Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sad Day

Thank God and Greyhound She's Gone!
Have you ever heard that song about the wife leaving and all he can say is "Thank God and Greyhound (bus system) she's gone." Well that is a song where people are happy when one leaves. I am sure he is looking forward to some peace and quiet now that his nagging wife is gone. Well, that is NOT how I feel about my baby girl. Miss Allie left me yesterday for her Aunt Sherri. Since I am having so much company this weekend and I have had Allie for 10 days, Aunt Sherri said she would keep her so I could do what all I needed to get done. However Aunt Sherri lives nearly an hour and half away. So we met half way on the turnpike at McDonald's and made the exchange. I dropped off the goods, the package was delivered. You get the picture. It took me forever to get all her things gathered up, packed and get there. She slept all the way there and when we got there she was happy as a lark. Oh she just smiled and flirted with everyone and even gave kisses to Aunt Sherri and her great grandma that came along too. She was just her wonderful little self. Then she got in the car and left. I did ok, I did not cry, wanted to, needed to, but it was ok. I got back home made my grocery list of all the things I HAD to get done and the phone rang. It was Sarah and she was crying. She said Allie won't stop crying and she just got off the phone with Aunt Sherri. So I made the call and she was still screaming. It broke my heart. Sherri said to give it some time and if she could not get her to settle down she would call me back. It ruined the rest of my day. I have worried about that baby, don't want her unhappy, and after all she is a grandma's girl. But she did settle down, I have not heard from this in several hours and I am hoping she will be OK. If not, I am making a quick trip west to get that baby. Her momma gets home Monday from seeing daddy in Florida. They have been apart since December with his deployment and assignment changes and schools. So they needed time together and I was glad to keep the baby for them. A nice vacation for Sarah, good bonding time and reconnecting as married couples need to do to keep a marriage strong and happy. So that was time not just needed but necessary for Chris and Sarah, and for the kids as well.
I have pictures, but I do not have time to post them this morning. I must get to the kitchen to get started. People will get here in just about two maybe three hours and I have tons to get done. Have a wonderfully peaceful day and weekend. I hope you get to be with family or friends and stay safe. Please do NOT drink and then drive without waiting one hour per drink. Life is just to precious to lose over something so avoidable.
Dear God,
Please watch over our men and women who are serving their country abroad, those severing in this country on the home soil, and all those that are working today so we can have a safe and happy holiday.


Mental P Mama said...

I miss the baby, too! But you have a wonderful weekend, and the time will fly by!

Debbie in NC said...

Hey..watching all the tornado coverage and saw Enid, but remembered you don't live there now! I worry about you!!

Awww, poor Allie, she'll be okay Grandma!! :)

Stay Safe and have fun!!

Jessica said...

Sounds like she just needed a little time to adjust. I always hate leaving my kids at daycare when they are crying.