Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Warned You

She's Here!!!
This is my girl, and I am so glad she's here.
Today we have been busy already.
We took her to get pictures done
They are much better than what I can do!
But they do have nicer props.
Then we ran a few errands.
But after we got home, this is what the girls did.
Grandpa went to get Caleb
and the girls just hung out on the patio.
The weather was nice, the colors were pretty
And it made for a cute picture.

Of course a girl needs a bath.
But Grandma, can't a girl get some privacy around here!

Oh thank you, I just love my bath.
And if I can get my hands on it, then it goes in the mouth.
Grandma has a fit when I put EVERYTHING in my mouth.
And Rudy just looks away, knowing I am going to get him all wet
real soon.
Hey wait, Rudy just had a bath earlier, he doesn't need another one.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I love the pics with the hammock. They are adorable.