Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hard Day at Work

Ok, I know I am retired, but today I went to work. Mind you I have not worked since May 22nd, and really was not interested, but it is for only two or 3 days. That's all. But today I went to work at the Williams Center. It required a 12 page application to be filled out. Did that, (well most of it). Needed a drug test, (didn't do that, not that I can't, but since it is for only 2 or 3 days, why do it?) They said ok. You have to fill out all these forms about nationalization, tax forms, and the all famous where have you worked. You know the resume thing. So I did that too. It went something like this.....

Graduated from high school, 19something.
Graduated from NWOSU, 198something.
Employed with Enid Police Department 1986
Adjunct instructor for NOC Criminal Justice Dept.
Instructor/Owner Defensive Driving/State Of Oklahoma
Retired Enid Police Dept

I feel I am pretty qualified to work at many things, so when my cousin called and asked if I was interested I told her no, not really. But she said it would only be two or three days, and it paid pretty good. $10.00 an hour and they needed two people. I said I would ask Scott and see if he wanted to help and she said ok, good. You know I feel pretty good about myself. I am back in the work force, and at Corporate America at that. I get to work around these oil people, lawyers, Bank of Oklahoma big wigs, and all kinds of commoners coming and going out of this 52 story building. We had to pay $5.00 to park for the day, that's ok, it was right out the front door. I even got to dress casual, no fancy clothes and I liked that. But I did get up and curl my hair, put on my nice makeup, dressed nicely, left for work even earlier than needed. (can't stand being late.) I was nervous when I went up to the security desk to get my "clearance badge", wow, I haven't done that before. This was a big deal, I was going to be helping make people's lives a little happier around the holiday season, make life a little more pleasant. Yes, I have a big task in the daunting world we live it.

Today for my first day in this big new world, and for pretty good pay, and after filling out a 12 page application, close screening and scrutiny, today for the first time......I cut lights off the 11 pre-lit (but burned out) Christmas trees to be displayed in the lobby because the other lady in charge didn't want to do it. And now this evening after working 7 1/2 hours at it I understand why. Next time I am holding out for more money....I do have a college degree after all.

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Anonymous said...

Good blog, but chasing the bad guys made for a much more interesting story! Love you! Your "cousin" Jill