Monday, April 26, 2010

This is for you Marge !

First there was this really cute couple...
Oh they loved each other so much.

And they were happy.

They fell in love.......

And soon this little guy came along.

He was loved by his mother....
He is loved by his father.....

And loved by everything around him in his life!!!

They are one cute happy family.

who couldn't love this cute little face?

And who doesn't get tired of all these pictures?
Is it REALLY necessary?

Ahhh, and finally THE END....


This is Cade, he is my little cousin.
I have been photographing him since
he was born. Now he is turning ONE...
He was all smiles until I got the camera
ready and we put the cake down.
But he is so stinkin' cute it doesn't matter
if he smiles or not.

No one was hurt in the photographing of this
special event. No staging was necessary,
this little guy DESTROYED this cake
all on his own.
I had to laugh!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Part of my Weekend

East Texas Archery
This weekend my son asked me to come watch
him and his wife during an archery tournament.
I didn't think I would be too excited, but I found it
to be a great experience. I met some of the nicest
people, never heard yes ma'am so much in my life.
You get there about 30-45 minutes early, sign in
and pay your money.....$15.00 per person I think.
This really does say "shooters sign up here"
but the "s" was often hidden by the curling of the sign...
You can guess the rest of that story.....caused a few good laughs.

Rules are explained by the Club President Kelly.

Super nice guy too!

Some arrows just waiting to be shot!
Walking off to the trails to shoot 3-D targets.

Can you get a feel for how big those trees are?
Oh I could sooo live right in the middle of all this.

Of course you must have restroom facilities.

Chase is TJ's new very good friend.
He works at Gander Mountain where TJ
spends a lot of his hard earned money!
Chase is an EXCELLENT shooter,
And a super fun guy to be around.

Next several shots are just different people.
There are women, men, kids, families, long bows,
hunting bows, tourney bows.....pretty bows
camouflaged bows, ugly bows, cheap bows, and EXPENSIVE
bows. This is one club that I think ANYONE
can be a part just have to make the time.
A lot of these people do NOT hunt, they just like the exercise and
being out of doors. All of them were extremely friendly.

Oh my gosh, this picture is pollen from the pine trees.
It is EVERYWHERE and nasty.

Checking and recording the scores of the team.
Bows with stabilizers sit on the side of the trial while
the other shooters take their shots.

Making a few clicks to adjust the sites for the next target.

Before the shot one checks for the distance to the target
and then after the shot one checks to see if they EVEN HIT IT!

This guy was messing with me....but honestly, it is
a long way down the ravine to check the score of your target.
Glad I was only shooting the camera! I stayed up on the trail.
Women shooters!



FIVE YEARS OLD.....I am NOT kidding.

Some bring along a chair to use for resting while
marking their scores and waiting on the others
to shoot. There is usually about five members
per team.

Long bow

Sometimes help is needed and some people get frustrated.
she is a good shooter, just got a new bow and was upset.....
she will get it, it just takes time getting used to a new product.
Boy can I relate to that!!!!

This little guy was using the range finder to judge the distance.
While stylin' with his Mohawk!

He is a cutie!

Amanda getting ready to shoot at target no. 2.

She has some pretty good form going there!

TJ checking his mark.
and yes it was hot out there.
Just wait till July and August!

This is Tj's other new and good friend Scott.
He too is an EXCELLANT SHOOTER....Just like Chase

And he is a cutie too.

By the way....his dad was an L.A.P.D. officer
for 37 years.
I knew I liked this kid ....
yes, he too wants to become a cop.
And THIS is his wife......isn't she just a doll???

She teaches and coaches.......softball!!!!

So cute and so sweet.
These are just really good people.


Then we went and ate Mexican food....oh yes, it was a
wonderful weekend!