Friday, May 9, 2008

Good News

Good News Day

Good news to report. It seems all the prayers have been answered as selfishly as we wanted. He has asked if he can come home and they work on issues. It has been a blessed day, not trying to make light of it, for there will be some hard work ahead. But that is a lesson for all of us to learn....don't take things for granted. Good people make bad decisions. I sure have. There are many things I wish I could have do-overs. I would encourage anyone that I talk to do not get married young. It is sooooo very hard. But does it mean that you will not be successful if you marry young? No, not at all. It just seems the statistics are not in our favor. Why? I don't know, but I have my thoughts and opinions on the subject. Like we have not grown up and matured yet. Life is so hard at times and adding marriage, children, debt, career, all those things are hard on a person. And I also think there are so many of us that are not as faithful in church as we should be. Me included. I was one of those that was there every time the doors were open. Then something happened, and I am not there. Lots of excuses, shift work, then just didn't like it, then going through bad marriage and just wanted to get into "a" church. Didn't happen. Separated, divorced, got back into church. That's good. Then new youth pastor comes to town and created great bond with my kids. He and his wife have a baby, baby dies a very suspicious death at a year old, I am now told it might be better if I don't come back to church. See as a police officer I knew what the reports said and what the detective said. I didn't talk about it, didn't want to and that is violation of department policies. Plus I did NOT run and read reports about it. I really wanted to stay neutral. But I also knew good people make bad decision and bad things can happen to good people. I just don't like it when people close their eyes because they think "that person just couldn't do that!" You don't know what people are cable of, you don't know what they are truly thinking, feeling or wanting. People are weird...all of us. We are human. So I quit going to that church. That hurt, the youth minister left with his wife and other child and I didn't go back. It was hard to go back where people don't want to see the truth or even look at the evidence and allow really bad things to happen with no consequences. But life is unfair sometimes. What's even more sad is they hired a really good attorney(Stephen Jones, sound familiar? defended Timothy McVeigh...OKC bomber) and the D.A. who was his understudy "declined" to file charges (lots, lots more to this story, please trust me on that!). Ok, that is the system. Innocent till proven guilty, I agree, I understand, and I believe that. But that sure wasn't the case for me. Told it would be best to not come back? Ok, I guess I killed who??? Oh, I didn't. that's right. I was told I was a spy sent to church by the police department. I had been going to church there for five years....good grief. Oh well. I need to find a church here now that I have moved away.

Man, all of that to say that I believe people need to be more involved in church!!! ha ha ha, I sure take the long way round don't I? Think there might have been some bent up emotions there? hummmm???

Life is funny. We are sure to have ups and downs, in marriage, and in life in general. I can guarantee you that it will not all be easy and none of us will get out of this alive. That I can promise. So I am hoping that my cousin and her husband can have some couple time, have some good communication time, and come out of this ordeal stronger, and better. It won't be easy, the trust, the desire, the heart, they are all going to be damaged and need to heal. But I think they will make it. They have beat the odds so far. And I still admire, love, and respect them. I think I have learned a valuable lesson myself. Be kinder, be softer, and be forgiving. I love you two!


Debbie in NC said...

I'm so GLAD to hear this! I so hope they can get counselling and work this out...yes, tough, but I'm hoping for a good outcome.

That's crap about the church deal and your work being connected! I can see why you'd have issues!

I'm happy you've found another church as a "Retired" Officer! LOL

Michelle said...

I am so sorry that you were made to leave your church as if you were the criminal. I can remember sitting in church and looking around at people. They were all looking around and talking, whispering. Like it was more important who was there and what they were wearing. Needless to say, I do not attend church now. I am happy to enjoy my beliefs in my own way. I wish you luck in finding a new church. If you want a suggestion, let me know. My husbands cousin attends a church there (maybe Berryhill area) and she really enjoys it.

Amy said...

I hope things work out for the best.

That story about your former church is really strange. Sounds like something I would see on Dateline or something. Sorry you had to experience this.