Friday, May 30, 2008

You Won't Believe This!

This bird came to visit us today. We knew we had a nest of hawks and my dogs have even tried to attack the hawk once while she/he was picking up something dead off the ground. I screamed at the dog (I know I know, you are not suppose to do that!) for I feared if she DID catch that bird it would rip her to shreds. Luckily she did not, but I will tell you it was very close.

Today and as every day I have been feeding the critters outside my house IE squirrels and birds and deer. Yesterday I counted TWELVE --12-- 10+2=12, one dozen SQUIRRELS in my back yard. I started feeding them (2) to keep them off my back porch and somebody with a VERY BIG MOUTH told the others in the neighborhood that we were feeding some pretty good stuff. I noticed my squirrel herd was increasing, went up to four, then we had seven or eight, then like I said yesterday we had 12~~!!! I have enjoyed watching them play, eat, scamper etc and so far they have not torn anything up. I go out in my pajama's every morning and feed them. They have gotten where they don't even run from me, I can get within four or five feet of them before they scamper away. Am I getting attached to them little critters? Maybe.

So today while I was fixing lunch and looking out the kitchen window I saw this beautiful magnificent bird fly down and land right by my new flower bed. I watched her and she pulled a huge worm from the ground. Either that or a small snake! No it was a worm. I went to grab my camera from the living room and by the time I got back she had flown up into the tree. So I snapped a shot and of course it did not come out clear shooting through the window and screen. So while I am watching her, she takes flight and dives right into my smorgasbord of squirrels. They took off running into the trees and she followed, I do not know if she got one or not. I lost sight of her in the trees and all the foliage. It was a beautiful sight, I love the squirrels but I also admire that hawk. I went outside to see if I could see her and I could hear her or her mate screeching in the sky. I could not find them since we have so many trees, but oh my goodness you could hear them/it. We know the nest must be close and my son said she was probably feeding for the hatch lings, that will be cool if we get to see the babies fly. But they should already be flying the nest by now so we may have to wait till next year. Right now I have small woodpeckers on my window screen pecking the window frame, then they fly off and I will see them catch a bug. I can see them out the window on a limb, oops one just flew by just now. Isn't life grand? And so is nature! Have a wonderful evening or weekend, depending on when you read this. (I get the grand baby again tomorrow!!!) The movers are delivering the furniture Monday, she (step daughter) is very excited to finally have a home, her own homeand then in about two or three weeks hubby will finally be home.


Mental P Mama said...

I love hawks, but hate it when they dive-bomb my feeders. Sigh. Have a great weekend...squeeze that baby for me!

Debbie in NC said...

Oh, I'm so jealous. A hawk? WOW! And what do you feed the squirrels? I bought some corn to put on that wooden thing that is not hung up and just sitting on my deck...duh.

And woodpeckers at your window? I've been trying to attract those suckers for years!! Whine Whine Whine here....

Sage said...

Hawks are my passion! I don't know one kind from another, but love every one of them. When we were still traveling in January, we came across a stretch of road in Arizona where we saw a hawk either on the telephone pole or on the fence pole every mile. I think we counted 40 some before we just quit counting. They are so beautiful! Their flight is so effortless as they glide on the air currents. What a magnificent sight they are! And I love eagles just as much. God sure did give us a varried supply of wonders, didn't He! Enjoy your day.....I'm off for the gift opening. Such fun I'm having this weekend.....I almost feel guilty!


Mental P Mama said...

By the way. That squirrel song is a hoot!

Debbie in NC said...

ROFL!!! did it girl!!! Dancing the Lisa squirrel dance here (Big Smile)!!

Now is that not fun?? Have a safe trip and keep an eye to the sky for the weather! I just mowed and if it was any more humid, I couldn't have breathed!!

Give the baby hug for me!!