Sunday, November 4, 2007

Zoe and kids

Well, here is my first picture. And it is of my four legged kids. As you can see Zoe is the big dog and then from left to right are: Rudy, Callie, Flynn, and Maddie. Flynn got out of the yard and we feel someone nabbed him, who wouldn't he is a beautiful boxer. See his spot on his tummy? We had adds out everywhere with a $300 reward, lots of calls, but no Flynn. Hopefully he has a good home. Maddie went to Texas to live with my best friend Cathy who had breast cancer. She went there to give her comfort, love, and company. I think she fulfilled that job. Cathy succumbed to cancer in September of this year. So it has been very hard on me. But Rudy and Callie are wonderful kids. Zoe had the best babies in the world. Ok, here is the story:

Remember me telling you about Beth wanting a dog? Well after she got Zoe and Zoe grew up I had the brilliant idea that we would raise puppies and sell them. I had a friend in AZ that told me if I would get the dogs there he could sell them for about $1500 each. Man, that could bring is some serious dough and pay for Beth's college. A plan was formulated and put into place. We found the boyfriend, paid him to romance Zoe but no puppies resulted. This went on for a year and we even tried a fertility clinic. No puppies. Ok, $175.00 for romance, $300.00 for the clinic, still nothing. So I asked another friend if she had a boy that might be interested in Zoe. She said yes she would ask. Well, sure enough they hit it off right away. They saw each other for a couple weeks and then Dakota decided he wasn't the marrying kind and left her. After a few weeks we found out that Zoe was pregnant. We kept it a big secret till Christmas and told everyone Christmas morning. It was a happy event. Then Jan. 12th. I knew Zoe was in labor. So I had her sleep with us just so I could keep a close eye on her. But nothing. The next day I had a DARE graduation and Scott stayed with her. Nothing. By the time I got home early from work I had the vet meet me at the house. The doctor said yes, she was in labor. She said we might lose the first baby or we could do a c-section. I, having had both my kids by c-section knew it was not that big of a deal and decided that was what we would do. She asked did I want Zoe to go to her clinic or do the surgery at our house. Now you see I worked for a vet when I was in college so I felt better having it done at my home. She would be more comfortable there when she woke up and I could take better care of her that way. Plus I could help with the surgery. So doc brought her husband and two boys to the house with all the sterile instruments and about 7:00 p.m. on Jan.13th (Thurs) seven healthy babies/puppies were born. I don't remember but this was to the tune of about $200 I think. Well then the milk did not come in, so off to the special store we went to get formula for puppies. And two hour feedings and night mind you. This went on for about a week maybe 10 days. I don't remember for sure. Then we had to dock the tails and dew claws next. About $6.00 per puppy. As they got older they started eating canned food. This is done about three times a day and each can is 50 cents each. This is done for about the next 6 weeks. So now we have shots to give, worming to do and a general health check up.

Well the first puppy went to Dakota's family. They did take responsibility for one baby at least. I cried. Then shortly after that the next two little girls were going to their new home. They were going to my best friends two grown girls (sisters) and they were taking sisters. Going to good homes. I cried. No I bawled like a baby. This is crazy. I know that all three babies were going to really good places. They were wanted and loved. I cried anyways. So I told my loving husband that I was keeping the rest. Do you remember that she had seven? And I have given three to their new homes. 7 minus 3 = four. I have four babies left and I was not giving them up. That was the way it was for over a year. I could not give my daughter one of the puppies. She was in school full time and worked full time. She didn't have time for a baby. Plus she wanted a little bit of a personal life too. I told her I would keep Maddie till she got through with school. In the meantime I decided no more puppies. I could not handle this. So I had Zoe spayed, Callie spayed and Maddie. At almost $100 each, that is $300.00. I have rabies shots to give, all other shots and other upkeep on five boxers and one blind schnauzer. This is crazy. Maddie then went to live with Cathy. I cried. (Bawled) and then Flynn ran away. I died in spirit. Now I have my Callie and Rudy. Plus of course Zoe.

Romance $175, Clinic $300, C-section $200, shots, food etc, $300+, Spay jobs $300. My kids.....priceless.

And the cost keep going up....

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Beth said...

AND...yet I am still broke with college debt and no dog of my own...WOW what a lesson I learned...NEVER have my mother as a business partner :o)