Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Santa Ornaments

Santa Tree Topper

Santa Decorations

Painted by Thomas Kinkade

There are over 90 different ones

I think they are beautiful.

My mom bought me Santa ornaments this past year for my tree. I collect Santa's and she saw these and started my collection. She then decided I needed all of them before Christmas and ordered them. There are over 90 of these. In fact I think there are 108. I do not have the last six I think is what mom said. But if you look closely each Santa has a very special painting on his coat. I love them. I wish I could show you the whole tree all finished, but I can not get close enough to show you much detail of the ornaments and the whole tree. So I hope you get an idea by these pictures. Merry Christmas.

Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, Your branches do delight us. Ok, that may not be the words to the song but it is something like that. I love Christmas time. The tree, the sounds, the songs, the smells, the family gatherings, and of course I LOVE THE GIFTS. I love to give gifts. It makes me feel so good. I wish I was rich at Christmas time just so I could buy more gifts for everyone. I would love to be a super hero and come in to save the day for so many people on Christmas Day. So this is my Christmas tree trying to get decorated. But it did not start out like this. Of course not, let me tell you the story of our Christmas tree....

The Christmas Tree Dilemma

We decided to not put up a real tree this year for fear that Rudy might think it is indoor plumbing for him.=0

So we bought our first artificial tree. I have looked all over Tulsa for a tree. Not just "a" tree, but the right tree. And after my job that I wrote about in a previous blog, I felt I was a pretty good judge of tree character. A connoisseur of Christmas trees if you will. So we found this tree and I REALLY liked it. Got it home, put it up and "fluffed", (oh how that brought back memories!) and turned on the lights.....so pretty. Wait, do not tell me. There are several branches at the bottom that did not light up. You should be able to see it in this picture, bottom right branches. Good grief. I just spent an hour fluffing that tree. I would have sworn those lights were working earlier.

"What's wrong dad? Why aren't the lights working? What's wrong?" Callie is such a good girl and always there to help.

I swear they understand what is going on in our house.

And they are always wanting to help.
" Move over will you I will check that side."
" No, you move over and let me in. This is mans work. "
" Yeah, well I bet I can figure it out first, girls are smarter."
" No they aren't!"
"Yes they are!"
Kids, you just have to love them.

"I told you girls were smarter!"
"No they aren't"
"And they are tougher too!"
"No they aren't"
"Oh yes they are!"
"Oh no they aren't!"

Ok, so now we have figured out the NEW Christmas tree is not going to work. We paid too much money to not have it work perfectly so it is going back. But I want my tree up today. So I check the adds and Sears has a nice one for $100. less than this one. Let's go!!! It is 9:00 pm. and they will close at 10:00. We are going to run quickly to Tulsa and grab this tree for today is the only day it is on sale. Scott said to put the dogs up and lets go. I said no, they can stay out, they are sleeping on the couch and if we turn the lights out they will just go to bed for the night. We had even just taken them outside to pee pee for the night so they were all settled in. We turned off the lights, (left the tv on for noise in the house) and left. We even tried calling Sears just to see if they had it. I did not want to drive all the way over to North Tulsa from Sapulpa and then they not have it. By the time Scott got through to someone and they transferred him THREE times and his patience ran completely out, hung up on them, we were there! We had less than 30 minutes to find a tree and get it paid for. The electricity went out! Someone in the store had not reprogrammed the store for the later hours during the Christmas holiday. Now the cash registers are down. We have about 20 minutes now. I found a tree I liked, the one that was on sale, went to the place to get it and they said it is sold out. I asked the girl if she could check on it for sure. She said she would, but this was her second day in this department. ( I think it was her second day at work!) She was gone for a while and came back saying there was one left. Thank you Lord for small blessings! We had to go to a different cash register, pay for it and then run out the door to go to "pick up". We get there just before 10:00, Scott goes to get the tree, they bring it out on a Dollie, IT IS HUGE. So after MUCH finagling we finally got it into the Honda. That was stupid to bring my new car, but I wanted to drive. I can not see out the passenger side window what so ever. Oh please do not let me get stopped by a Cop. I don't even want to try and explain this stupid move. Scott is in the back seat trying to be the passenger side eyes. We made it home!!!

Scott is trying to get the tree out and I decide to get the house opened up for him...... Oh MY GOSH. The dogs DID NOT sleep like I thought they would. oh no, not at all. They had gotten into a sack of ribbons and balloons that mom and dad brought over along with a bunch of my decorations for Christmas. They had strung/drug the ribbons all and I do mean ALL over the living room. Pink and white ribbons were ALL OVER THE LIVING ROOM FLOOR. There will not be a picture of that. I was telling Scott, begging Scott, do NOT come into the house. I knew he was going to be furious with me. Because not only was there ribbon but there were brown piles all over the carpet. I could not believe it. I had just taken them out not even an hour ago. I can not believe this. Wait. It doesn't have that familiar smell. What in the world is this???? Good grief. They have gotten into the fire started logs and chewed them up all over the living room floor. In fact, Callie grabbed a big chunk and took off with it. I yelled at her to drop it and she just kept on going. Scott had to go get her and physically take it out of her mouth. She would not give it up. I am grabbing all the mess, trying to get the ribbons gathered up and I notice that not only have they strung them all over the living room floor, they have even gone AROUND the Christmas tree. Good grief. I guess it is true, when the cat is away the mice do play. Sleep, are you kidding, soon as we shut the doors, those kids partied. I guess I learned MY lesson.

$9.99 Mouse Pad

Oh my gosh!!! I have just sat here and spent the last FIVE hours on the computer making a calendar for the family Christmas. I have gone through several pictures and created what I think is a pretty cute way to keep up on every one's birthdays. Wait, this was just suppose to be a mouse pad for mom. How did this get so out of control?

I like keeping up with every one's birthday so I have made it easy for not only me, but my whole family. For example, if your birthday is January, then your picture is the January page. So my brother Rob is January. All by himself he is January. Rob has three really nice pictures and under one of the pictures the caption is his birth date. No years are added, just the day. Mainly because I can't remember when every one's birthday and year is. I could get most of them, but why tax my brain, besides, if you want to know how old they are, then YOU do the math and figure out when they were born etc. It is not for me to give you the age defining information.

OK, I sat down this morning and started this project. I will get 25 % off my order if I buy so much and if I hurry and do it today. No problem. My mom has been wanting a mouse pad of my niece and nephew on it so that is what started all of this. I found the cutest picture of Trent being kissed by Beth and Meghan. Well there you have it. That is one child from each family so that is the picture grandma is getting on her mouse pad. I love it!!!!! But then I started noticing all the cute pictures I have of everybody. I also know I have a hard time keeping up with every one's birthdays. I decided I will create this great calendar. I then got side tracked while doing my Cyber Monday shopping and all the pictures I had started to use got lost when I decided to close out all open windows. My computer was running really slow. Might be all the millions of people that was on the Internet like me huh? Darn it, now I will have to start all over again.

I went to Wal-mart with my parents to do a little grocery shopping and picking up a couple more Christmas items. I did not venture out after Thanksgiving, the crowds drive me CRAZY. The bargains are of no value if I am spending time in prison, you know, the big house. So I stayed away. Today was the first time I had been out since before Thanksgiving, it was nice. Bananas were on sale for 28 cents a pound, I bought a whole bunch (not a bunch, but rather a whole.......bunch of bananas) I came home and started dehydrating them. I love dehydrated bananas. The 15 pounds that I bought will be eaten in a matter of days, as quick as I can dry them I can eat them. That probably is not good for something on the inside, but then again my legs shouldn't cramp huh?

After that project I decided to give the calendar another try. I got started and enjoyed it so much and it was a challenge to get it done with all the information in it. I literally had two minutes to get my order placed before midnight. I had started before Wheel of Fortune was over so it that was before 7:00. I lost the Internet explorer once, I don't know why, but it shut down. Jill said it was because I had done so much work that the Internet was overloaded. I think she might be just teasing me, but I had done a lot of work??? Then I saved it and could not find it when I wanted to order all this stuff. I have a head ache. Then I had to figure up how many I needed. They started out at $20.00 each, and I had figured about 10. Good grief that is $200.00 DOLLARS. That is without tax or S & H. But then I remembered I had a discount coming, 25% off, OK, that sounds a lot better, So I ordered 12!!!! And I did remember the mouse pad for my mom. The 9.99 mouse pad has now cost me $230something dollars and over five hours on the computer.
Merry Christmas, let the holidays begin.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thankful for Thanksgiving

Jobes Thanksgiving '07

I love Thanksgiving time. It is the start of the holiday season but more than that it is the start of family gatherings. We had our Jobes Thanksgiving in Stillwater this year and it was great. We got to see the addition to the house that Scott's brother had done over a year ago. We also got to see the new addition to another house,one that we had never met. He is 21 months old and cute as he can be. Just like his sisters in looks, but all boy. I don't think he sat still for one minute except to take a few pictures. These are all cousins and everyone was willing to let me take their picture. We were outside looking at the show cattle and the boys wanted to play on the hay bales. So we put everyone up there and took some shots. It was not in the best place due to the sun position, but we did not have a good spot at that time honestly. We always have a good time when we get together. Scott's brother and I tend to talk computers or travel, the other guys sit around talking guns, work, or hobbies and the women talk about family and current events. The food was wonderful as the Jobes' family has some great cooks. Ham and turkey were both served and of course all the trimmings. It was great.

I love getting together with family, that is why we moved back to this area. I had missed seeing my family and having the chance to see them when I wanted. Moving back "home" has allowed me to see my cousins, aunts and uncles, of course my parents and once in a while my brothers. I see their family but they are always busy. So now the busy time of year will begin, but I look forward to getting together with groups of people and just visiting and of course eating. Something I do quite well. Food and Fun, sounds good to me. Not to mention the decorating of the new home for Christmas, the burning logs in the fireplace for that special smell, the lights on the house to shine for many to see. The gifts shopped for and then wrapped so carefully. The right paper for the right person. The planning, the preparing, the partying, yes, it really does sound good to me. Yes, I love this time of year. The fall colors, the brisk air, the bustle of busy-ness and the joy of holiday togetherness.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hard Day at Work

Ok, I know I am retired, but today I went to work. Mind you I have not worked since May 22nd, and really was not interested, but it is for only two or 3 days. That's all. But today I went to work at the Williams Center. It required a 12 page application to be filled out. Did that, (well most of it). Needed a drug test, (didn't do that, not that I can't, but since it is for only 2 or 3 days, why do it?) They said ok. You have to fill out all these forms about nationalization, tax forms, and the all famous where have you worked. You know the resume thing. So I did that too. It went something like this.....

Graduated from high school, 19something.
Graduated from NWOSU, 198something.
Employed with Enid Police Department 1986
Adjunct instructor for NOC Criminal Justice Dept.
Instructor/Owner Defensive Driving/State Of Oklahoma
Retired Enid Police Dept

I feel I am pretty qualified to work at many things, so when my cousin called and asked if I was interested I told her no, not really. But she said it would only be two or three days, and it paid pretty good. $10.00 an hour and they needed two people. I said I would ask Scott and see if he wanted to help and she said ok, good. You know I feel pretty good about myself. I am back in the work force, and at Corporate America at that. I get to work around these oil people, lawyers, Bank of Oklahoma big wigs, and all kinds of commoners coming and going out of this 52 story building. We had to pay $5.00 to park for the day, that's ok, it was right out the front door. I even got to dress casual, no fancy clothes and I liked that. But I did get up and curl my hair, put on my nice makeup, dressed nicely, left for work even earlier than needed. (can't stand being late.) I was nervous when I went up to the security desk to get my "clearance badge", wow, I haven't done that before. This was a big deal, I was going to be helping make people's lives a little happier around the holiday season, make life a little more pleasant. Yes, I have a big task in the daunting world we live it.

Today for my first day in this big new world, and for pretty good pay, and after filling out a 12 page application, close screening and scrutiny, today for the first time......I cut lights off the 11 pre-lit (but burned out) Christmas trees to be displayed in the lobby because the other lady in charge didn't want to do it. And now this evening after working 7 1/2 hours at it I understand why. Next time I am holding out for more money....I do have a college degree after all.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dog Days of er....fall?

Dog Days
I can't help myself when I see the "kids" just enjoying the day by laying out in the yard. Rudy and his momma Zoe just make such a pretty picture with their "fall" color coats blending in so nicely with the scenery.

This picture has Zoe framed in between the trees. She was actually playing with the pups and I just happen to catch her looking at me.
Zoe is getting older and you can tell that by the "poka-dots" on her underside. I got very tickled by my cousin's grand-daughter telling me about the dots. They do show up quite well don't they? Is that like age spots on us women?

I can never get a good shot of Callie and Rudy. Do you know how hard it is to get two dogs to look at the camera at the same time? Trust me they do what they want when they want. Sounds like teenagers doesn't it. They will be three years old January 13, 2007 so that makes them in their teen years by our human years.

I thought this one was very cute of Rudy trying to hide his face in the leaves. They love being outside, I just wish we had the front yard fenced where they would have the whole three acres to run around in. We have a lot of deer in the area and they are not afraid of the dogs. They also drive my dogs crazy. It is cool to watch the dogs stick their nose up in the air to catch wind of the deer. And then they want to chase them so badly. I am afraid I might never see them again if they ever got out and started after them. There is no point to this blog. I just like the pictures.

Sahoma Lake

November 9, 2007
Sahoma Lake
Sapulpa, OK

Friday about mid morning Scott and I decided to take the dogs to the lake. We had not been there since moving into our new home and it was a BEAUTIFUL day. No wind, cool temps, and fall was in the air. So we packed up all three dogs and drove the short distance to our little lake... Sahoma Lake of Sapulpa, Oklahoma. It is the water supply lake for the town so no swimming is allowed. Boats are permitted, and of course fishing is a must with a city permit with regular fishing license. We weren't fishing today, that will be saved for another day without dogs.

This is the north view of the lake. It has a marshy area and Callie got into the water for a moment. Scott said she smelled terrible. So now she will have to dry off before getting back into the car. But the marshy area is pretty to view. And you never know what might come out of a marshy area, long as it is not a snake I am pretty much OK with whatever.

And sure enough we were greeted with the honking sounds of the water fowl of the area. I heard them long before I could see them. I got several different shots (camera not gun) of them swimming around. I like this one with the reflections of the trees above them, the still water around them, and the v-pattern behind them. I thought it was very peaceful looking.
This duck was trying to hide from me, I thought it was just cute getting a "tail" shot.
Then this picture tells me a lot. The geese, are they "duck hunting"? Or what exactly is going on here. There are no ducks in this picture so maybe they too can read and have left the area.....??????

We had a very nice day. Did not spend a lot of time there, but I wanted to take a few pictures just to see how they would turn out. I would love to have been there as the sun was coming up and see how the lighting would have been different. But that would have been more work than I was willing to do. After all, I am retired, the dogs needed an outing, and we were there just to enjoy the view. Mission accomplished.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Badge of Honor

This is the Oklahoma Centennial Badge, isn't it pretty? This badge was issued to police officers to wear all over the state since this is Oklahoma's 100th birthday. In fact November 16th, 1907 we became the 46th state to join the Union. I love this badge. It represents the old days or the Marshalls who guarded the families trying to settle in the west. I was born to late. I would have loved living back in the old days. No, maybe not. I being female would have had to stay at home doing the laundry by hand, make my own bread, gather water from the well or stream, and maybe even kill my own chickens to eat. Ok, I was doing good till the chicken part. I still think I would have loved living that life. I would not have known about microwaves, dishwashers, washer/dryers, TV's, or electricity. Life sure would have been simple, yet very hard.
Isn't that badge really pretty? Think about what it represents. My life. My whole adult life has been the badge. At the age of 26 I joined the Enid Police Department. Being one of only about four females I had a lot to prove. So I thought. At that time I was small, about 135 pounds, 5'4" and naive. Mary Poppins was my nickname. They would go around singing "A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down!" Ha Ha Ha. Thank goodness that was all of the song they knew.
That badge represents me seeing my first dead person. One murdered person before I had a year on the department. Doing CPR on him trying to save a man's life that I did not know. Well I knew him a little. Two weeks prior to that call I had worked a domestic on him and his "girl friend". They were at the hospital because she had hit him over the head with a bar stool. OUCH. He was 60 something and she was 43. She had even stabbed him years prior to that. I don't remember if she ever served any time or not. Seems like he would never press charges or would not cooperate in the investigation, I don't remember. But two weeks after that she killed him. She shot him dead with a .357, unloaded it on him. Hit him twice, 2 out of six is not real good shootin' but it served it purpose. She hit him once in the elbow, the fatal shot. He put his coat on and left the house walking to the alley as she left the house with her brothers to run from the law. It was a Sunday afternoon in February. Neighbors called in saying they heard shots from this certain area. I was the second officer on the scene. But the first one was going after a car seen speeding away from the area. I waited for some backup and we checked the house. We found blood and followed the trail, what we could see, to the backyard. Out of the yard and to the alley. And there he was Old Man Meadows . He was leaning against the corner post while sitting on the ground, all hunched over. Sgt. Blakley pulled him over, laid him on the ground and said " Well that's the look of death if I have ever seen it." I just stood there. My first murder, and I knew who did it. Donna. I knew she would kill him, and there he was laying on the ground dead. I looked at Sgt and said, "aren't we even going to try and save him?" " Oh Lisa, do you know CPR? " Of course I do. I had only been out of the academy for about 7 months, not even a year. My first compression had the ribs sounding like shotgun blasts. My heart was racing, my Adrenalin was flowing like crazy. Is this what I had signed up for? What in the world was I doing? "I broke all his ribs Sarge." He looked at me and said ,"Lisa, it really doesn't matter now does it? Keep going." Then the suspect came back. She really came back. All the officers ran around to the front of the house to apprehend her. I told them she did it! She was violent, she was mean, I knew she did it. And there she was. Coming back to the house in the same car the officer saw speeding from the scene. They all left me in the alley alone with this dead, old, drunk, black, man. All alone. My heart was racing, for I felt it was a trick. She was sending her brothers to the back to finish ole Jessie off and there I was alone with him with both hands busy pumping life back into his lifeless body. My vision was getting blurred, as I kept trying to watch my surroundings and pumping on his chest like crazy. Forget the count and breath thing. I was doing the best I could. Where were they, where was my help? What if they were coming to kill me too? After all they killed an old man, why not me? I would be a witness too. People kill people, I can't believe this. Crap, what am I doing? What in the heck did I sign up for? Wait, I am saving a life, I am upholding the law. That is what I signed up for. I hear the sounds of the ambulance sirens. I hear a woman scream, "Lisa I know CPR I can help." It was a policeman's wife and I knew she was a nurse. Thank you God. We got a pulse back, he was packaged up and taken to the hospital. He was shot in the elbow I tell you. I didn't know it. He had put his coat on and I did not know that is where he was shot. Maybe a little tunnel vision. I saw the shot in the leg but not the elbow. Jessie died. About 2:00 that morning, he died. He made it through surgery, but he never regained consciousness. Jessie died an old man shot in the elbow by his 43 year old .357 toting girlfriend who didn't even know she hit him. She served time for this one.
Isn't the badge pretty?

Monday, November 5, 2007

Always a Bridesmaid

"Always a bridesmaid, Never a bride."
Beth and Kristin
Kristin is one of Beth's high school friends and one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet.

Megan and Beth
Megan has been Beth's roommate for a long time in college. After Beth got her own house Megan moved back with her mom until she got married. Megan has been a really good friend to Beth and will for years to come I am sure.
Keri and Beth

Beth has been involved in a lot of weddings lately. I don't have pictures of all of them we are missing one or two others I think. And this is all within the last year to 18 months. I really think more like the last year!! Keri is one of Beth's best friends. They went to school together for several years and was like another daughter to me. She married Cliff who is working on becoming a doctor. Way to go Keri.

Beth and Amanda

Amanda, after capturing my son's heart, became my next daughter. Her wedding was in Texas, in August, an outdoor wedding, and boy was it hot. But it was very pretty just like she is. You will get more about this wedding at a later date.

Kayla and Beth

Kayla is my niece. She married a very nice (and lucky) man. Kayla's wedding is one fairy tales are made of. It was so pretty. You might get more pictures of this one later. It was something else. Kayla did a great job on it.

Beth has a closet full of bridemaids dresses by this time. But I think one of the funniest things about all these wedding is the following story:

We were at my other nieces' wedding and during the reception she was getting ready to throw the bouquet. All the girls were lined up to "fight" for the big catch. Well she knew where Beth and this one other girl was standing and aimed right for her. Of course it was behind her back, in traditonal wedding style. She made the throw and as the flowers go flying through the air with the greatest of ease, falling straight to the GROUND right in front of Beth and this other girl. The two of them took a step back and just let it fall. The D.J. started laughing saying he had never seen girls scatter to get away from the bouquet as these girls had. And all the little girls, ages 10 and under were fighting for the flowers like crazy.

I guess she didn't read the manual, one must CATCH the bouquet in order to be the next bride. No wonder she is always a bridesmaid and never the bride. And she played catcher in softball for years...go figure.

Hunting for Turkey

Here is my son on his great turkey hunt. Remember me telling you about the thing that boys do with their dads, well here is that example.

Hunt, fish, cars, hunt, fish, football, hunt, fish, eat. Well you get the idea. Then one day along comes another hunt. The hunt for the girl of your dreams. Isn't it funny what we girls will do to capture our man's attention and his heart? We will go to all extemes to show him we are fit for him. Oh how I remember those days. It is fun to be with our man, to hunt and fish with him. We will do anything to be with him. Come on girls, you remember those "hunts" we did. We hunt for him just not the same way he hunts. But it is still one in the same.
This is one of the first times I met my "future" daughter-n-law. "Amanda" had been spoted by my son, hunted and pursued. He brought her home for us to meet. Yes, she is from Texas. (Reminds me...you know one good thing that comes out of Texas? I-35 North!!!) We met her while we were still living in Enid and she was just a doll. Very warm hearted, funny, polite, and had that big Texas drawl. And CUTE! TJ had done good. She captured our hearts as well as TJ.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

New Grandbaby

Allie Marie
About 2 weeks old

Isn't she cute?

Caleb and Allie just getting home.

Here is our Allie Marie. This is our second grandchild born the middle of October with big brother Caleb being the first. These are Scott's daughter's children. They live too far away for us to see them and we do miss that. We spent time with Caleb when he was born for the first 12 days I think. We didn't get to do that with this new little one. What a shame. We have a good bond with Caleb, but hopefully we will get to see Allie before she graduates!!!! Isn't she pretty? Scott's daughter had to have a c-section so that does not make it easy. Plus her husband had to leave a week later to be gone until the middle of November. That is hard too. His parents came up for a week to help Sarah with them and that is good. Two kids plus one c-section is not easy. I know first hand. Enjoy! I will share more pictures as they become available.

Charlie's Angels/Look alikes

This picture reminds me of Charlie's Angels. Remember how the Angels were posed like this? One looking right, one left and one in the center. One problem with this picture though is two are boys and one girl. The second problem would be they are not angels!!! That is Callie on the right, Rudy on the left and Flynn (with the spot) in the middle. Look at his ears blowing in the wind. They are sitting on a bale of hay. We made them their own play ground with hay bales, tilled ground to dig in, tunnels from the hay to play in and chase each other. And of course the king of the mountain game that all kids like to play. They loved it. Don't they look like they are on a mission?

Zoe and kids

Well, here is my first picture. And it is of my four legged kids. As you can see Zoe is the big dog and then from left to right are: Rudy, Callie, Flynn, and Maddie. Flynn got out of the yard and we feel someone nabbed him, who wouldn't he is a beautiful boxer. See his spot on his tummy? We had adds out everywhere with a $300 reward, lots of calls, but no Flynn. Hopefully he has a good home. Maddie went to Texas to live with my best friend Cathy who had breast cancer. She went there to give her comfort, love, and company. I think she fulfilled that job. Cathy succumbed to cancer in September of this year. So it has been very hard on me. But Rudy and Callie are wonderful kids. Zoe had the best babies in the world. Ok, here is the story:

Remember me telling you about Beth wanting a dog? Well after she got Zoe and Zoe grew up I had the brilliant idea that we would raise puppies and sell them. I had a friend in AZ that told me if I would get the dogs there he could sell them for about $1500 each. Man, that could bring is some serious dough and pay for Beth's college. A plan was formulated and put into place. We found the boyfriend, paid him to romance Zoe but no puppies resulted. This went on for a year and we even tried a fertility clinic. No puppies. Ok, $175.00 for romance, $300.00 for the clinic, still nothing. So I asked another friend if she had a boy that might be interested in Zoe. She said yes she would ask. Well, sure enough they hit it off right away. They saw each other for a couple weeks and then Dakota decided he wasn't the marrying kind and left her. After a few weeks we found out that Zoe was pregnant. We kept it a big secret till Christmas and told everyone Christmas morning. It was a happy event. Then Jan. 12th. I knew Zoe was in labor. So I had her sleep with us just so I could keep a close eye on her. But nothing. The next day I had a DARE graduation and Scott stayed with her. Nothing. By the time I got home early from work I had the vet meet me at the house. The doctor said yes, she was in labor. She said we might lose the first baby or we could do a c-section. I, having had both my kids by c-section knew it was not that big of a deal and decided that was what we would do. She asked did I want Zoe to go to her clinic or do the surgery at our house. Now you see I worked for a vet when I was in college so I felt better having it done at my home. She would be more comfortable there when she woke up and I could take better care of her that way. Plus I could help with the surgery. So doc brought her husband and two boys to the house with all the sterile instruments and about 7:00 p.m. on Jan.13th (Thurs) seven healthy babies/puppies were born. I don't remember but this was to the tune of about $200 I think. Well then the milk did not come in, so off to the special store we went to get formula for puppies. And two hour feedings began.....day and night mind you. This went on for about a week maybe 10 days. I don't remember for sure. Then we had to dock the tails and dew claws next. About $6.00 per puppy. As they got older they started eating canned food. This is done about three times a day and each can is 50 cents each. This is done for about the next 6 weeks. So now we have shots to give, worming to do and a general health check up.

Well the first puppy went to Dakota's family. They did take responsibility for one baby at least. I cried. Then shortly after that the next two little girls were going to their new home. They were going to my best friends two grown girls (sisters) and they were taking sisters. Going to good homes. I cried. No I bawled like a baby. This is crazy. I know that all three babies were going to really good places. They were wanted and loved. I cried anyways. So I told my loving husband that I was keeping the rest. Do you remember that she had seven? And I have given three to their new homes. 7 minus 3 = four. I have four babies left and I was not giving them up. That was the way it was for over a year. I could not give my daughter one of the puppies. She was in school full time and worked full time. She didn't have time for a baby. Plus she wanted a little bit of a personal life too. I told her I would keep Maddie till she got through with school. In the meantime I decided no more puppies. I could not handle this. So I had Zoe spayed, Callie spayed and Maddie. At almost $100 each, that is $300.00. I have rabies shots to give, all other shots and other upkeep on five boxers and one blind schnauzer. This is crazy. Maddie then went to live with Cathy. I cried. (Bawled) and then Flynn ran away. I died in spirit. Now I have my Callie and Rudy. Plus of course Zoe.

Romance $175, Clinic $300, C-section $200, shots, food etc, $300+, Spay jobs $300. My kids.....priceless.

And the cost keep going up....

Funny things

I was sitting here thinking about the dogs that are snoring behind me. Yes, it is them snoring, not another weird sound coming from "behind" me. I was thinking about a few years ago when Beth wanted to get a dog. I told her ok, and she was trying to decide between a boxer or a bassett. I encouraged the boxer. So she went about trying to find one. We drove an hour and half away to look at some six week old puppies but they just didn't hit the spot with her. She had gone and looked at some older puppies that were near our home and asked me to stop by with her to look again. These puppies were almost 11 weeks old. Not the little six week type. But she asked me to look anyway. When we arrived Beth told me there was one puppy that she was interested in and what did I think. She had found this really cute brindle female puppy. How could you not love her. We took her home. Beth named her Zoe. Zoe was and still is one of the best dogs I have ever been around. Now on the other hand when "I" pick out a dog we do not have the same luck. I tend to find the dumbest, most untrainable, retarded dog in the universe. That is my luck. But she on the other hand is a great "picker". Read on for more.

I have noticed I sometimes say things that embarrass my daughter . Let me explain.....

One day we were out looking for shoes. She needed shoes like she needed another hole in her head. But we were looking anyways. We went into a really nice store in the mall. Not a cheap shoe store, no this was one of those stores that it hurt when you walked in and about killed you by the time you walked out (if you are the momma paying for things). Well she had picked out a pair of shoes called Dr. Martin's. As I was talking to the sales person I was trying to make conversation while she looked. Now mind you this is a young person about her age, not mine. So I am trying to be the cool mom out showing my daughter a good time. While we were talking I asked if those shoes were the bi-sexual kind of shoes. Beth about died. I couldn't figure out what the deal was. All I was trying to do was figure out is if those shoes worked for both men and women. I thought Beth was going to melt into the floor. She was trying not to laugh, while disappearing. And she was trying to get out of the store as quickly as possible. I could not figure out what was wrong with her. I exited fairly quickly trying to catch up with my daughter and find out what in the world was wrong with her. When she finally got out of sight of her young salesperson, she turned to me and said Mom, those are unisex shoes, NOT BI-SEXUAL. oh, oops I said. I guess I lost the vote for cool mother of the year with her.

Ok, I was feeling pretty bad about my mouth getting me in trouble. It happens once in awhile with me. But one day as the Good Lord would have it, my daughter did one just as good. We were at the grocery store, yes, buying groceries. She was helping me, or rather was just with me. I told her to go pick out something, I don't remember, it was either apples, fruits or vegetables something that was not canned!! I remember she spent a lot of time trying to pick out just the right one. Of course picking fresh produce means you must look it over, squeeze it a little and of course SMELL it. She gathered her findings and proudly brought them to me. Trying to be a good encouraging parent I told her those were really good ones. She said "yes mom,I have a good nose for pickin'". I stopped, looked at her and just busted out laughing. She looked at me for a second, realized what she said and we laughed the rest of the way through the grocery store getting our stuff. I am not sure how many other people heard her announce her nose picking abilites but looking back, it still makes me laugh right out loud (lol?) maybe you would just have had to be there. But think about it.....A Great Nose For Pickin'. It doesn't get much funnier than that when your daughter makes fun of you and bi-sexual shoes.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

My First Blog

Well here we go, this will be my first posting and I am rather excited. I am also nervous for I am not good with the computer. I am having a hard time figuring out what all I can and can not do. So be kind to me as we get started on this new journey together.
As we get started, those that know me, know that I multi-task (?) all the time. I am watching the OU game ( I love my Sooners) and trying to do this posting. Plus eat pizza for dinner. You know you have to eat pizza when you watch football. OU football for me got started a few years ago when my son was still living at home. You know how it is....a son does all those guy things with his dad. Hunt, fish, cars, hunt, fish, stuff like that. Did I mention hunt and fish? Well child #1 did that. Hunt and fish with a little more hunting and fishing. I, as a typical mom, don't care to hunt and fish. So what did I do to try and bond with my son you ask, I learned to like football. Ok, lets don't stretch it to much. I learned to like OU football. I remember sitting in the living room with my son telling me all the stats about this player and that player. I sat there and marveled at his vast amount of knowledge. I asked him how did he know that. He said, Mom, I read the papers, I listen to tv and radio, I look on the internet, I know my Sooners. Oh, I said. Enough of that. I didn't question his talent after that. He loved/loves his Sooners. Time went by and my son grew up. And then he did the unspeakable. He decided to move. Not out of the house, not out of town, but OUT OF STATE. And yes, if you know anything about us Sooner fans, there is a five letter word that we do not like. I will spell it so not to say it.
"T" "E" "X" "A" "S". They are our worst enemy you know. Well one day he informed me he had gotten a job. A police officer job. I was sooooo proud. Where I asked. Tyler he replied. Tyler? Yes mom, Tyler
T-e-x-a-s, Where the Bass fish are huge and the fishin' is great.
I said, Son did you just say what I think you said. You are moving south? You are going down there? To you know where? He said yes mom, I am moving to....I yelled, don't say it son, don't say that word. I could not believe it. My first born, the light of my life, the one that had followed in his momma's footsteps to become a police officer. MY SON WAS MOVING TO TEXAS. I just could not understand it. There are 50 states in this great Union. If Oklahoma was not good enough, I understand. The pay is bad here. But there would be 48 other states to choose from. TEXAS????? What is this world coming to? So as that huge state downunder gained another great soul, and Oklahoma lost a wondeful young man, I can honestly say, with a little more time, I might come to really like (not love) but like Texas. Go Sooners.