. It is
amazing how much you miss out on in just two
short months....60 days....a lifetime it may seem.
Caleb is old enough to truly have a bond with us
and so looks forward with sharing our time and love.
We treasure each moment with him for they will
be gone all too soon. Soon they will be living
in an other state (military), he will become a
teenager, or just simply life itself.
So having time with the grandchildren, making memories
that will last a life time is incredibly important.
It is what Grandparents are all about after all...
Yes, we will spoil them, then send them home.
And it will be WAY too soon.

It is kind of nice to have a little wet weather creek in
our yard. It makes for some fun places to play.
And some fun places to take pictures.

Allie is so hard to photograph....
She will not hardly look at the camera
no matter how hard I try.
She definitely has a stubborn streak but
sometimes that in itself is fun to photograph.
You learn to take what you get and just
get what you can take!

Now just look at the expression this girl has!!!

This is my favorite picture of Caleb.

Caleb and his b.b.gun from Christmas.
He is learning the safety issues with it.

Of course Zoe is a major part of Caleb's life.
She is getting old too, so I treasure any picture with
her and Caleb that I get.

She certainly loves her boy.....she really does!

Playing on the bridge that they made with PaPa for Grandma
to take pictures with.....yes, it looks like it is doing a good job at that.

See how she just LOVES to have her picture taken...
This was just so much fun....
More to come.
(trust me!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Random Pictures

Class Project
I was at the Keystone Dam at about 8:00 one night
taking pictures for a class assignment. I thought
at first they weren't any good, but the more I look
at them I like them. It was a very still night as you can tell
by looking where the water and the dam meets. There is
such a nice reflection. Scott is always so willing to be my victim!
Poor guy....
If you can click on this picture and enlarge it,
I think it makes a very nice picture.

And this is my new camera and lens where I just ran
outside to take Rudy's picture. Just to see how the camera
worked. I had a hard time just finding the on/off button
Ha ha ha...but I found it, took his picture and this
is what I got. No adjustments, no nothin'.....
I think I am going to like this camera, just wait and see .

Monday, March 1, 2010

Three Postings In One Day....

Let me Introduce to you my newest little cousin..
Ava Jillian

It's hard work being a model,
and after all that hard's time for a nap.
Nite Nite!

My family believes in arranged one day soon you will be seeing pictures of Ava and Mr. Jingles' wedding. Then a little time later you will also get to see the new born pictures of their children. That is something to look forward to. But that will be a couple years down the road. Stay tuned! And if you want to see some other cute pictures, I have two other postings from today of sweet little girls turning ONE.