Saturday, May 3, 2008

Call to the Post

*** Update**** Very bad news, what doesn't happen often happened again today. The filly Eight Belles ran a great race, came in second and after the race while being pulled up by the jockey broke BOTH front ankles. She was put to sleep immediately. It was not shown on tv during the race, but it might be on later so you may not watch to watch reviews of the race. I am still in shock, these things just do not happen often and now here it happened this race. It was two years ago when Barbaro broke his leg as the world watched and he nearly recovered from the injury. And now this poor girl. Fillies normally do not run in the Derby, they have their own derby in fact, but this girl was really good, was 17 hands tall (that's pretty tall) and looked like she could hold her own with the boys. So who knows why this happened. My heart is broken and just aches for all of those who have been in her life. Very sad day, very sad.

Well today I am heading off to my nephews soccer game. I am the unofficial photographer and we are doing team and individual pictures this date. Then their last game is tomorrow at 3:00 so I am going to try and have the season pictures all burned to disks for each boy to have. I just do this for fun for the kids.

I hope you have your speakers on and listen to this whole song. I remember when it came out and have ALWAYS loved it. I still sing it (turn the speakers up loud and then can't hear my own awful voice, but only the dogs are listening anyways.

Then today is the Kentucky Derby day. It is always the first Saturday in May. I have heard there is an Oklahoma horse in it but I can not confirm this information at this time.I have even been to the actual racetrack, not during race season though. It was so weird seeing it. It is old and not very big, not like it looks like on TV. But it is awesome. That is where the mint juleps and big hats became famous. It is where the "run for the roses" has been going on for over a hundred years. Do you know how often they have a triple crown winner? Not hardly ever. W ill this year be the year? I doubt it, but of course I always hope for it. Can you name the three races in the triple crown? Do you know how long each race is? Which one is the longest? Shortest? How old are these colts? Can a filly(girl) run in the race? Can horses from other countries run in this race? Who is the leading trainer, jockey? How much weight do the horses carry? There is so much to this than just a little guy getting on a big horse and running around a track. I have not even had a chance to see who is running in it or who the favorite is. Normally the favorite does not win. I have the paper clippings from when Secretariat won back in the 70's. I remember when Ruffian, the little filly ran the match race against ?? just went blank and broke her leg in the race. I cried and cried and cried. Tragedies like that do not happen that often, but I love horse racing. Those magnificent animals, such athletes. I rode race horses when I was "little" back in high school. I admire their abilities so much. Horses and jockeys alike. Remember Willie Shoemaker? My mom used to say he could ride a donkey in the Derby and come in the top 3. He was awesome. Do you know what took him out??? Drunk driving. Had a wreck in his truck, paralyzed him and a few years later died. Lesson learned in that one. Wish more people would learn it from others instead of from their own experiences. I LOVE horse racing. So if you are watching the derby today, think of me. I will be right there on the sofa cheering on my horses. I will pick one after I see the pre-derby news. Happy horse racing, have a great day/weekend.


Debbie in NC said...

I'm sorry I did not watch the race but did hear about the tragic end. I know I was supposed to watch it while you were but had a working (garage) day again yesterday :( Was thinkin bout ya when I heard about the end though...I've only watched it once or twice but do love horses :)

Will have to backtrack and check out that song!

Memaw's memories said...

I didn't see the race, but heard about the outcome for the horse that had to be put down.

One of the gals in my office and I kept up with Barbaro til they had to put him down. We cried too.

I saw the special they did on him also. It was really good. Lots of people rooted for him.

Are you familiar with a jockey named Early Fires? He may be retired now, but is from our area and is uncle to my son-in-law.

Jessica said...

I am so glad I didn't see any of this. Mr. Bum told me about it and I immediately thought of you. How horrible.