Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3 Inches--It's Not About Size

They may say that in size - 3"- is not very much. Well let me assure you three inches is a lot when it comes to rain. We got three inches last night and three inches two nights before that. So in the last 48 hours we have recorded 6 inches of rain. Just look at what all it has done to our beautiful yard. (And Scott's hard work!!!)

This little bridge is suppose to be going across the stream. But so much water went through, picked up this wooden bridge, not only did it turn it 180 degrees, but carried it "down stream" as well.
This is the new flower bed filled with the burning bush shrubs. It completely took the soil out from under the plants including the mulch and newly laid sod.
You can kind of see the water flow by this picture taken from the back porch. The water goes right under the gate and just flows straight down taking out anything in its path.
Remember the drainage ditch I posted about a few weeks ago??? Well here it is. The water went under the piping and pushed it to the surface. So all the digging, bringing in gravel, and setting the pipe for drainage, all to be done again.

Pretty good view of the run off coming off the hill above our house. The debris is a little more clear in this picture.
And a closer shot of the flower garden. You can see how it just could not hold back the water and soil.

You know, this is nothing. In the big picture this is just nothing. So many people lost their houses to tornadoes, or real flooding. We have nothing to complain about. But in the little picture of life ie, needing something to post about since I failed to take pictures of the family reunion this past weekend, this is what I came up with. I just get frustrated with doing something and it having to be redone. I kind of wish my husband would listen to me a little more, but that's ok. I have the brains, he has the bronze. thank goodness.


Sage said...

Oh my. That was a lot of hard work down the drain, no pun intended! I guess we know what you'll be up to in the next weeks, after it all dries out. Isn't the weather strange lately? So many earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, tornadoes, etc. Makes a person wonder what's going on, doesn't it. Well, take some breaks during your yard re-do. And post pictures again when you get things cleaned up and it's all blooming!

Blessings, Marge

Debbie in NC said...

Oh Lisa, I'm so sorry...as a regular flooding girl here, I get it. But you are right, the devastation is terrible all over and our problems are minor. Still sucks though! I gave up on planting anything in water's way!

Mental P Mama said...

The tornado horrors this year are unspeakable. So glad you are safe and sound, but oh my. Maybe he will listen now...

Debbie in NC said...

Well thank you! I wish I had a pool in my back yard! Hey, I just go to playlist and search and search and search...I've never been that much into music. I love it, but also love my silence :) Today the search word was "pool"...lots of weird ones came up!

((Lisa)) :) :) :)

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. Really!

On the plus side, you get to plant a garden again...

I still haven't planted my flowers yet. I have never been this late. We are just getting to much cold weather. Under a frost alert tonight. It is diving into the 30's. Yuck!