Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Of The Same!

Same Song, Second Verse!
Today we were going to meet Sarah in Stillwater to pick up the cutest baby in the whole wide world ( our little piece of the world at least!) when I noticed it started getting dark outside. I checked the radar and saw a storm was headed our way. I called Sarah and told her we would probably wait a little bit before heading over for the weather looked kind of dark. She called her cousin in Stillwater and she said every thing was fine, sunny, nice etc. OK, but it is not here. I told Sarah I was going to wait at least 30 minutes for I felt we were about to get hit hard by a storm. It was not just green and yellow on the radar but rather red and even dark red and it was coming right for us. I have a weather alert on my computer and even my phone if it is a tornado warning, but for thunderstorm warnings I have it only come to the computer. I don't need to be woke from a dead sleep for someone to tell me it is storming outside. Besides, Callie my dog will tell me by scratching at the door to get in bed with us. But the computer got the little weather alert and I told my husband we were going to wait. Boy I am glad I did. It started raining....BIG drops. Now I have always heard if it is raining big drops the rain won't last long. It has proven to be true long as I can remember and today was no exception at all. It rained for only 30 minutes. Almost on the dot 30 minutes. We got FOUR inches of rain in 30 minutes. BUT this time the new system we put in did not get washed out. The new flower bed that we re-did, held. The creek that Scott had put big rocks in, not the gravel, did much better. But I have never seen so much rain in my life. The rain gutter could not hold it, it was just gushing off the roof. It was gushing everywhere, down the driveway, off the patio, down the hill, down the creek, out the garden, over the hill, through the woods, to grandmothers house it came. But this time I think we are OK. I wonder if the people that sold us this house a few months ago knew this was an issue with the water???? Or not?( anyone want to make a little wager on that question?) So as it stands right now, as of last Sunday night up to Saturday mid-morning, we have received 10 inches of rain. TEN INCHES in less than one week. Why didn't I have a pond to fill, or a rain water catcher made. Something to store this water, for you know that come later this summer.......we will be begging for rain. TEN INCHES,~~ head shake~~, can you believe THAT?!
(BY THE WAY, WE GOT THE BABY AND SHE IS STILL ADORABLE, CUDDLY, CUTE, FUNNY, and still screams! What is up with that?!)

Friday, May 30, 2008

You Won't Believe This!

This bird came to visit us today. We knew we had a nest of hawks and my dogs have even tried to attack the hawk once while she/he was picking up something dead off the ground. I screamed at the dog (I know I know, you are not suppose to do that!) for I feared if she DID catch that bird it would rip her to shreds. Luckily she did not, but I will tell you it was very close.

Today and as every day I have been feeding the critters outside my house IE squirrels and birds and deer. Yesterday I counted TWELVE --12-- 10+2=12, one dozen SQUIRRELS in my back yard. I started feeding them (2) to keep them off my back porch and somebody with a VERY BIG MOUTH told the others in the neighborhood that we were feeding some pretty good stuff. I noticed my squirrel herd was increasing, went up to four, then we had seven or eight, then like I said yesterday we had 12~~!!! I have enjoyed watching them play, eat, scamper etc and so far they have not torn anything up. I go out in my pajama's every morning and feed them. They have gotten where they don't even run from me, I can get within four or five feet of them before they scamper away. Am I getting attached to them little critters? Maybe.

So today while I was fixing lunch and looking out the kitchen window I saw this beautiful magnificent bird fly down and land right by my new flower bed. I watched her and she pulled a huge worm from the ground. Either that or a small snake! No it was a worm. I went to grab my camera from the living room and by the time I got back she had flown up into the tree. So I snapped a shot and of course it did not come out clear shooting through the window and screen. So while I am watching her, she takes flight and dives right into my smorgasbord of squirrels. They took off running into the trees and she followed, I do not know if she got one or not. I lost sight of her in the trees and all the foliage. It was a beautiful sight, I love the squirrels but I also admire that hawk. I went outside to see if I could see her and I could hear her or her mate screeching in the sky. I could not find them since we have so many trees, but oh my goodness you could hear them/it. We know the nest must be close and my son said she was probably feeding for the hatch lings, that will be cool if we get to see the babies fly. But they should already be flying the nest by now so we may have to wait till next year. Right now I have small woodpeckers on my window screen pecking the window frame, then they fly off and I will see them catch a bug. I can see them out the window on a limb, oops one just flew by just now. Isn't life grand? And so is nature! Have a wonderful evening or weekend, depending on when you read this. (I get the grand baby again tomorrow!!!) The movers are delivering the furniture Monday, she (step daughter) is very excited to finally have a home, her own homeand then in about two or three weeks hubby will finally be home.

Update to Disaster

I told you earlier that I would not be posting about my family members life and the events that surround the leaving of her husband. But I just have to get a few things off my chest. This man that I admired for so many years, that was married to my family member for over 25 years, that was a leader among church people and marriage conventions, left, moved in with her, and now has asked her to marry him. He is not even legally separated, not divorced, just checked out. Checked out of their lives. He left behind two teenage boys at home. They don't understand how their dad could do this. In one short month he has turned their lives upside down, ripped their hearts out, stomped on them, and now wants them to accept this new woman in their lives. How are you suppose to feel good towards a person like that? I don't want to hate or wish ill on another person, but how do you go on through life knowing that he has hurt them so badly. And all by his own choice. He just tell hers he doesn't love her, yet they just went on a cruise, we go out to eat together, run around together, he was always saying sweet things to her. He was kind and gentle. A big man, with a big heart for his family. What is going on in his head???!!! Why, how can someone do this. He told my family member that they have had problems for a long time. Really? News to her. Why didn't he suggest counseling? Why did they spend all this money on a cruise if he was just going to leave her and didn't love her. Why did he attend the Family Life Convention and RENEW their vows in front of hundreds of people. All for a woman he had met on the Internet and knew for a mere one or two weeks. Unless he was lying about that too. How can you become so absorbed in someones life and leave another life behind for that person that you don't even know anything about? And don't even get me started on THE OTHER WOMAN. Oh she is so godly," God is good, and has blessed her with such a wonderful man". I don't think God will bless her for living with a MARRIED man. And for helping him to destroy a family. What do these people use for brains!!!!
But I admire my family member. She is being very strong and very kind. Kinder than I could have been if it would have been me. She is not mean about it, but she is not letting him walk all over her. I really admire how she is maintaining herself. She will be able to put her head on the pillow at night and know she is doing what is right. She does not cuss at him, (maybe wants to) she is not hateful, still tells him she does not understand, tells him he is not the person she fell in love with, and has loved for the last 25 years. She does not want him back, she does not want to be hurt like this ever again, and she has devoted her life to her two sons. She is strong, she will survive, but I don't know how. Please keep her in your prayers, please keep her in your thoughts, and please send happy, peaceful vibes to a beautiful, wonderful, loving deserving of only the best, person that I know. I love you J .

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dog Fight At Work

The Chihuahua and Her Pitt Bulls
(rated C for Courageous)
(Or S for Stupid!)

Well it has been a while since I have been here, but I am sure you remember the routine. One night while on patrol I get a call to a domestic in progress in the low income apartment complex. I was working the "mid-watch" shift which is 7:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. and we usually stayed pretty busy. This was no exception. It was the three of us as usual, Tommy, Scott and Me and we all went to this call. It was a guy beating his girlfriend. We arrive and can hear a loud argument going on, and maybe even things being thrown. I don't remember for sure I just remember we went to the back door and are pounding to be let in. She comes to the door and of course now he/HE settles down. Jerk! I don't know why I can't remember the details right now, but it seems she was showing signs of abuse, but way back in the day we could not arrest for domestic abuse unless she would file a complaint. Most the time they wouldn't. Usually out of fear of being beaten worse when he got out of jail. But I do remember a cute little boy shaking in fear, crying for his mommy was getting beat. The guy was not his daddy, but rather her boyfriend. She was a little thing too. Very skinny, young and a cute girl, but her hair was all a mess, her clothes were a shamble. There was not much room, when you go into the back door you were in the kitchen. Just right inside the door is a little space before you got to the counter top and sink. It is real narrow, don't even think there was a table in that room but there might have been. I just remember it being about five feet wide, kind of like a shotgun house if you know what I mean. The rooms are narrow and it was a two story apartment. Living room, kitchen and maybe a bathroom downstairs, and a couple bedrooms upstairs. That is pretty much it. We get the girl out of the house and she just wants to leave. She wants to take her boy and leave. So we let her. I have NEVER had any tolerance for domestic abuse. I don't know, maybe it is because I am a woman, or maybe I just have a very strong sense of justice, whatever the reason, I always took it as a pleasure to work a domestic. Crazy? Yes, but it was my goal, my mission to save the world, one woman at a time. And I gave it my best shot. Today was no different. I told her she did not have to take that. She did not deserve to be beaten. And more than anything else in the whole world, she needed to be treated differently for the sake of her son. She needed to protect him, and to teach him that is not how you treat a woman, or any life for that matter.

Well after she leaves I just can't let it go. I was angry. I was really upset with this jerk and there was nothing I could do to him if she would not cooperate. So I had a plan. I didn't say it was a good one, just a plan devised in a short amount of time (maybe a couple seconds or so.) I knew my partners really well. I had joined the police department with them, they were like brothers to me and they would NEVER let me get hurt. I knew that as well as I knew my name. So armed with that knowledge I put my plan into action. I jumped right into the middle of this man's face and started nagging him. I could not shut up. I was ragging on him like a little Chihuahua after another dog. The big bad guy was just standing there. I made some comment like "oh, you like to beat women, well come oh big guy, hit me. " "Come on man, hit me, you seem to like beating on women, just do it." I taunted him, I attacked his ego with no mercy. Now I am not telling you what I did was right, heck I won't even tell you what I did was smart, but it was my plan. The only one I had at the moment. I wouldn't shut up, I would not stop. I kept barking and barking. One time I looked over my shoulder and saw Scott standing there with his arms folded across his chest. He stand 6'4" at least, pretty rugged looking, standing with his feet apart chest wide. Tommy, he is about 5'10" and is about that broad too. He has a huge barrel chest with a tiny waist and hips, and little short legs. Both guys have on their black police boots shinned and the leather we wore then was that shiny stuff. Not the dull or fabric stuff of today. It seems Tommy had his hands on his hips standing there and they just both were watching me. They were the Pitt Bulls standing behind the loud, hyper Chihuahua, and I was not on leash either. They were not trying to call me off, they were just waiting. I knew what was going to happen. Take a shot, just one punch, that is all I needed for him to do. Yeah it might hurt a little, maybe even a lot, but not near as much as he was going to hurt when my guys got through with him. AND he would be going to jail. I could see the smirk in Tommy and Scott's eyes when I took the second to glance at them. They knew exactly what I was doing and they were going to let me. They were there to protect me when I got in over my head. After what seemed an eternity I ran out of steam. I stopped. He never moved. He stood there, just stood there. I turned to leave then turned back and I told him, I better not ever come back here on a call where you lay a hand on her again. YOU HEAR ME? I better not ever have to come back. I didn't threaten him, I merely made him a promise. And my word is good.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3 Inches--It's Not About Size

They may say that in size - 3"- is not very much. Well let me assure you three inches is a lot when it comes to rain. We got three inches last night and three inches two nights before that. So in the last 48 hours we have recorded 6 inches of rain. Just look at what all it has done to our beautiful yard. (And Scott's hard work!!!)

This little bridge is suppose to be going across the stream. But so much water went through, picked up this wooden bridge, not only did it turn it 180 degrees, but carried it "down stream" as well.
This is the new flower bed filled with the burning bush shrubs. It completely took the soil out from under the plants including the mulch and newly laid sod.
You can kind of see the water flow by this picture taken from the back porch. The water goes right under the gate and just flows straight down taking out anything in its path.
Remember the drainage ditch I posted about a few weeks ago??? Well here it is. The water went under the piping and pushed it to the surface. So all the digging, bringing in gravel, and setting the pipe for drainage, all to be done again.

Pretty good view of the run off coming off the hill above our house. The debris is a little more clear in this picture.
And a closer shot of the flower garden. You can see how it just could not hold back the water and soil.

You know, this is nothing. In the big picture this is just nothing. So many people lost their houses to tornadoes, or real flooding. We have nothing to complain about. But in the little picture of life ie, needing something to post about since I failed to take pictures of the family reunion this past weekend, this is what I came up with. I just get frustrated with doing something and it having to be redone. I kind of wish my husband would listen to me a little more, but that's ok. I have the brains, he has the bronze. thank goodness.

Monday, May 26, 2008

How was your weekend?

Mine was great, how was yours?
As you know I have been very busy with keeping the grand kids so that my step-daughter could go to Florida to have some couple time with her husband. They have been separated since December due to his being in the Navy. So with that going on and the stay being extended then my son and daughter n law came home for Memorial weekend, I have been busy. I have been so caught up with my time with the baby, then pass her off only to come home, make a grocery list, hit the store, come home clean house, stash baby stuff, start cooking and finish yard work. It has been crazy!
TJ and Amanda made it to our house by 10:00 Friday evening. They said the traffic was very light, and they made good time coming from North East Texas (Tyler) to Tulsa. I was so glad to see them. We stayed up for a while talking, trying to get the dogs to settle down, and showing them the house we have been living in for the past 9 months. It was so good to see them.
Saturday started off with getting up late, eating breakfast and getting ready for the big family gathering. We had company coming by noon, with burgers needing to be done by 12:30 or so. We fixed cherry salad, burgers, chips, soda, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, deviled eggs, banana cake, chocolate Bavarian cream cake, better than sex in a pan(don't ask!), homemade ice cream and strawberry/rhubarb pie. You sure can't say us Oklahoma women don't know how to throw a cookout. We had a lot of people here and even surprised my aunt and uncle who just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. We had a copy of my dad's movie from their wedding converted to dvd and just popped it into the tv and let it start playing. No warning, no prep, just did it. They were soooo shocked, pleased, excited, surprised, thrilled and they loved it. That was fun.
People hung out here for about four or five hours and we all visited nicely. It was a great time. We had aunts and uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins, and even friends came to the cookout that served many purposes. To see TJ who has not been to Tulsa for nearly two years, share with my aunt and uncle their happiness, and of course to celebrate Memorial Day. We had 25 people here at my tiny house and it was great. The food was good, the weather was good, the company was good, what more could we have asked for?
Sunday was spent going out to my parents so they could visit with their grandson and Amanda a little more. They did not get to spend much personal time with them on Saturday. We took brisket and the trimmings out to their house to share in a nice simple meal with them. That was nice. We sat around talking, just spending good quality time with each other. We drove around some after leaving there, headed to wal-mart to pick up a couple things and then go back to the house. The kids went to rent some movies. We watched "Mad Money" and that was cute. Of course I had to show Amanda my Webkinz and we played on the computer with them. We adopted a couple more that I had just gotten for my birthday for I am as bad as any kid when it comes to these silly things. I do enjoy my webkinz. Of course we needed to try out a couple more new recipes of homemade ice cream and I highly recommend it! It was a great success. Plus salad and grilled chicken breast . No wonder I am big as a barn!
Monday came all to fast. The kids slept in once again, and I slept on the couch. We had storms come through and my little Callie (dog) is scared of storms. I knew she would either scratch at the door all night or wake TJ and Amanda so I got up with her. My big brave protector is terrified of thunder. Oh well, that's ok. We all have our weaknesses, I'm not telling mine! After a breakfast of pancakes and some more talking, the kids decided they had to head home. TJ had to be at work by 8:30 tonight, and at work tomorrow for them both in the morning. I had bought them a bunch of meat at a big meat sale at our local grocery store so they loaded up the ice chest with about 13 lbs of hamburger meat, five or six huge roast, and they seemed pleased with it. They packed their clothes, loaded up the truck and decided it was time to say goodbye. We hugged, kissed, said I love you and they were gone. I was so busy all weekend, I am worn smooth out, my house, laundry , dishes are all needing to be done. And with it all, I did not get my camera out one time. I planned to, I even took it with me with plans to take the kids to my favorite place and snap a couple shots (that didn't work out) so all I have are the memories. And that is ok, because I have great memories. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures, but I guess there are other things more important, being a good hostess, being a good mom, and just spending TIME with my son.
Thank you Amanda for the great birthday card and gift of my favorite things, snack food and a movie (Steel Magnolia's) Life is good!

Thank You For Your Service

Our Flag
Our flag flies freely in the yard,
Because of men and women who fought hard.
I thank you for your time you have served.
My deepest respect, you sincerely do deserve.

This salute you do with pride,
Your life you might give, with your buddy by your side.
And with your family safely at home
We wait for you to come back, and not alone.

William Michael, a son, nephew,brother and hero too,
We love you so much, and that is true.
We are scared, and sad, and miss you so much,
Our lives and heart you have forever touched.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What Do You Choose?

Door Number One? Or Door Number Two?
I just got through reading one of my favorite blogs, "We are THAT family", and as a lot of blogs are intended, it got me thinking. Why is it that we feel it necessary to blog? Why do we tell perfect strangers our life business, our stories, our feelings? Do we need attention that badly that we do it? Why am I sitting here spending time on a COMPUTER when I want and need affirmation from another human being??? Strange isn't it. I have not met you, don't know you, may never meet you, don't know your family, or even your life habits/choices. So why is it so important to get words from a complete stranger left to me on an inanimate object? We are weird creatures. But what we do in bloggy world, is it how we live our life in the real world? That is why I titled my post the way I did. Do I live like the life behind door number 1 or do I choose door number 2. Everything we do in life is a choice. Everything. Will you get dressed this morning, eat breakfast, go to church, or stay in your jammies, drink a cup of coffee and play on the computer? What choices will YOU make in life? In my whole 48 years of being on this earth I have always been the person that feels I need to make good choices. I NEVER choose to do things wrong, of course I do, but I don't want or mean to. I feel badly when I do, and sometimes I am really hard on myself when I do. I try very hard to never break the speed limit. Do you know how hard that is? I am not always successful at that either. In fact my parents accuse me of speeding all the time. That kills me. That hurts my feelings and my spirit. I do NOT choose to break the law and for them to say that bothers me. Yet my dad drives 5 to 10 miles an hour BELOW the speed limit and I fear he will some day be killed by someone running over the back of them. Happened just last week here in Tulsa where a drunk driver rear ended a car killing husband and wife coming back from square dancing. She was in her 80's and he in his 70's out at about 11:00 p.m., killed, together by a 20 something drunk young man. This was a couple who had been friends of the family for probably about 30 years or so. Sad day, very sad day.
But my point in this post, my thoughts are, why can't people just choose to do what is right? Why is that so hard? Why is it that some people are wired to do wrong things? Why WHY do some people choose to do drugs? I just don't get it. Life is hard, life is truly hard enough on a good day why would someone purposely choose to put a substance into their body that is going to change it from then on? Why? And you know it is going to change you, people are NOT that stupid to think it will do nothing, they are taking it to get a change in their life or they would not do it.
Why do we do the things we do? Why do we get hateful on the phone with sales people or customer service? Why can we not just say thank you but no thank you. Be firm, tell them thank you for doing your job, I am not interested, please do not call me again, take me off your list, have a great day and good bye? I hate those calls, I really do. I am very annoyed, but I feel that they as human beings having one of the most horrible jobs in the world, deserve to be treated with some degree of respect. Now when they get rude with me, I simply say thank you, I said no, have a nice day, goodbye, and then I hang up the phone. Yet when my husband gets rude with me, do I treat him the same way? No I get mad, act ugly towards him, may not speak to him for a while, or might even speak to him more than he would like, in a voice loud enough for him and the neighborhood to hear every single word.....not a pretty picture is it? Sometimes if I get really mad can you believe I might even say a word that I would have been FURIOUS if my kid or anyone would have said it to me. WHY? Why do I do that? I worked at the police department for nearly 22 years. 97 % of those people never heard me say a cuss word. I don't say "ass, butt, pissed, shit, hell or damn" And you would NEVER hear me say the "F" word. I never called anyone a "B" "C" "N" or Whore. I am not even comfortable typing those words in this blog. It is offensive to my heart. I still don't use those words to this very day. But if I get mad at my husband I am not proud of what words I might say. I just don't get it. Why can people that mean so very little to me, ie, work and public, get treated better than my husband or even my kids. Yes I have even cussed in front of my kids when I lost it. WHY? Why would I do that? I am just thinking out loud here, sorry about that.
There is no point to this post, I am just writing my thoughts about why people do the things they do. I just don't understand why we get mad so easily at others, why we feel our feelings are more important than someone else, why we don't care how we impact another person's life. Why? Why did that lady create a MySpace page and treat a young girl so badly that the girl ended up killing herself? Why would a grown up do that? I hope she does go to jail to realize that EVERY choice we make does NOT just affect us. It has a lasting impression on so many. And we may never know how we have truly influenced someone. I don't know. I am going to continue with my life trying to always make the right choice, to TRY to never hurt someone or their feelings, to try and be good to the best of my ability, and when this life is over, just know that I did the best that I could do. Maybe I will sleep a little better, maybe I will get a little piece of heaven in the after life, and maybe, just maybe, I will get the affirmation I always crave, Lisa, you were a good person, you did a good job, and I LOVE YOU. hum, I don't know maybe.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sad Day

Thank God and Greyhound She's Gone!
Have you ever heard that song about the wife leaving and all he can say is "Thank God and Greyhound (bus system) she's gone." Well that is a song where people are happy when one leaves. I am sure he is looking forward to some peace and quiet now that his nagging wife is gone. Well, that is NOT how I feel about my baby girl. Miss Allie left me yesterday for her Aunt Sherri. Since I am having so much company this weekend and I have had Allie for 10 days, Aunt Sherri said she would keep her so I could do what all I needed to get done. However Aunt Sherri lives nearly an hour and half away. So we met half way on the turnpike at McDonald's and made the exchange. I dropped off the goods, the package was delivered. You get the picture. It took me forever to get all her things gathered up, packed and get there. She slept all the way there and when we got there she was happy as a lark. Oh she just smiled and flirted with everyone and even gave kisses to Aunt Sherri and her great grandma that came along too. She was just her wonderful little self. Then she got in the car and left. I did ok, I did not cry, wanted to, needed to, but it was ok. I got back home made my grocery list of all the things I HAD to get done and the phone rang. It was Sarah and she was crying. She said Allie won't stop crying and she just got off the phone with Aunt Sherri. So I made the call and she was still screaming. It broke my heart. Sherri said to give it some time and if she could not get her to settle down she would call me back. It ruined the rest of my day. I have worried about that baby, don't want her unhappy, and after all she is a grandma's girl. But she did settle down, I have not heard from this in several hours and I am hoping she will be OK. If not, I am making a quick trip west to get that baby. Her momma gets home Monday from seeing daddy in Florida. They have been apart since December with his deployment and assignment changes and schools. So they needed time together and I was glad to keep the baby for them. A nice vacation for Sarah, good bonding time and reconnecting as married couples need to do to keep a marriage strong and happy. So that was time not just needed but necessary for Chris and Sarah, and for the kids as well.
I have pictures, but I do not have time to post them this morning. I must get to the kitchen to get started. People will get here in just about two maybe three hours and I have tons to get done. Have a wonderfully peaceful day and weekend. I hope you get to be with family or friends and stay safe. Please do NOT drink and then drive without waiting one hour per drink. Life is just to precious to lose over something so avoidable.
Dear God,
Please watch over our men and women who are serving their country abroad, those severing in this country on the home soil, and all those that are working today so we can have a safe and happy holiday.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sweet Girls

Here are my TWO sweet girls.
Allie and Callie
Isn't her smile just contagious?

And she gets a little loud in this one. But she is just too cute. Enjoy a short clip of this baby girl! Turn the music off on my play list first so you can hear how loud she is. I would fix that if I knew how!!! (the music, not Allie's noises!)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Linda J, Thank you!

Special Friends
We all have them, we all need them and we all love them.
Girls too can save the world, just give us a couple hours, dinner, and chocolate...
problems solved. Today I got the sweetest card from a very special
life long friend. Well we have been friends for the last 30 years. She always picks the best cards that have such meaning. And then she writes in them. She really writes in them till nearly every spare space has a beautiful word written upon it. Today, I cried.
Even though she moved away to another state we remained friends of the deepest
kind. We used to do this thing that is a lost art today, it is called "letter writing".
Boy could Linda write a letter. Heck, they were novels of the greatest kind.
Not these sappy romance novels that people get paid to write. But rather these novels that touch the heart, the very soul of your being, because you are best friends. Then there would be the phone calls. Back then we had to pay extra for long distance so the phone calls were few and far between. Not like today where we have Internet, email, and cell phones with pretty much unlimited long distance. Yes the art of writing your feelings, thoughts and dreams on paper are pretty much over. In my life time I have had three very special, extra special friends. You see, I have no sisters, I am the middle child (that should explain a lot about me to most of you out there!) between two great brothers. And as you already know, I was the best Tom-boy in the country, but there is nothing like having another girl to talk to. And in my life there was Cathy, one of my dearest friends in the world, Jill, my cousin, but should have been my sister, and Linda. Linda is the one that we could talk for hours....I mean HOURS on the phone,write letters, then not get a chance to talk again for a month or maybe even two and then pick up right where we left off. You know the friend. I think we all have them. But Linda is one of those special ladies that is always thinking of others and not afraid to share her feelings. We cry together, share, laugh, and hurt together. That is a true friend. Hurt sometimes more than a person should have to, but then again we all have those trials. She has had more than her share. How did I get so lucky to get through this world with such little pain and tribulations? Sometimes I think it isn't fair, but I am grateful. She however keeps going, loving, and giving of herself. I will never know another friend as true and loyal as she is. We can talk or even not talk and we just understand each other. I am so blessed to have had three very best friends in my life. I hope you are blessed as well. And as I have found out, tell them how much you love them, for they won't always be here. Tomorrow they may be gone. So Linda, (and Jill) I love you both more than my words can ever tell. You are the best friends in the world.
Cathy, I still miss you every single day of my life. You left very good girls that are great mommas, you would be so proud!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Sweetness in its purest form.
When we went on our cruise this past December
we bought some hammocks to bring home.
We have the chair one hanging up on the patio, and then
Scott got the big one out. And it was a hit!
The kids love it, absolutely LOVE it. Allie will spend hours in it
with someone of course. And Caleb loves it as well.

He thought this was so much fun and enjoyed laying in it as well as pushing anyone he could in it.
This is the other form of sweetness. She was exceptionally good today. She is always a good baby, but today she was really good. Just a happy baby that crawled up my big belly while we were in the hammock and planted a big ole wet open mouth kiss right on me. Remember those? Wet and slobbery, best first kisses from a baby ever. Pass the towel please, and give me another one.
She is such a grandma's girl. It does not matter who has her, or where I am, she wants grandma. She loves everyone, but she so loves her grandma. Will it last? I sure hope so.
Ok, I was a good sport about this picture. Morning with no makeup, or hair done, we were watching cartoons. What better way to spend an early Saturday morning. What was so funny was Allie just played and played in the recliner with me. Knowing that Caleb would feel someone left out I asked him to come sit with me too. He got on the foot of the chair between my legs and just laid there. So I loved on him, and stroked his head or face while he watched tv. Just giving some loving caress that he needed. Then Callie came over and just looked at me with those big sad puppy dog eyes and I could not resist. So I told her she could come up there too. Well Caleb got up to "help" her up and that was all she wanted. She jumped in his spot before both his feet hit the floor. After all, that is where Callie lays when it's just us without the kids. Caleb was fine with it and got right back in the chair and snuggled in with me. Scott got up and grabbed the camera and asked if there was any chance of room for one more person in that recliner. NO. Well unless it would be one more grand child. Someday maybe, someday.
What more could a grandma ask for. Her two favorite grandkids, and her bestest, loyal friend.. Caleb, Callie, Allie and me. It was a very good day.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Quick Note

Dear Blogger Friends,
This is just a quick note to let you know I am not as good as I thought I was. I am not able to read your blogs and comment because I seem to always have a baby in my lap, a nearly 7 year old demanding my attention, or a headache! Now don't get me wrong, I READ all my blogs, and I have about a dozen regulars, I read them every single day, about 6:30 or 7:30 in the morning. So if you post after that, then I don't read them till the next day. But with the grand kids here I am not able to comment on each and every one of them. I gave it a really good try yesterday, had a nice long serious comment to Memaw Bakes Memories, and LOST it. I don't know how or why, but I could not get Allie to sit still long enough to do it again. So, sorry. But this note is to tell you, I have not deserted you, I am reading and remaining faithful to you. So if you DO get a comment from me, you got lucky! Next week the kids will be gone and I will get back on my regular routine, (after I get out of the hospital from exhaustion!). this may be a good sign I should not baby sit that baby I told you about a couple nights ago! Lesson learned.
Lisa J
pass the Tylenol please

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Warned You

She's Here!!!
This is my girl, and I am so glad she's here.
Today we have been busy already.
We took her to get pictures done
They are much better than what I can do!
But they do have nicer props.
Then we ran a few errands.
But after we got home, this is what the girls did.
Grandpa went to get Caleb
and the girls just hung out on the patio.
The weather was nice, the colors were pretty
And it made for a cute picture.

Of course a girl needs a bath.
But Grandma, can't a girl get some privacy around here!

Oh thank you, I just love my bath.
And if I can get my hands on it, then it goes in the mouth.
Grandma has a fit when I put EVERYTHING in my mouth.
And Rudy just looks away, knowing I am going to get him all wet
real soon.
Hey wait, Rudy just had a bath earlier, he doesn't need another one.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nothing to Report for Now

No News Is Good News
Well it isn't that I have don't have news, I just don't have any news worth reporting. Allie is here. Enough said. No, not enough, I had to go shopping to buy her a couple new dresses. I am taking her tomorrow to get her pictures taken. I just love Motophoto and since we left Enid I have not found a new Motophoto but tomorrow that may all change. And we did find a couple dresses that are just darling. I sure do love having a little girl around once again.
Oh wait. I do have some news. A friend of mine is going to adopt a baby next month if all works out. She told me tonight she could not believe at 44 she and her husband were going to adopt a baby. They are excited, but more than that, the little life is that of her nieces'. So it is family helping family. I think that is really heart touching. I don't know if I could do it all over again in my 40's. I have found keeping the grand kids wears me smooth out. So this will be a new experience for her, and they will be great parents. She asked if I would consider keeping the baby for her while she works.....And I am considering it. I was thinking about getting back into foster parenting, there are just so many young lives out there that need the love of a stable home. And this would be a way of helping out someone else who is doing a great deed as well. I love doing good deeds, it is better to not get noticed for the good deeds, but I love doing things for others. It is in my nature, I need to feel needed, I need to feel helpful, I help when sometimes I probably shouldn't help. I can't help it. But to help a life, to help a little one come into this world with a little better chance, wow what a feeling. Oh, I guess I should mention this to my husband. Good night.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grand kid Alert

Warning to All Readers!!!
This is to advise all blog readers....there is a outbreak of severe grand kid missing. So to alleviate this unsettleness in the universe there will be a child shift coming tomorrow. One grand baby will arrive on Wednesday while her momma flies out to Florida to have some quality time with hubby who has been gone since December. He is in another school in Florida learning how to be a recruiter. Then come Thursday evening another grand kid will arrive and stay until Sunday evening. Then the momma will get back into town on Monday, pick up baby and go back to finish up school. The moving day is getting closer. They will close on the house May 27th, with move in date around the 30th. She can't wait. They have been living in a two bedroom trailer house with her in-laws till hubby was released from the ship and finishes school. That is a crowded situation, so pray the house closing goes great and the navy can bring her household goods on the 30th!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008


We Built This!!!
This is our home we had in Enid. Scott and I built this ourselves from the ground up. Of course we had to hire some things done due to code and due to lack of time. We hired someone to pour the concrete floor, after my husband installed the in the floor heating system. It was really cool, well rather warm!!! ha ha ha get it??? It was nice to have warm floors in the winter, and it helped on holding down heating cost. But the other thing that was neat, we had it fixed to run cold water through it in the summer when we watered the yard. It went through the floor first, then watered the yard. The garage and shop were heated and cooled this way as well.
The big odd things to the left of the garage is Scott's shop. It was a four car garage shop. He was into carpentry and had more tools than you can shake a stick at. The whole thing was full of tools and his junk. The room above the shop and garage was what I called the grand baby room. It was a huge playroom for the hopeful grand kids. At that time we only had one and he lived in Virginia, then Washington state. But he loved playing up there the few times he got to come see us in Enid.
This is the kitchen I designed. I LOVED my kitchen. The center island was 5'x 9', one of the largest solid granite slabs in Oklahoma. I did not want a stove or sink, that was where the grand kids were going to sit on top and make cookies or color, or whatever we needed to do. I had a double oven, smooth top cook stove, the dishwasher was to the left of the sink (you can't really see it) and I had it raised about 18" so I did not have to lean over to load. Figured as we got older the leaning over would be hard on the back. The microwave oven was above the dishwasher just the perfect height for me. All the lower cabinets had pull out shelves, and the corner cabinets had swing out shelves so there were no dead spaces in the corners!! My center island had storage on both sides and at the far end, nearest the sink was a trash compactor. We also had an instant hot water dispenser, neat neat item to have for quick coffee, tea, or hot water to boil on the stove etc. Love love loved it.
You can see the front door and the openness of the floor plan. See the center island to the right? You can see the formal dining table and hutch, then the front door, turning more to the left is the dry sink and portrait wall for the kids and their Sr. Pictures. It was featured with spot lighting on the photos. Then there was a hall way with two bedrooms, guest bath and a couple closets for storage. On the other side of the house was a HUGE laundry room 1/2 bath, utility room, our master bedroom, bathroom suite and walk in closet. Plus the door to the garage and upstairs to the playroom.
This view is from the front door looking towards the sun room. The sun room was located just off the center island....see it on the left? The sun room had double french doors and then windows facing west (not the smartest move) to watch out in the backyard and pasture/barn/arena.
This was the guest bathroom, I loved the colors and old fashioned fixtures.This is the back view of Scott's shop. We had two overhead doors and two walk through doors. The window above was the playroom. The room was the full width of the house, so a lot of square footage. We had a separate heating and cooling unit for the upstairs and did not leave it on unless we were going to have company or be up there our self.
This view of the barn is from Scott's shop back door. Outside the fenced area so the dogs could not run out into the pasture and chase cows, you are looking right out his shop to the barn. That barn is what was on the 15 acres when we bought it. That barn is what convinced us to buy the place. It was the neatest barn.

This was the bathroom in the barn. Of course it was not cute like this when we bought it. But in a weekend or two I had the barn fixed up. We painted the room, put in a new sink and floor, and really cute boarder. It was done in cowboy theme, go figure!

We made a little kitchenette in the tack/feed room. The hot water tank was already there for the bathroom also had a shower. So we put in the sink, frig, and micro, plus cabinets. painted that room, put in curtains, heat and air wall unit, painted the floor a brick pattern and cute cute boarder. That place was a great hang out. Especially while we were building the house.

This is the arena with lights. You could ride at night if you wanted to. The people who had it before us had play days there and many horse events, team roping I believe was one of the biggest attractions. It was a full size arena that we worked very hard to get it back into shape. If you don't take care of them weeds and things take over. And they did. We had to keep it tilled and sprayed for weeds. Took a lot of work, but by the time we sold it, it was doing pretty good.

Writing about this makes me very sad. I miss this house so much. We designed it, built it, and lived in it. All to leave it behind and move back "home" with family. We had planned to live there forever. But we had a variable interest rate, scary. We were afraid that when we retired that we would not be able to afford the house and the upkeep, plus enjoy living a little bit of life. So we made the very hard decision to sell. We advertised it three weekends and it sold. I hope the people that bought it will enjoy it and use it as much as we did. We served over 100 people there when the assistant fire chief retired. We had college class parties there every semester. I found it very important to host college parties for my students to show you can have a really good time and not need alcohol. I was never lacking for attendance. We would have 30, 40 and up to 50 and 60 people there. That house was built to entertain, and we did. We loved that place. But sometimes we have to make difficult decisions. The house is just that.....a house. I had no family and I really wanted to retire. I wish we had not spent so much on building the house. It got out of hand very quickly. Yes we did great by building it ourselves, but still, the expense is something one is not prepared for if you have not done it before. From the time we started to the time we finished was one year. We laid 12,000 sq ft of sod and put in a beautiful three rail fence to finish things off. We dreamed of fishponds, and lots of flower beds, but that did not happen. But dreams do come true. I had a dream house, my husband dreamed of always building his own home, and we dreamed of sharing it was many people. Those dreams all came true. How blessed we were, how blessed we are, and what a lesson in life it was. Dream big.

Update to "Good News"

Update to News
This will be just a short post, I do not want to keep airing the news from day to day. But it seems that the good news was short lived. My cousin has decided it is best that they not rush back into this situation. I think she is a very wise person. Although we all want them to get back together, she has to be smart about it. And do not only what is right, but what is best for everyone. There has to be 100% commitment on both sides and it has been determined that is not the case. So they both decided he should not move back home. He needs his space to get his head on straight. He needs to decided if this marriage is really what he wants, and if he does, then he will have to work at it.....hard. The pain is horrible, but going through it again would be just too much. So please continue to keep them in your prayers. And always, we pray for God's will to be not only done, but accepted. This is the first day for her to go back to work in a week, her car would not start. Good grief.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Wish

Happy Mothers Day

I just want to wish everyone a happy mothers day. This will be a sad day for some, their mother is not here to celebrate. Others will not be in town or available to help celebrate this day with their mom. Some moms are old and maybe don't remember even who they are only to sit in a little room waiting for.....another day. But today I hope you will remember your mom and a wonderful memory you have. I wish you would share a memory, a special memory you have with your mother.

My mother and I did not have a close relationship growing up. It was not until I was late into adulthood that she finally saw me as an adult and not a child. But I think one of the best memories I have with mom is taking an Alaskan cruise with her and dad. It was June'05, just after they celebrated 50 years of marriage in December '04. This was a trip they had always wanted to do, and we were invited to share it with them. My mom, dad, husband and I spent nearly two weeks in the beautiful Alaskan territory and waters. Mom got lost on the ship numerous times, I saved her. I even saved her from the savage bear! We ate together, took excursions together, went to movies, evening events, shopped, and had a wonderful time sitting on the ships deck. Wrapped in warm blankets, watching for that allusive whale, we had quality time together. Panned for gold, and even flew in a small plane, what were we thinking??? It was that trip that convinced me to sell my brand new beautiful home that we had just built, to retire from my job and move back home. Move home. I still call this home even though I have not lived in that town for 30 years. Home. We came home. It is now nearly 2:00 a.m. and I wanted to get this posted before going to bed. Because tonight (last night/ Saturday night) I took mom and dad to the a Bill Gaither concert. I had never heard of him. Did not really want to go. But you know what??? My mom did. So we went. I have not seen mom so excited about anything in a long time. She clapped, she sang, she patted my leg, and she told me thank you. We had a great time. Mom and dad could have stayed longer. We got there at 4:00 and got home at nearly midnight. They weren't tired, they were pumped.

Mr. Gaither shared the gospel with us tonight, in song and in life testimony. Tonight I had a special night with a special person who is sometimes ..... hard to be around. Today I have her here with me, tomorrow?? I don't know, I don't know what tomorrow will bring. Today we made a special memory. Happy mothers day mom, I love you.

Picture Perfect Day!

And she is so beautiful !

She is one of my former DARE students
With whom I had a close bond.

She was in Tulsa with her mother for a couple days.

And we were able to hook up for a

quick lunch at Brahms (ice cream)

Then I asked if there was time to run to take some quick pictures.

Nearly two hours later I had taken 116 pictures of this girl.

This probably my favorite,

well at least one of them.

But I also like this one.

Oh wait, I like this one too.

Mom was a

willing victim... I mean


to take pictures as well.

Nothing planned, just taking advantage

of a good opportunity.

And I LOVE this one, not sure

daughter is as crazy over it as

I am as a momma.

I think it is so sweet.

And the color in this one is really good too.

Happy mothers day to you "A",

and all mothers out there.