Monday, May 19, 2008

Linda J, Thank you!

Special Friends
We all have them, we all need them and we all love them.
Girls too can save the world, just give us a couple hours, dinner, and chocolate...
problems solved. Today I got the sweetest card from a very special
life long friend. Well we have been friends for the last 30 years. She always picks the best cards that have such meaning. And then she writes in them. She really writes in them till nearly every spare space has a beautiful word written upon it. Today, I cried.
Even though she moved away to another state we remained friends of the deepest
kind. We used to do this thing that is a lost art today, it is called "letter writing".
Boy could Linda write a letter. Heck, they were novels of the greatest kind.
Not these sappy romance novels that people get paid to write. But rather these novels that touch the heart, the very soul of your being, because you are best friends. Then there would be the phone calls. Back then we had to pay extra for long distance so the phone calls were few and far between. Not like today where we have Internet, email, and cell phones with pretty much unlimited long distance. Yes the art of writing your feelings, thoughts and dreams on paper are pretty much over. In my life time I have had three very special, extra special friends. You see, I have no sisters, I am the middle child (that should explain a lot about me to most of you out there!) between two great brothers. And as you already know, I was the best Tom-boy in the country, but there is nothing like having another girl to talk to. And in my life there was Cathy, one of my dearest friends in the world, Jill, my cousin, but should have been my sister, and Linda. Linda is the one that we could talk for hours....I mean HOURS on the phone,write letters, then not get a chance to talk again for a month or maybe even two and then pick up right where we left off. You know the friend. I think we all have them. But Linda is one of those special ladies that is always thinking of others and not afraid to share her feelings. We cry together, share, laugh, and hurt together. That is a true friend. Hurt sometimes more than a person should have to, but then again we all have those trials. She has had more than her share. How did I get so lucky to get through this world with such little pain and tribulations? Sometimes I think it isn't fair, but I am grateful. She however keeps going, loving, and giving of herself. I will never know another friend as true and loyal as she is. We can talk or even not talk and we just understand each other. I am so blessed to have had three very best friends in my life. I hope you are blessed as well. And as I have found out, tell them how much you love them, for they won't always be here. Tomorrow they may be gone. So Linda, (and Jill) I love you both more than my words can ever tell. You are the best friends in the world.
Cathy, I still miss you every single day of my life. You left very good girls that are great mommas, you would be so proud!


Mental P Mama said...

Lisa, what a beautiful post. And, letter writing truly is a lost art. I try to make myself sit down and write a letter from time to time. It really feels good!

Michelle said...

WOW, I was just talking to my BFF who is back in Seattle. We were just talking about how close we are. I told her she was my constant. I miss her. I am the baby of 3 with 2 older brothers. I know how you feel about not having sisters. Besides Susie I have one other BFF who lives in Phoenix. Going there in 2 weeks for her daughters (my god daughter) wedding. It will be nice to see them. Thanks for a great post.

Sage said...

A beautiful post on friendship. And as you commented on my blog, yes, it's wonderful that people can become close friends without even meeting each other, as in blog friends. I look forward to several blogs every day, your's included, so I can see how my friends are doing that day. And when I get a comment from them I appreciate it so much, as I know that someone is thinking of me, at least at the moment of posting. Thank you for your comments, thoughts and prayers. ~marge~

Eckmama said...

So do we get a birthday post? A belated one, since your birthday was YESTERDAY!!! Did you eat cake? Did you eat a bite for me? Did you share some with Allie? Did you take pictures of anything on your special day? Spill your guts, birthday girl!!!

Amy said...

This was really nice. I am fortunate to have two sisters - my best friends!

Hope all is well with you! =)

Kellie said...

You have moved me to What a great blog you have created!

Debbie in NC said...


Internet friends are wonderful but you can't beat the real life ones! I remember the letters/cards days and those cherished & worn letters are priceless.

Beautiful post and thank God for Linda :)