Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Random Facts

25 Random Things About Me
1. I am a middle child with two brothers born and raised in Tulsa, OK area.
2. I always wanted to be a police officer, and retired as one in Enid, OK!
3. As a sophomore in High School, I gave up playing basket ball to ride/train race horses. Wish I was that skinny now!!!
4. Was one of about six females in the state of Oklahoma to be the first President of our local FFA chapter. ( I loved being in the FFA organization!)
5. I have never drank a beer in my life to this very day (48 years, 3 months and some days). I can not stand the smell of beer.
6. I am very lucky to have loved my job for many many years and to have so many good stories to share about it. I love helping people as a police officer and citizen.
7. I have a step daughter, sil, and two grandchildren. After a very rough start, we now are working on a really good relationship. Hip Hip Hooray.
8. I lost three friends in one year to cancer, one being my best friend.
9. My grandfather lived to be 95 and then died of a gall bladder attack, my great grandmother lived to be 104, so I need to take better care of myself.
10. Even as a tough police officer ALWAYS in control, I can be very insecure, and get my feelings hurt, but I try not to let any one know it!
11. Broke my left arm twice.
12. Have had stitches in my head because I kissed a boy in 7th grade.
13. Graduated with a Law Enforcement Degree from NWOSU in Alva, OK.
14. I am married to a retired Fire Fighter.
15. Participated in a program called Cadet Lawman between my jr/ sr year in high school where we for a week went through police training.
16. Had both my children by C-section.
17. My son was born on my second anniversary.
18. My daughter was born on her paternal grandparents anniversary.
19. Went to school till the 8th grade in a little country school.
20. Went to the "city" school in 9th-12th grade.
21. Went through a divorce after 14 years of marriage.
22. My first car was a 1967(?) Chevy Impala nick named The Tank.
23. Have always loved photography.
24. Have always wanted to travel to every state in our great Union.
25. Love my boxer dogs more than words can tell. And I mean that seriously.
I think being on the computer makes it easy to portray ourselves how we want. But I also think we do open up to some extent when we connect with certain ones via the Internet. I love meeting people, and getting to know them. I am very much a people person and I truly believe everyone has a story, they are important for just being who they are. I value human life so much, probably why I was a good police officer, or at least why it was my passion. I believe in right over wrong, try to live my life that way, and I have always tried to walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. I was a DARE officer for 16/17 years and taught literally thousands of students and felt it was so important to set the right example. I was NOT always the best mom, but I think I was a good mom, I tried to be, but I had my failings and shortcomings when it came to raising my children. I wonder how they would rate me? Maybe I had too high of expectations, I don't know. I loved them, gave them everything they needed and lots of what they wanted. And for the most part, I feel they turned out really pretty good. I really have no regrets in my life. I feel I have lived a good life, I have a very strong faith and belief in God, and have been very blessed by Him.
What I would like for you to do give me some random things about you. I have a few of you that read my post on a regular basis, as I do yours. And I would like to get to know you. If you don't want to do a posting, then please feel free to leave it on the comment page. Tell me a little about you, I would really like to get to know you better.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Hot" Pursuit

Hot Pursuit
(rated E for everyone!)
You all know if you have been reading my stories for very long at all, that I seemed to do my best work at night. I really did love working the night shift except for getting tired about 5:00 a.m. and not sleeping very well during the day. Never did get the hang of that. Mostly because we worked two weeks of night, two weeks of afternoons and two weeks of mornings. THAT SUCKED. Rotating every two weeks was so hard on the body and sleeping habits. But so much stuff happens at night, so much of a different world exist out there for those of you that do not know that. It is so weird seeing this world in two different ways. Most people ...and I did say during the day, pay their bills, have a life, and then sleep at night. Well then there is another world that sleep all day, play all night, are out drinking, up to no good, out doing crimes, and causing havoc among the rest of society. When your mommas told you Nothing good is going on after Midnight...she was right. There just is not much good going on after midnight for sure. And I loved it!!!! Car burglaries, in dark times, bar fights, late evenings after a few drinks have been consumed, domestics, same story, home from work, had a few beers and wham oh, the yelling and screaming begins. Oh yes, the life of after darkness is sure different than the other world.
I was patrolling late one night on the east side of town, where I loved working. More exciting things happen there, yes, the crime rate is higher on the east side than the west. I see a car speeding east bound on Broadway, I get turned around and take after it. It does not want to stop, so not only are my lights activated, but I turn on the siren. It still does not stop. I call out in pursuit but I have not gotten the tag number, not gotten close enough yet, when the car turns north on 16th. At 16th and Randolph the car stops. I call out with the vehicle and I am approaching the car. While I am making contact with the driver, and I don't even remember having a chance to get his license from him, a girl starts screaming from her front porch that her house is on fire. I turn to the sounds of her screaming and sure enough...her house IS on fire. All is a split second I tell her to get out of the house, call headquarters to send the fire department to my location for we have a house fire, and I yell at the driver to not go anywhere and to wait right there. I run to the house as the girl is screaming her family is in still inside, I yell at her to get out and wait for the fire trucks. I run inside and see the sofa is on fire. Her parents and some other people are still in there, I yell at them to get up and get out. The parents run to the kitchen and start grabbing things to pour water on the sofa. I do too. How stupid is that???? I tell them to get out and they won't leave. We keep pouring water on the sofa, the house is full of smoke, and you can hardly see at all. I make the people get out, I can hear the fire trucks coming, and there is no sense in staying in the house any longer. I ask them if everyone is out and they tell me yes.
The fire trucks get there and put the fire out, pull the sofa out of the house and start to fan the house out so the smoke will clear out. I look up and see my friend David M. from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol standing there at his car. ( I love when the Troopers show up!!!) I ask him why he didn't come and help. He said he did.....He tells me he learned from the years at the Volunteer Fire Department that you don't just go running into burning buildings. So he said I was here to see if you needed pulled out of the house. Thanks buddy. No problem he said. I looked up and looked around and guess what???? The car I was chasing....they left. Can you believe that? As I was inside risking my life doing something really pretty stupid, and they just leave. And I gave them a direct order NOT to. Of course the tag was not on file, I did not know who the driver was, so they got a freebie that night. And me?? Well I learned a valuable lesson, AGAIN....get people out of a burning house and don't stay inside. Let the firemen do THEIR job. Oh well. I loved my job!!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Learning how to LINK !!
I received awards here from you,
Some are older, some are new.
But I did not know what to do.

Some called me "Brillante"
Some said I had a "Cause"
Someone said,they even loved my blog.
Someone thinks I must be smart.
And this one says I have a heart.

Now I've shown you what I got
I must figure out this whole lot.
Link to here and link to there,
I hope I get it with brain cells to spare.
If I am wrong forgive me please,
I am new and not at ease.
Try I will, and try I must,
Learn this task is not enough.
Give back to those so deserving
And give thanks with no reserving.
1. Brillante came from: Homesteader's Heart
2. Blog with a Purpose from: Shays Mom
3. I Love Your Blog from: Morning Coffee
4. Brillante blog again: Stop & Smell the Chocolate
5. Sharing the Love: One Step Forward
I am afraid that I am might have left someone out. I did receive some of these awards in times past, so if I did miss someone, please do not be mad at me or have your feelings hurt. But instead would you PLEASE drop me an email or comment and let me know so I can add you to the above list. please!!????
And guess what??? I think I have figured out how to do this linking thing.
THANK YOU JONI at Morning Coffee
for explaining it to me.
And making it simple enough that even "I" could
figure it out.
You were a life saver!!!!
A new toy to be played with.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shay--Week Two

Week Two Update
Well week two started a little rough. I have not been in a very good mood, but can you blame me???? I have this horrible belly pain and it causes me to make
funny/weird sounds in the diaper area. Oh goodness, pardon me please.
I did cry a bit, and I did not sleep much. I was a little demanding on my grandma type lady. I know she was beside herself because she tried EVERYTHING to make me happy. She rocked me, oh that hurt, she tried to feed me, STOP, I am NOT hungry, she changed my diaper, thank goodness, and she put me in my swing, oh I will do this for a little while I guess. Really nothing made those weird pains go away. So my momma tried a couple things in my bottle and it seemed to help. I was not in a very good mood for about three days.

But with a little direction----over here please.

I got in a better mood.

Enough that I even posed a little for my G-ma lady.

I did give it a lot of thought.....
I even slept on it for a bit.
And this is what I think of it all !!!!
Hey, everybody has a bad day....and I just happened to have three!
Get over it !!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


All these pictures you are about to see, two postings today and then the two from the other day, well it is Michelle's fault. You see, Michelle at Shay's Mom, scanned pictures of her daughter and things from time past to take us on a trip to memory lane. She got me to thinking, (I do that once in a great while...think!) that I have a scanner right here beside me, it can't be THAT hard to use, and I have lots of pictures that I want to save. Plus I love sharing with my new friends. So today you will have two postings of things. I am on a roll and you can blame MICHELLE.

2 In One Day!

Back In The Good Ole Days!

I don't know who took this picture but I remember it well. We used to do the stick horse races and boot throwing contest on the court house lawn during our Western Days in Enid. I think it was called Cherokee Strip Days, and we would have a rodeo plus all kinds of events along with the parade. I loved, LOVED doing the stick horse race. We would paint off lanes, have the kids pre-register and broke it down according to ages. I had to much fun. I could act like a kid myself, would demonstrate how to ride the ponies and once in a while I would have a horse that got kind of wild with me. It was scary at time. But being the cowgirl that I am, I always managed to get my horse calmed down and gentled by the time one of the children had to ride him next. The winners would even get trophies....Oh I loved my job. The next day I would be so horse (oh, pun intended!, I make myself laugh at times!) that I could not hardly talk. I would hoop and holler and yell and scream so much for those children to run and win. We had so much fun. Wish you could have been there. That smile on my face....well, it puts another smile on my face. Back in my skinny, happy days. Life was good. (Life is still good!)

On A Roll

Another trip on Memory Lane:

This is my Baby Boy with his first dog Schnoodles
Schnoodles the Schnauzer!

This is Great Grandpa John Patton

He was TJ's fishing buddy every 4th of July

Even at a very early age, TJ knew he wanted to fish!

This is his Sr. Picture with a 40 lbs catfish caught the morning of pictures

on a 25 lbs test line rod and reel.

They fought hard to get her landed and then had to carry her a long ways to the truck.

He and his best friend Tim had been fishing all night at the Salt Plains.

Pretty good smile on that boys face!

And this picture is probably one of my favorites. We drove from Enid to Springfield to buy that shirt. We had a wonderful trip, a great day together for a great memory. Then he had the pictures taken depicting his life. Hunting. (I did not take this picture!) He had some taken with his dog Dutches, a chocolate lab and the all the hunting things to capture who he really was/is!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Like Mother Like Son

T.J. and his momma

Aug.12, 2006

His Wedding Day
This is my baby boy two years ago at his wedding. I should have posted it with his birthday pictures. I should have a more current picture of him but I don't. So thanks Tonjia for the suggestion that I should have done this yesterday!!! Of posting a more current picture. By the way.... he just called me and was so happy, and when I asked what was up with him and his overly happy mood. Well he just won a $1,000.00 so happy birthday, and CONGRATULATIONS. Hey son, can your momma borrow some money???
And this is his beautiful bride. Do not pay attention to the date on the is not correct. It was 8-12-06, oh well. Isn't she beautiful? The wedding was in Aug, outdoors, in Texas at 10:00 a.m. During a record heat spell. So in the picture of TJ and me, not only was he sweatin' the wedding, it was REALLY REALLY hot!
And in front of the water cooler was the best hang out place. Boy was it a hot one!
Ok, that is a trip down memory lane, two years ago.
But you got to see my son, his wife, my niece

Monday, August 18, 2008

27 Years Ago

Happy Birthday
Timothy John
August 18, 1981
7:03 p.m.
8lbs, 2 oz.
21 "

He was born C-section after I had labored all day with this kid. I was induced due to high blood pressure, plus it was my second wedding anniversary, and that was pretty special. But after all day and getting no where the doctor said we needed to take him. I said....PLEASE. So they prepared me for surgery and he arrived at 7:03 p.m. He was so pretty. (sorry TJ, but you were a PRETTY baby!)
His name was after his dad, Tim and his two great grandfathers who were both named John. We did not want a "Jr.", and I didn't want Big Tim and Little Tim, and I loved the name John but didn't want a Johnny. So we agreed on Timothy John, but called him T.J. He was such a good baby. He was a happy baby, ate and slept good too. How did I get so lucky especially with my first one. I was still in college and had to lay out that fall semester but it was ok. I was in love staying at home with my little guy.
He didn't smile a lot for the camera. He was a rather somber boy, but yet happy. I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's true. I think the camera turned his smile off sometimes. His Aunt Lisa worked at a baby clothing store called Sugar -n- Spice so we kept the kid dressed pretty well. Poor baby boy, but it was fun.
At one year of age that kid had a head of hair. It was thick and I loved it. It was brown but a light brown. Now, he doesn't have as thick of hair, and it really doesn't matter for he keeps it really really short!!! Good grief!
I remember when TJ was in high school kids were asking him what the T.J. stood for. His last name is Goodpasture, and people often thought he was part Indian. Remember we live in Oklahoma, "Land of the Red Man" so he told them that his name was Turtle Jumper. You know often Indians name or named their children after things they see when the child is born. That is true and most people know it, so the girls bought his story. It was a long time before he ever told them the truth. I still laugh about that. He is German...not Indian, It is Timothy John, not Turtle Jumper, and he is my little guy, all grown up into my wonderful son/man. 27 years ago, a long, long day, ended with the birth of a wonderful new beginning. Happy Birthday TJ. You have made me very proud and I love you.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Busy Day--Several posting Saturday

Today you are getting three, four or maybe even five postings. I am on a roll today baby. I have been taking a few pictures this morning of a friend of mine and her cousin. So I wanted to put them on my blog. Plus I had to put some pictures of Shay in there too, the little one that I baby sit?! Shay and Sarah are actually sisters just a few years apart. 24 in fact!!! But Shay is so blessed to be in this family. She has a momma and daddy that wanted her to join their family and her big sister is just!!!! I can't wait to take pictures of Shay and Sarah. I have already taken pictures of mom and dad with Shay but we could not work out a time for Sarah to join us. So this next time we will get a family photo and some of just the two girls. I can't wait. These are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Their hearts are so big, tender and over filling with love. I feel so blessed to have met them and to now have them in my life.

My other busy moment this weekend is....we are grand dog sitting. I have been needing a grand kid fix so badly so when my Sarah called and asked if we could baby sit the dog I said yes, on one condition. That we meet up after Caleb gets out of school so I can hug, kiss and see the kids. She laughed and said ok, that was workable. Whew, thank goodness. We wanted the kids last week, but due to my stupid knee going out on me I did not get them. Now this weekend they are going to a family reunion and taking the kids with them. (the nerve!) So I have the puppy. I don't think I ever told you they named her Chloe. To rhyme with Zoe. My dog is Zoe and Caleb so badly wanted to name his Zoe too. His daddy put his foot down and said no. So Chloe was the compromise. She is such a good puppy and my dogs are getting along with her just fine. Last night she did cry but when I went in to get on to her I took her outside to do her business then moved her kennel into the living room with the other dogs and she never let out another peep all night. She will go to the door and whine and dance when she needs to go out doors. Pretty good for a puppy that is only 7 weeks old and she has done this since we hid her out at a little over 4 weeks old. (don't get me started on that, you know I am still mad at that woman for deceiving my kids about the puppy's age!) But she is a very smart puppy and a sweet one too. Later on I will post some pictures of her so you can see how much she has grown since my last postings. But right now, I think I am through with the computer, so after reading this, be sure and read the other three posting for today! OK? Now I am going to watch a movie with my husband, come on dogs, all four of you!!!


A Handsome Dude!

It was Media Day for his football team.

But I liked taking his picture too.

Thanks Austin for putting up with us girls. And I appreciate
you letting me take your picture.
Can take your Sr. Pictures in a few years???
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Shay--Week One

Shay's First Week With "Aunt" Lisa

I arrived around 7:15 my first day with momma bringing all my stuff inside. I'm in the car seat thing, see it? I was a little afraid momma might cry leaving me there, but she didn't. She is a good mom, she picked this really nice lady to take care of me while she is at work. She told me to be good, play nice with the dogs, and to eat all my food. I thought, hey yes, this is going to be an easy gig, eat, sleep, play, get my pants changed at the drop of a hat, and rock, oh yes, I can get rocked off and on all day if I want it. Pretty much this new woman in my life is here for my every command. I might like this after all.

I'm was pretty much ok with this new place, it has big dogs to protect me (and to wake me with their barking!! Bad dog!) a soft bed to sleep in, and a nice cuddly grandma type woman that likes to rock babies. I'm thinking this may not be too bad of a place to hang out till mom comes to get me.

Oh I am all happy now, till the gas kicks in, then the tone changes just a bit. And would that woman get that camera out of my face!!! MOM....the poparat, the popparot....the camera lady won't leave me alone!!!!

Oh this being cute is such hard work, and a girl does need her beauty sleep. Nothin' better than sleepin' and swinging.

Then this "Aunt" Lisa lady put a big ole, huge bow on my head to take more pictures.
I have a thing or two to say about all of this...But the bow is kind of cute isn't it?

Oh my, I think this woman is going to be taking lots of pictures of me. Every time I turn around there is this camera in my face and this bright light going off. It makes me blink real fast and see white spots for a little while. Is this the life of a movie star?

Good Grief!!!
Thank goodness for the weekend!

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New Victim

Sarah W. at Pretty Water

A willing victim to practice my picture taking.

Plus getting ready to compete in Miss Sapulpa in September.

It was so much fun to meet Sarah at Pretty Water Lake to take pictures. She was so easy to photograph and willing to do anything I asked.
I love getting to make people smile and giving them something to treasure hopefully for years to come. I think her momma will be happy with these pictures too and maybe will even want to enlarge some of the prints. We took about 30 pictures and only a couple turned out poorly. That is not too bad on the odds. I have more pictures to post.
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You Name It

Wordless Wednesday
Bologna! When am I ever "wordless"?
You Name It !!
(Are you listening to the song? It is funny)
Picture #1

Picture #2

I love the pictures of my puppies Callie and then Rudy. I have some captions that go with the pictures but I was wondering if anyone else could come up with something cute. Do you need to know the story behind it in order to come up with something? Let's just say, six inches of rain, big...BIG mud puddles and ???? The rest is history. He and Callie played and played out in it till I took their pictures. (and gave them a bath) This is acutally an old photograph of the dogs when we lived in Enid, but it still is two of my favorites!!!

No there is not a prize for this....I was just curious if anyone else saw something funny in it like I do....????

I am saving the prize for my 300th posting!!! Because I missed the 200th!

Good Morning

It's Wednesday?
Good morning everyone, I just wanted to make this a short one to say, yes I am still here. I am enjoying our weather with below normal temps, rain in the forecast (yea!) nothing really new on the home front. The deer keep coming to eat, the hummingbirds are drinking a quart of juice a day, and I have survived two days with the baby. Yep, pretty good so far. I do want to explain a couple things, this baby is no relation to me even though I would claim her as my new grand baby easily. She is very sweet, very tiny, very special. Her parents are adopting her while in their 40's and are so appreciative of this gift from God. Their little blessing is his first baby and her second. Big sister is 24 and is so in love with her new little sister. These are people I have met since moving here a year ago. The mom said she did not leave her first daughter with a day care and now that she is securely in her job as a school administrator assistant she is having to leave this little one in the care of another. I offered to watch her since I am not working, we live close to each other, and I could certainly use a little extra money in these times of retirement. So we are giving it a try as we both adjust to a new way of life. Yes it has only been two days. But this little sweetie is just sweet. Sometimes she is fussy, I don't always know what to do, I am learning what her little cries mean. I have to learn her language. I don't have a very good schedule yet, but she is only 7 weeks old, and 9 lbs. So why do we have to be on a schedule just yet. We will get there. The dogs are doing great with her, it allows me to be at home to still do what I need to do, and the best thing?? I get to help someone have peace of mind. I never had to leave my kids with day care either. I had enough family around to help take care of my kids or very close friends or due to our shift work both my husband and I were able to take care of the kids. We were very blessed. So I feel it is an honor to be able to help another person who has a very big heart, with the issue of leaving her new precious gift with a stranger. And the rocking chair picture??? Well I just grabbed that from the net, it is not really in my home. However, I really do like it and wouldn't mind rocking with that one! Think I could find it on Ebay? Oh well, my Lazy Boy will have to do for now!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Job

Rocking Chair

Baby = ???
Rocking Chair + Baby= My New Job
I will be holding, rocking and loving this new bundle of joy.
And then she goes home to her momma and daddy!
Wish me luck!