Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Day

Just Another Day?
I started to write this post as if it were just another day. Then I got to thinking, is it really just another day? Is that how I feel about life, it is just another day like I don't really appreciate what it truly means? Yes, that is how this started out in thought. Then it hit me. There is no "just another day" in this race to the end. Each day we put our feet on the floor, drag our hiney out of that bed, pour that cup of coffee down our throat, it is NOT just another day. You see, I got up this morning and went out to feed my critters. I had a big container of squirrel food, and a big container of bird food and headed outside. I was feeding the squirrels and looked up and there was a doe watching me. Yesterday she was feeding at the house with her friend Buck and other doe with two kids in tow. It was nice to see the family out there feeding. So this morning she caught be off guard being just a few yards from where I was standing. It was awesome. She just stood there watching me, she didn't snort, she didn't run away, she just stood there as I continued to feed the corn, peanuts, and sunflower seeds to the squirrels. I am going to go buy straight corn for the deer now that I know they are coming for dinner.
Then I fed the birds, went and got my camera in hopes that maybe doe would come on down to the fence and eat with the squirrels. She didn't. But the hummingbirds were hungry too. They come in every morning and evening thick like thieves. I have seen eight at one time, but not at one feeder. Oh no, they are very territorial and I love watching them fly and swoop and dive and chase each other all over the place. I sit about three or four feet from the feeder and love watching them come in to feed and hoover over the feeder. I never tire of watching these BEAUTIFUL , amazing creatures God has made. They fly so close to me I think they might land on me at times, or hit me in the head saying get out of my personal space. I love sitting outside in the mornings and watching all my critters. Even my dogs. They go out and chase each other, play soccer (really!) lay around, or check the perimeter of our property.
Last night I watched one of my favorite shows season finally (is this the right spelling for the word I am looking for? It does not seem right!!!) and that is American Gladiators. I LOVE that show. I admire the skill, the fitness, the bravery of those ordinary people. Fit I am not, would love to be, think that at 48 I could still do it, but I don't. But I can watch those shows and see how others do it and dream of the day I might motivate myself to doing the "impossible". I watched The Mole, my other favorite show and I can not for the life of me figure out who the mole is. I have watched that show since the very first season when we were in L.A. visiting during their first filming.
I told Callie last night to quit waking me up at 4:30 that I needed my sleep, and sure enough she left me alone today. I slept in till 6:30 when I woke up all on my own. Yea!!! Today Scott takes the car to the body shop to get fixed, we are so pleased that they state the damage is not too bad and should be fixed by this weekend. We will have a rental car till it is done so I don't have to go over and pick Scott up in Tulsa. I am thankful for that. Then this evening I start my first of seven photography classes. I will be taking seven different classes this semester and should finish up by December 1st. I am looking forward to this, a little nervous, there will be some weeks when I will be going to classes three nights a week, some two nights a week and only one night a week for the month of August. I fear I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but it is not written in stone, I do not lose my first born if I don't take all the classes. But I want to get it done and get it done now.
I have plans to run to Texas again soon for my sons birthday. We were not sure if we were going or not, kind of waiting to see if it would work out for him/them to have company that weekend or not. But it seems it might work out for us to get together. I feel birthdays are really important, not the gift, but the time together. So I wanted to go down and take him to dinner or cook out together and then do cake and ice cream if he wanted. I sure love my kids and want to keep/have a very close relationship with them. If we are not careful time gets away and before you know it a year, or two passes and people lose connections. I don't want to be that way.
So just another day? No, I think I am pretty lucky/blessed to be healthy enough to enjoy another HOT steamy day. Everyday is different, every day is what I make of it, every day is just another day closer to the end of the race. Winning the race is awesome if you like winning, but this is one race I think I will take my time at and if somebody beats me to the finish line, I won't get too upset. You see, I have another day I want see and be a part of. Make it a good one, ok?


Mental P Mama said...

What a wonderful post...I hope you have a great day!

Michelle said...

I want to be where dear come to my yard and watch me. The only thing that ever comes to my yard here in Florida are lizards and frogs. And the occasional snake. And lots of bugs of course.

I am the biggest Reba fan. I used to have personalized plates that said REBAFAN. When I went back stage at a concert in Chicago I gave her one of the plates. I have had the pleasure of "meeting" her 5 times. When they stopped doing that for fan club members I stopped being a member. But never stopped being a fan! You should see my Reba Scrapbook.

I just got Shay, Anna and I tickets to see Martina McBride in October. She has some great music as well. And I love Faith and Trisha too. And the young ones that are coming up.

Anonymous said...

you've got the right idea. i hate the thought of racing through life--i'm not ready to get to the finish line yet. this is one race i don't mind losing. :)

Homesteader in Training said...

I'd love to sit on the front porch with ya and see all that! My husband built a gorgeous front porch for us but we can't enjoy it right now because of all the blood sucking mosquitos. It is sooooo bad here. They even wait by the door to get in the house and we still get bit inside. There is no escaping them.But I had a lovely picture sitting here reading your post so thank you for that.

Amy said...

Wow - you have just got me thinking. I need to get up and make something out of this day very quickly. Thanks for all your wonderful comments. I really missed my bloggy friend, though I had a fabulous vacation. I hope all is well with you. I've got some reading to do. Talk to you soon. =)

Sage said...

I wish I could have shared the coffee and the deer with you this morning! And wish I could have gotten up with your attitude this morning. I didn't sleep well again.....my fibromyalgia is really in a flare up right now....and I ache horribly. But I do think that your peaceful morning would have helped!

Wishing you a continuation of your awesome morning!

Joni said...

you are so right...it is never "just another day" and like you I think we should celebrate all the little things that drift in to our day...you are so lucky to have so many critters all around...maybe someday soon you can manage to snap a picture of those deer! I think you have a great idea about the senior picture project and it is an excellent way to hone your photography skills. I've done several senior pictures and it's always fun. I don't know the prices where you live, but here senior pics run anywhere between $300-$500 so it's a good way to help the kids and their families out (just make sure you know the school's yearbook size requirements). I'm excited about your photography classes...you are going to get hooked...pretty soon you'll be going to great lengths to get the "right" shot...have fun with it!

Have a wonderful day...it's off to a great start ~

Tonjia said...

Wow! you are one busy girl these days! Enjoy that class. The deer may provide you with some good photo ops.

Enjoy your day too Lisa!

Memaw's memories said...

It would have been so much fun to sit with you this morning and watch the deer.

You'll have them eating out of your hand before long.

Debbie said...

In my exhaustion and pissery from yesterday, I'm skipping the middle part of your story and just letting you know it's wonderful to appreciate each day as a gift and treasure every moment of it.

I should do it much more often. I do believe that noticing and enjoying nature plays a huge part in this experience. In the "New Earth" featured on Oprah, this is very emphasized. Glad you're smiling girl :)

No jail in my plans any more.....