Monday, November 5, 2007

Always a Bridesmaid

"Always a bridesmaid, Never a bride."
Beth and Kristin
Kristin is one of Beth's high school friends and one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet.

Megan and Beth
Megan has been Beth's roommate for a long time in college. After Beth got her own house Megan moved back with her mom until she got married. Megan has been a really good friend to Beth and will for years to come I am sure.
Keri and Beth

Beth has been involved in a lot of weddings lately. I don't have pictures of all of them we are missing one or two others I think. And this is all within the last year to 18 months. I really think more like the last year!! Keri is one of Beth's best friends. They went to school together for several years and was like another daughter to me. She married Cliff who is working on becoming a doctor. Way to go Keri.

Beth and Amanda

Amanda, after capturing my son's heart, became my next daughter. Her wedding was in Texas, in August, an outdoor wedding, and boy was it hot. But it was very pretty just like she is. You will get more about this wedding at a later date.

Kayla and Beth

Kayla is my niece. She married a very nice (and lucky) man. Kayla's wedding is one fairy tales are made of. It was so pretty. You might get more pictures of this one later. It was something else. Kayla did a great job on it.

Beth has a closet full of bridemaids dresses by this time. But I think one of the funniest things about all these wedding is the following story:

We were at my other nieces' wedding and during the reception she was getting ready to throw the bouquet. All the girls were lined up to "fight" for the big catch. Well she knew where Beth and this one other girl was standing and aimed right for her. Of course it was behind her back, in traditonal wedding style. She made the throw and as the flowers go flying through the air with the greatest of ease, falling straight to the GROUND right in front of Beth and this other girl. The two of them took a step back and just let it fall. The D.J. started laughing saying he had never seen girls scatter to get away from the bouquet as these girls had. And all the little girls, ages 10 and under were fighting for the flowers like crazy.

I guess she didn't read the manual, one must CATCH the bouquet in order to be the next bride. No wonder she is always a bridesmaid and never the bride. And she played catcher in softball for years...go figure.

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Beth said...

In my defense....I love being single and living the single life!!!! I will get married after I find a man who has either won the lottery or can cook really really good....either will be hard to find