Monday, November 5, 2007

Hunting for Turkey

Here is my son on his great turkey hunt. Remember me telling you about the thing that boys do with their dads, well here is that example.

Hunt, fish, cars, hunt, fish, football, hunt, fish, eat. Well you get the idea. Then one day along comes another hunt. The hunt for the girl of your dreams. Isn't it funny what we girls will do to capture our man's attention and his heart? We will go to all extemes to show him we are fit for him. Oh how I remember those days. It is fun to be with our man, to hunt and fish with him. We will do anything to be with him. Come on girls, you remember those "hunts" we did. We hunt for him just not the same way he hunts. But it is still one in the same.
This is one of the first times I met my "future" daughter-n-law. "Amanda" had been spoted by my son, hunted and pursued. He brought her home for us to meet. Yes, she is from Texas. (Reminds know one good thing that comes out of Texas? I-35 North!!!) We met her while we were still living in Enid and she was just a doll. Very warm hearted, funny, polite, and had that big Texas drawl. And CUTE! TJ had done good. She captured our hearts as well as TJ.

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