Saturday, May 17, 2008


Sweetness in its purest form.
When we went on our cruise this past December
we bought some hammocks to bring home.
We have the chair one hanging up on the patio, and then
Scott got the big one out. And it was a hit!
The kids love it, absolutely LOVE it. Allie will spend hours in it
with someone of course. And Caleb loves it as well.

He thought this was so much fun and enjoyed laying in it as well as pushing anyone he could in it.
This is the other form of sweetness. She was exceptionally good today. She is always a good baby, but today she was really good. Just a happy baby that crawled up my big belly while we were in the hammock and planted a big ole wet open mouth kiss right on me. Remember those? Wet and slobbery, best first kisses from a baby ever. Pass the towel please, and give me another one.
She is such a grandma's girl. It does not matter who has her, or where I am, she wants grandma. She loves everyone, but she so loves her grandma. Will it last? I sure hope so.
Ok, I was a good sport about this picture. Morning with no makeup, or hair done, we were watching cartoons. What better way to spend an early Saturday morning. What was so funny was Allie just played and played in the recliner with me. Knowing that Caleb would feel someone left out I asked him to come sit with me too. He got on the foot of the chair between my legs and just laid there. So I loved on him, and stroked his head or face while he watched tv. Just giving some loving caress that he needed. Then Callie came over and just looked at me with those big sad puppy dog eyes and I could not resist. So I told her she could come up there too. Well Caleb got up to "help" her up and that was all she wanted. She jumped in his spot before both his feet hit the floor. After all, that is where Callie lays when it's just us without the kids. Caleb was fine with it and got right back in the chair and snuggled in with me. Scott got up and grabbed the camera and asked if there was any chance of room for one more person in that recliner. NO. Well unless it would be one more grand child. Someday maybe, someday.
What more could a grandma ask for. Her two favorite grandkids, and her bestest, loyal friend.. Caleb, Callie, Allie and me. It was a very good day.


Mental P Mama said...

What a blissful way to spend a Saturday. Good for all of you, and Grandma, you look mahhhhvelous!

Sage said...

OH, now I am jealous! I need me some grandbaby time! Yesterday I did see my 16 year old granddaughter and her new little sister who is not my granddaughter. This is my ex-daughter-in-law's new baby.......but I did get to hold her and I kind of pretended! You have some beautiful grandkids!


We are THAT Family said...

Oh, how sweet. Those babies are just yummy. Have fun!

Michelle said...

What a lovely picture. I can't wait until I can get moments like that. Well, I can wait because it is too soon, but you know what I mean.Sloppy, open mouth, wet kisses, YUM!!!

Appears to me that one Callie might be just a tad bid jealous of Caleb taking her spout in the chair. I have three dogs and if one of the girls is getting attention Brutus will grab a toy and make as much noise as he can. He knows that Binde will jump at getting any toy away from him and he then takes her place. They are very smart.

Michelle said...

Yes, we take what we can get. I am getting 3 1/2 days this month and then I get 2 days in June (we are meeting in Phoenix for a wedding) and then I get the 4th of July weekend too! Sometimes the best times are just hanging out on the couch.

Jessica said...

Grandmas are just special all the way around. Lil' Bum is 4 and still loves her grandmas.

Glad you had a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the heat today.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

SWEETNESS was the perfect title for this post.

Debbie in NC said...

Well, this is about as good as it gets girl! I love the last picture LOL! Surrounded by lots of love!

They both are absolutely adorable!

Amy said...

These are great pictures. You must have enjoyed your time with the children - they are very cute.

Anonymous said...

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