Thursday, May 8, 2008

Don't Worry, Be Happy!?

In The Month of May

It seems when it rains it pours, literally and figuratively speaking. Yesterday we got three inches of rain in one day, it sure gave our new drainage system a good test. For the most part it passed, the bad thing is we found we need to do more work on the other side of the yard. Good grief. But then I did find a place I want to put a fish pond in and decorate, I think we can do it fairly easily, but that is my attitude about most projects. Oh that will be easy because my husband can do ANYTHING....if he will just listen to me on how it needs to be done. So the water system will have to be improved upon. Plus the four or five tons of gravel that my husband put in the "little creek" has washed a lot down stream. Now I think it looks pretty cool, I don't think he feels the same. It means he needs to bring in several more tons and spread it out. Good grief. His back hurts already.
But the "when it rains it pours" figuratively part....This week has been stressful dealing with the choices of other people as I posted a couple days ago. Emotionally it has been very draining, my heart is just so heavy and sad. My cousin is doing well, but I should expect that for she is one strong woman. She has overcome SO MANY things in her life and I have ALWAYS admired her (I don't think she knows that) but she will continue on with her life no matter what he decides. She has two boys to take care of so she has to. Of course she will have her moments, she will be sad, then mad, then fine, know, the range of emotions that swing this way and that. I told her it is fine. Those emotions are fine and even the bad thoughts are fine (long as she doesn't act on them!) it is all part of the healing process. And we have no right to tell her she can't or shouldn't feel that way. The feelings are hers.
Now I have a ton of stuff to get done. I have to find a home for my three horses. I can not afford to feed them since I have retired. I love my horses, I had such dreams for my retired life, I wanted to ride all the time, but we did not buy land and now I can not afford to keep feeding them hay and grain. Life sucks sometimes. I have a soccer game to go to, I have a little friend from Enid coming to the Tulsa area so I am going to spend some time with her. She is a former DARE student and we really bonded so since she is going to be in the area I told her I would like to see her. Her mom was ok with that and we got the details all worked out. Yea!!! Then Saturday we are going to a Country Gospel concert with my parents, Sunday is mothers day, and I would like to go eat with my cousin and her boys just to help make the day ok. Then Monday we are going to eat with my nephew and all of our family for he is leaving to go BACK to Iraq to finish his tour. Tuesday he leaves, my sister n law will be a basket case and is having a female procedure done that will leave her drained for a day or two. I might substitute teach in her class if she needs me to. I have done that a few times this year. The kids are great, 2nd graders and they are so sweet. But by the end of the day I am drained! Wednesday I have a hair cut and color appointment and that is something I so have to keep, then this weekend have the grand kids again. Come Tuesday it is my BIRTHDAY (no big deal really, not like I haven't had one or two before!) and then the next weekend my son and daughter in law are coming to visit!!YEA !!!!!! I can't wait to see them again. I have not seen them since mid December. I have a graduation I need to go to but don't see how I can, and the list goes on. I think you get the picture. And I am sure that I have left out a couple of events just because I don't have my calendar in here with me. This is such a busy month. When it rains it pours, do you think June might slow down a little? Good grief!


Memaw's memories said...

I'm totally tired just reading your list of things you have to do. I used to think when I got older things would slow down. Not happening on my end!

I've decided I can rest when they put me six feet under, unless you literally have to push those dasies up.

We are THAT Family said...

We've had a TON of rain too. Abnormal for us.

I wish we had some land and I'd so take you up on those horses. One day . . .

Sage said...

Thanks for thinking of me and my mom and taking the time to comment on my short blog. I haven't had the time to blog this week, but I am planning to remedy that. Mom is holding, that's about all I can say. My last 26 hour shift was horrendous, with nary a wink of sleep during that time, but I'm surviving and thanking God that I'm not a single child! I wouldn't be able to do it then. Hope to get caught up shortly.


Debbie in NC said...

Lisa, I'm glad your drainage system is working and thanks for sweet comments about my "event"!

Yes, I echo memaw's are one busy woman! I know you can't wait to see your son and DIL! I'm kind of sad about the horses too..that would suck, as they are such beautiful animals!

Please give your cousin a strength hug for me! ((LISA))

Michelle said...

Lisa, I agree that good people make bad decisions sometimes. I sure hope that things work out for your cousin in that what ever is the right thing to have happen, happens. I would just remind her that what ever he did has nothing to do with her value. So many times the victim blames themselves. They could or should have done something different. Not true.

Catching up here!