Saturday, November 3, 2007

My First Blog

Well here we go, this will be my first posting and I am rather excited. I am also nervous for I am not good with the computer. I am having a hard time figuring out what all I can and can not do. So be kind to me as we get started on this new journey together.
As we get started, those that know me, know that I multi-task (?) all the time. I am watching the OU game ( I love my Sooners) and trying to do this posting. Plus eat pizza for dinner. You know you have to eat pizza when you watch football. OU football for me got started a few years ago when my son was still living at home. You know how it is....a son does all those guy things with his dad. Hunt, fish, cars, hunt, fish, stuff like that. Did I mention hunt and fish? Well child #1 did that. Hunt and fish with a little more hunting and fishing. I, as a typical mom, don't care to hunt and fish. So what did I do to try and bond with my son you ask, I learned to like football. Ok, lets don't stretch it to much. I learned to like OU football. I remember sitting in the living room with my son telling me all the stats about this player and that player. I sat there and marveled at his vast amount of knowledge. I asked him how did he know that. He said, Mom, I read the papers, I listen to tv and radio, I look on the internet, I know my Sooners. Oh, I said. Enough of that. I didn't question his talent after that. He loved/loves his Sooners. Time went by and my son grew up. And then he did the unspeakable. He decided to move. Not out of the house, not out of town, but OUT OF STATE. And yes, if you know anything about us Sooner fans, there is a five letter word that we do not like. I will spell it so not to say it.
"T" "E" "X" "A" "S". They are our worst enemy you know. Well one day he informed me he had gotten a job. A police officer job. I was sooooo proud. Where I asked. Tyler he replied. Tyler? Yes mom, Tyler
T-e-x-a-s, Where the Bass fish are huge and the fishin' is great.
I said, Son did you just say what I think you said. You are moving south? You are going down there? To you know where? He said yes mom, I am moving to....I yelled, don't say it son, don't say that word. I could not believe it. My first born, the light of my life, the one that had followed in his momma's footsteps to become a police officer. MY SON WAS MOVING TO TEXAS. I just could not understand it. There are 50 states in this great Union. If Oklahoma was not good enough, I understand. The pay is bad here. But there would be 48 other states to choose from. TEXAS????? What is this world coming to? So as that huge state downunder gained another great soul, and Oklahoma lost a wondeful young man, I can honestly say, with a little more time, I might come to really like (not love) but like Texas. Go Sooners.


Eckmama said...

Well now, I think you've been through too many tornadoes and had your brains all sucked out. ;) There is just no better place to be than TEXAS!!!

Congrats on your new blog, can't wait for you to start posting pics! Got any dead squirrels to show off?

love you,

Eckmama said...

Good first post, I have to say though...I am originally from Nebraska but got to TEXAS as fast as I could, and I have no choice but to dislike Sooners. So I can safely say that your son made a wise choice in moving to TEXAS, not so much Tyler, but it is still in TEXAS. TEXAS,TEXAS,TEXAS. OR TEJAS en Espanol. Good luck with your blog, remember, the eyes of TEXAS are upon you.


Mommy of Blayke and Benny said...

HAHA!!! Atleast we won!!!! LOL!!! GO OU!!! Look at all you Texas fans that is hidious!!! BOO Texas likers!!! LOL Kind of kidding you people I don't know. I moved from Oklahoma to Kansas but it is still OU all the way for me. You should have seen my head hung in shame the time Kansas State beat OU!! It was not good. My husband still likes to hold that one over my head. You know that ONE TIME KSU actually won!!

Anonymous said...

Now, dear cousin of mine, you KNOW some really great things come out of Texas, like your Uncle Jim, Aunt Vi, cousin Randy and ... ME!! To tell the truth, I have fallen in love with my adopted state of Tennessee and don't want to move back to the "Great State" at all. But I DO still think it is a great state. Of course, I also love all things Sooner. Does that make me "bi-something??" :)

Love ya!