Tuesday, November 27, 2007

$9.99 Mouse Pad

Oh my gosh!!! I have just sat here and spent the last FIVE hours on the computer making a calendar for the family Christmas. I have gone through several pictures and created what I think is a pretty cute way to keep up on every one's birthdays. Wait, this was just suppose to be a mouse pad for mom. How did this get so out of control?

I like keeping up with every one's birthday so I have made it easy for not only me, but my whole family. For example, if your birthday is January, then your picture is the January page. So my brother Rob is January. All by himself he is January. Rob has three really nice pictures and under one of the pictures the caption is his birth date. No years are added, just the day. Mainly because I can't remember when every one's birthday and year is. I could get most of them, but why tax my brain, besides, if you want to know how old they are, then YOU do the math and figure out when they were born etc. It is not for me to give you the age defining information.

OK, I sat down this morning and started this project. I will get 25 % off my order if I buy so much and if I hurry and do it today. No problem. My mom has been wanting a mouse pad of my niece and nephew on it so that is what started all of this. I found the cutest picture of Trent being kissed by Beth and Meghan. Well there you have it. That is one child from each family so that is the picture grandma is getting on her mouse pad. I love it!!!!! But then I started noticing all the cute pictures I have of everybody. I also know I have a hard time keeping up with every one's birthdays. I decided I will create this great calendar. I then got side tracked while doing my Cyber Monday shopping and all the pictures I had started to use got lost when I decided to close out all open windows. My computer was running really slow. Might be all the millions of people that was on the Internet like me huh? Darn it, now I will have to start all over again.

I went to Wal-mart with my parents to do a little grocery shopping and picking up a couple more Christmas items. I did not venture out after Thanksgiving, the crowds drive me CRAZY. The bargains are of no value if I am spending time in prison, you know, the big house. So I stayed away. Today was the first time I had been out since before Thanksgiving, it was nice. Bananas were on sale for 28 cents a pound, I bought a whole bunch (not a bunch, but rather a whole.......bunch of bananas) I came home and started dehydrating them. I love dehydrated bananas. The 15 pounds that I bought will be eaten in a matter of days, as quick as I can dry them I can eat them. That probably is not good for something on the inside, but then again my legs shouldn't cramp huh?

After that project I decided to give the calendar another try. I got started and enjoyed it so much and it was a challenge to get it done with all the information in it. I literally had two minutes to get my order placed before midnight. I had started before Wheel of Fortune was over so it that was before 7:00. I lost the Internet explorer once, I don't know why, but it shut down. Jill said it was because I had done so much work that the Internet was overloaded. I think she might be just teasing me, but I had done a lot of work??? Then I saved it and could not find it when I wanted to order all this stuff. I have a head ache. Then I had to figure up how many I needed. They started out at $20.00 each, and I had figured about 10. Good grief that is $200.00 DOLLARS. That is without tax or S & H. But then I remembered I had a discount coming, 25% off, OK, that sounds a lot better, So I ordered 12!!!! And I did remember the mouse pad for my mom. The 9.99 mouse pad has now cost me $230something dollars and over five hours on the computer.
Merry Christmas, let the holidays begin.

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