Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grand kid Alert

Warning to All Readers!!!
This is to advise all blog readers....there is a outbreak of severe grand kid missing. So to alleviate this unsettleness in the universe there will be a child shift coming tomorrow. One grand baby will arrive on Wednesday while her momma flies out to Florida to have some quality time with hubby who has been gone since December. He is in another school in Florida learning how to be a recruiter. Then come Thursday evening another grand kid will arrive and stay until Sunday evening. Then the momma will get back into town on Monday, pick up baby and go back to finish up school. The moving day is getting closer. They will close on the house May 27th, with move in date around the 30th. She can't wait. They have been living in a two bedroom trailer house with her in-laws till hubby was released from the ship and finishes school. That is a crowded situation, so pray the house closing goes great and the navy can bring her household goods on the 30th!!!


Debbie in NC said...

Oh you love it!! You stay so busy! I'm surprised you have time to blog LOL

If the Navy says the 30th...it will be the 30th. I have moved 21 times, most of those AF moves. Even though I don't need this size house after David leaves...ugh, I hate the thought of moving!!

One day at a time here...

Sage said...

Nothing better than a grandkid fix, is there? We have 15 grandkids from 22 down to 5. A 21 year old granddaughter is getting married on May 30th. Do you think I'll have pictures to post the next day? You bet I will! Hope we can see pictures of your grandkids, too. Have fun!