Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Waste Of Time?

Movie Marathon
Yesterday it was way over 100 degrees here with the heat index and I did not want to do anything! We have not just sat around doing a very long time. So I asked my hubby if he wanted to watch a movie with me. He said sure what were we going to watch? I told him I had DVR'ed some movies from the Hallmark channel a while back and we should watch them. They were from the Jeanette Oakes' books and series"Love Comes Softly" that I have read years ago. She is a Christian romance writer and I have always enjoyed her books, plus these were set in the pioneer days. The days that I would like to have been a part of. The days that were of such simple life, simple? Well that may not be the best word to describe having to plow a field by horse and hand. Getting water from the well and having to heat it yourself for bath, or face washing or clothes cleaning. No, simple may not be the word to use, but it is the best that I could come up with at this time.
So we sat down and started watching the movies. We watched five I think movies in a row. We fast forwarded through the commercials, ( I love DVR!) and it was fun. I cried in everyone of them, thanks Hallmark Movie Channel, and laughed that we cried at least once in each of the movies. They are sappy, they are not the greatest high budget movies, but they are westerns, they have love and romance, cattle drives, bad guys, and of course the heroes. Oh yes, I love a good movie. I would have to stop once in a while and go check the email on my computer, or fix some popcorn, or get a soda from the fridge. We even stopped once and made sandwiches for dinner. This all got started about 3:00 and we finished up around 9:00. I was so tired yesterday that I was in bed by 10:30 (never heard of of me) and was asleep before 11:00. I had three dogs on my bed and a husband that came to bed sometime around mid-night. The only reason I know it was because the dogs would not get off the bed for him to COME to bed. He had to literally drag them off and he tried to do this without waking me. Did a pretty good job of it too for I just rolled over and went back to sleep.
Then I woke up at 4:30 this morning. I don't know why for sure. Someone had to get up and when that happened then others needed to get up and for some reason we all got up and peed at about 4:30 this morning. Good grief. I never used to get up in the night, now not only does my husband, but then I do and now the dogs do.
Was it a waste of time? Was it a wasted day? No, not by any means. We went the day together enjoying the movies, the simple life and laughing at each other. All in all, I think it was a pretty good way to spend a Saturday afternoon with 100 degrees heat. I think I will need a nap today.
Have a wonderful Sunday and remember who gave it to us.


Mental P Mama said...


Tonjia said...

awww I love days like that, I really do.

Enjoy today too!!

Sage said...

I kind of had a vegging day yesterday too. I hung out with my sister, we went to several quilt shops, had lunch, and chatted about everything and nothing!

I have read many of the Jeanette Oakes' books, but didn't know they have been made into TV movies. I should check out the Hallmark channel oftener!

And now today after church we went to coffee with the same sister and her hubby, and now I'm vegging again. Time to get going on something.

Blessings on your week ahead.

Michelle said...

I think that DVR is the best invention. Better than sliced bread! Man what I would give for some bread. Been Atkinsing it since Wed. Damn that Hallie. But I am missing 3.5lbs as of this morning so I guess it is working. Than means a total of 18-19 lbs since May. I digressed....DVR's. I DVR'd Law and Orders this past week and have been watching them. I did a flip of what my Molly does when the Law Order song come on. So funny. I will post it later. I have to turn on a different computer to do videos. Have a great nap.

Homesteader in Training said...

You must be talking about the Love Comes Softly series. WE love them too. They are a bit sappy but they will make you cry for sure lol. I would love to spend a day like that every now and again. Sounds great!

Debbie said...

I love that movie and that is the exact period of time I wished I had lived in. Craving simple!! With the big old hunk of a cowboy and me doing the "warsh & ironing, cookin and cleanin". Sounds like a perfect day to me :)

Age hon, age makes you get up and pee :)

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Let me recommend Karen Kingsbury for your reading pleasure! I just discovered her myself and am LOVING most of her books.

Kristi said...

Hi Lisa. It's nice to meet you. Thanks for your visit to my blog and for your sweet comments. I think you had a perfect Saturday. I have read those books and watched the movies too. My oldest just read the books and we have watched a few of the movies together. They are so good. I always love a good Hallmark movie. Blessings to you!