Sunday, April 4, 2010

Try More Easter Pics....Again

Third Time is Charm!!!
I have tried three different times to post
some of my Easter pictures and keep getting
an error message....well that is because
I had it on the wrong setting!
Go Figure.
So here are some of my cuties from the last couple
weeks. Hope you enjoy the little sampling.

These are the twins whom I photographed at their birth,
remember? A year ago now....where does time go?

This is Cade whom I have been photographing
for his entire WHOLE life...
Ok, well at least the last 11 months!
Next month is the big "1" for him....
But until then, here are his Easter pictures.

Cade and his Momma!

Newest little client, Kinley!
Isn't she a doll?

Josie has been with me for a while now
and I thought it was so cute that her
momma got her outfit to match the rabbit!

Lakelyn loved Waffles...
Waffles was a big hit this Easter.
I think that is called Job Security!?

Lakelyn's big sister Shelby...
She loved the rabbit too.

Another new client Emily Kate and her momma.

Emily Kate and all her school work for the year.
She is only two...I thought this was a great
way to use her art work, her momma is so smart!

I have had a lot of fun this Easter taking pictures.
You know me....I just enjoy taking this moment
making it special and capturing it for the family.
That is what life is all about.
Seizing the moment.


Marge said...

No wonder you don't post very often! You have been busy. And such cute kiddos! These are very cute pictures. And I know you love working with the kids. It shows in your work. Very nice, my dear friend! Hope you had a wonderful Easter Day. We did.

Love ya,

Memaw's memories said...

All your pictures are great. I think Waffles has found a permanent home.

Caleb isn't a little boy anymore. He is growing up and so handsome. That Allie is too cute. She's growing too. Loved her pink dress.

claudia said...

I LOVE these pictures. Those babies are all so adorable!!! I just want to pich their little cheeks. (In a loving kind of way...)
I'm glad you got the pictures up. I was waiting (IM)patiently to see them. You brought a big smile to my face.
I hope your Easter was a good one. I had to work...(grumble, grumble) My oldest daughter and I are on our way out the door today to go see a movie! Something I haven't tried to do in YEARS...I get anxiety attacks in crowded noisy places. Wish me luck...

Mental P Mama said...

Just wonderful! Waffles is going to need a raise, though;)