Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On A Roll

Another trip on Memory Lane:

This is my Baby Boy with his first dog Schnoodles
Schnoodles the Schnauzer!

This is Great Grandpa John Patton

He was TJ's fishing buddy every 4th of July

Even at a very early age, TJ knew he wanted to fish!

This is his Sr. Picture with a 40 lbs catfish caught the morning of pictures

on a 25 lbs test line rod and reel.

They fought hard to get her landed and then had to carry her a long ways to the truck.

He and his best friend Tim had been fishing all night at the Salt Plains.

Pretty good smile on that boys face!

And this picture is probably one of my favorites. We drove from Enid to Springfield to buy that shirt. We had a wonderful trip, a great day together for a great memory. Then he had the pictures taken depicting his life. Hunting. (I did not take this picture!) He had some taken with his dog Dutches, a chocolate lab and the all the hunting things to capture who he really was/is!


Mental P Mama said...

He is such a cutie! Watch out...cougar mama on the prowl;)

Memaw's memories said...

Great pictures. Wonderful memories. That is some big catfish.

Eckmama said...

Now see, that little bitty TJ up there is the TJ I remember. That's what he's SUPPOSED to look like. ; )

Tonjia said...

I LOVE the Sr picture!! that is one huge fish..

what wonderful memories, I have so many pics, I am almost afraid to start scanning them.

Amy said...

Nice photos - these are great! He is very handsome (oh and much to young.. wait I am married!!!) lol

Michelle said...

I'm lovin it!! Lets see some more.

Brenda said...

Had to come by to see the fish. My grandson just caught his first big one over the weekend, nowhere near that big. Hubby has caught them 47 to 50lbs on the river on trot lines, but never one that big using a rod and reel. Awesome!