Sunday, May 11, 2008

Picture Perfect Day!

And she is so beautiful !

She is one of my former DARE students
With whom I had a close bond.

She was in Tulsa with her mother for a couple days.

And we were able to hook up for a

quick lunch at Brahms (ice cream)

Then I asked if there was time to run to take some quick pictures.

Nearly two hours later I had taken 116 pictures of this girl.

This probably my favorite,

well at least one of them.

But I also like this one.

Oh wait, I like this one too.

Mom was a

willing victim... I mean


to take pictures as well.

Nothing planned, just taking advantage

of a good opportunity.

And I LOVE this one, not sure

daughter is as crazy over it as

I am as a momma.

I think it is so sweet.

And the color in this one is really good too.

Happy mothers day to you "A",

and all mothers out there.


Debbie in NC said...

Lisa, great pictures of course and I love the way you spread them out! You're really getting into this and I love it!

Is that her Momma or you? If it's you then you sure don't look old enough to be retired!!!!

Eckmama said...

These are GORGEOUS! Great job!

Amy said...

Great pics!