Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sahoma Lake

November 9, 2007
Sahoma Lake
Sapulpa, OK

Friday about mid morning Scott and I decided to take the dogs to the lake. We had not been there since moving into our new home and it was a BEAUTIFUL day. No wind, cool temps, and fall was in the air. So we packed up all three dogs and drove the short distance to our little lake... Sahoma Lake of Sapulpa, Oklahoma. It is the water supply lake for the town so no swimming is allowed. Boats are permitted, and of course fishing is a must with a city permit with regular fishing license. We weren't fishing today, that will be saved for another day without dogs.

This is the north view of the lake. It has a marshy area and Callie got into the water for a moment. Scott said she smelled terrible. So now she will have to dry off before getting back into the car. But the marshy area is pretty to view. And you never know what might come out of a marshy area, long as it is not a snake I am pretty much OK with whatever.

And sure enough we were greeted with the honking sounds of the water fowl of the area. I heard them long before I could see them. I got several different shots (camera not gun) of them swimming around. I like this one with the reflections of the trees above them, the still water around them, and the v-pattern behind them. I thought it was very peaceful looking.
This duck was trying to hide from me, I thought it was just cute getting a "tail" shot.
Then this picture tells me a lot. The geese, are they "duck hunting"? Or what exactly is going on here. There are no ducks in this picture so maybe they too can read and have left the area.....??????

We had a very nice day. Did not spend a lot of time there, but I wanted to take a few pictures just to see how they would turn out. I would love to have been there as the sun was coming up and see how the lighting would have been different. But that would have been more work than I was willing to do. After all, I am retired, the dogs needed an outing, and we were there just to enjoy the view. Mission accomplished.

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