Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Are the Holidays Over Yet?

This Should Catch You Up!

There has been a lot going on over here at my house. Since Christmas I have taken pictures at two different events. One is my mom's cousin and her girls and their girls/family! That was so much fun. The girls are all about the same age, all get along and we had a lot of fun. Then I took pictures at a family reunion of about 50 people on Saturday. They were such a nice family and invited us to eat with them as well. They had rented a church so they had a basketball court, a bounce/jump thing, all kinds of places for the kids to run and play. Then they had the kitchen area with tables all around with food and seating for the adults to visit. Such a nice set up. I took my backdrop, turned it sideways and got the lights all set up and took pictures for about three hours. We had agreed on a price for me to do this ***notice****I got PAID to do this. Debbie did you hear that??? I actually got money for this!!! And on top of everything else....these people were so nice they actually paid me more than what I asked for. That was so nice, such a surprise. And they had not even seen the pictures.....that is what made me feel really good. That tells me that my heart is in the right place. AND.....the pictures did turn out nice.

Then came Sunday. Sunday was the day my family was getting together for Christmas. We had a nice time together. We did an afternoon gathering (I like that better than lunch at noon!) I had fixed ham roll ups, chocolate dipped pretzels, sugar cookies, peanut clusters, meat and cheese tray, sliced meat for sandwiches or crackers, a cheese ball, vegetable tray, fruit and fruit dip, buckeyes, and little smokies bar-b-q. Whew, there was plenty of food to eat. We did Dirty Santa for our Christmas which is fun and the little kids did a dirty Santa as well. Guess what their gifts were....if you know me.....and I bought the gifts for it.....would you be surprised to hear they had to play with webkinz? Well they were littlekinz. But the kids acted like they had fun. I have a 10 year old nephew who is going through that awkward stage...not a baby, and not a big kid. That is what he told me. I felt so bad for him. He said he is expected to play with the little kids, but the adults have more fun. Oh I remember that stage of life and he is just 10. He has a little more time to go in that stage. Plus he is the oldest of the young kids. Every one was there except for my son and dil. We missed them, but that is the way it is going to be from now on. Everyone lives so far apart, so the times will be harder and harder to get everyone together. We still had a great time.

Then came Monday. Sarah and her family all came and stayed the night with us on Sunday and then agreed to house sit for us the next couple days. It is so much work to travel anywhere with the dogs and leaving them behind is as hard for me as leaving children for mommas. But we needed to go to Texas to see my son and his wife. I had purchased a really neat gift for Amanda and I could not wait for her to see it. TJ on the other hand, well, not nearly as exciting! We drove the five hours there with NO STOPS!!! I could not believe it. The time just flew by. We listened to a book on CD called Mary Mary by James Patterson....I love him. He writes some great murder mysteries and this was a gift from Amanda a few years ago. I had never had the time to listen to it, found it in my closet so hear opps, here we go! We listened to it all the way down and all the way home with an hour to spare. That was a nice drive. The sad part about our trip was, we drove there, got in about 2:00 pm. took TJ to lunch for Amanda was at work, hung out at the house till Amanda got home, opened gifts, ate dinner, watched a movie, visited, went to bed and the next day had to leave. Amanda worked on Monday, and Tuesday, TJ was off Monday night but had to work Tuesday night. We took the kids to lunch on Tuesday then had to say goodbye. We were there 24 hours. In all of that I did not take but a couple pictures and they did not turn out well at all. Good grief. But Amanda got something from us she has been wanting for a long time....a Kitchen-Aid mixer. TJ got a new printer and an electric chain saw!!! Plus a gift card from Academy. Well he had already gotten his printer working since he told me to get him one, so he took it back and got some hunting stuff for him. OK. Christmas turned out pretty good. Sarah got a really nice camera, Chris got a router and bits, Beth got her new I-phone and then TJ and Amanda seemed pretty happy with theirs. Next year??? I think I am giving some money and then I am going on vacation! SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE, ANYONE WANT TO JOIN ME?


Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's Over!

It's Almost Over Anyways!
Well at least part of Christmas is over. We had a WONDERFUL time with our grand children and their parents on Christmas eve. We had T-bone steak and the trimmin's thanks to our daughter and sil. I brought a cherry salad and some cookies, then forgot to get the cherry salad out of the fridge...guess we weren't hungry for more huh? We had plenty and Sarah is a very good cook. We opened gifts with the family and my daughter from OKC even drove up to join us. Then Beth and her dog Daisy came home with us and we brought Chloe home too. That made FIVE dogs in my little house for Christmas day. Sarah and her family were going to Enid for Christmas and a couple days there after for other gatherings and a funeral. Chris lost his grandfather the day before Christmas eve and the funeral was scheduled for Friday.
I can honestly say this has not been one of the best Christmas' I have had. I am not talking about the gifts, that was completed early this year and I was very happy with my selections for everyone. This year was the first year in my adult life that I can remember that I did not decorate for Christmas. That just makes me very sad for I have beautiful decorations. I have spent my entire life collecting things to make Christmas festive. It just seemed different this year. It was a little depressing, just not much fun. No Christmas parties, I didn't get cards sent out, I feel a little like a failure....ok, no pity party here. It is what it is, it didn't get done and next year will be different. I can assure you all of that.
Yesterday our temperature was unbelievable. We broke all records by several degrees. We were still 73 at 10:00 last night. It was hot in the house. I almost turned the a/c on to cool the house down. Humid, hot, uncomfortable...and today we are to have very cold temps. Right now at 6:00 a.m. it is 72!!! But very strong storms are coming through. We are under a tornado watch just like spring and I see the lightning out my window right now. So I better make this short and get it posted before the storm hits. Oh, I hear the thunder now too.
Yesterday I took pictures of my mom's cousin and her two daughters and their two daughters each. I had a lot of fun. I took 315 pictures and was able to throw several out, I narrowed it down to just a little over 200!!! I will let them take it from there! I am so pleased with how several turned out, and the girls all get along great together. They are all very close in age, one set of twins at almost 12, and then the other two are 12 and 14. They were so funny and willing to try different things. They told me this was the most fun time they have ever had having their pictures taken. That made me feel great!
Today I am taking pictures at a family reunion of about 50 people. That should be interesting! It will be more of a challenge, trying to get a good shot quickly of so many families. I think she told me it will be seven siblings and their families plus one elderly aunt and uncle if they come. But we will see, the weather is coming in really bad right now, thank goodness this party is not until 4:00 today. I just trust it will all be ok by then.
The lens I have been watching on Amazon went up by about $40.00 !!! darn it! I didn't get any camera equipment for Christmas which would be very hard for anyone to do, but I really would like this new lens. I have my tickets bought for Florida for the end of January to visit my aunt and uncle YEA!! and most of Christmas is paid for. So that is good news. I don't make resolutions, I would never keep them, but I do hope that this next year brings me a stronger work attitude, that I pursue my photography more as a business and not JUST a hobby. I hope to really make some changes such as adding a family room onto our house, make the garage into a studio, and have a shop built for my husbands tools and hobbies. I just can not believe how fast the years are passing me by, age is a funny thing when it comes to time and I am not sure I like it. I hope this posting find everyone healthy, enjoying time with family, and ready to celebrate the beginning of another new year. I hope everyone is making plans to celebrate safely and responsibly. I sure don't want to lose any of my new friends due to something we have control over! Ok, the cop in me is coming out huh? The rain is coming in, I hear it on the roof so I am going to close my post. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I have not been on the computer lately, been a little busy. I love Christmas time and this year I have enjoyed a couple extra gifts. I had my precious grand daughter for a few days, then traded her for the grandson. We have been making cookies, candies and stuff.

I have been doing last minute Christmas shopping with and for family. My mom just can not get out and shop like she used to so I have so enjoyed going to do it for her or with her. I have never had that opportunity since I lived nearly 2 hours away. Before I just ran home on Christmas day with the kids and then we would run back home and try to enjoy the holidays best we could.I have always hated all the rush of the holidays and it is still there, but not as bad.

My girls this year will be very happy at Christmas. They are receiving gifts that I hope will make them very happy. The sad thing about that is the word "things". I know
things should not make us happy, but I have tried very hard this year to find just the right thing for each of them.

And the guys, well, lets just say there is always next year!

I have done a really good job at not spoiling the grand children with gifts. I think the best gift is time with grandma and that is a year long gift, no a life long gift! The gift that keeps on giving! So Merry Christmas Caleb and Allie!

And to my friends that I have made this year....


Here is hoping you have time with your family,
time with your friends,
and time for yourself.

Here is hoping that no matter where you are
that you are healthy,
and warm.

Here is hoping that you know you are loved,
you are very special to so many,
and needed.

Merry Christmas my dear Blogging Friends
Aren't we all so lucky, and so very blessed.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Funnies

Well, here it is AGAIN, another Friday. How do I know it is Friday? Because it is time to link up with Kim at Homesteaders Heart for your funny bone tickle! Where does the week go? I do know this...I still don't have a tree up nor decorated and Christmas is less than a week away. I have my gifts all bought, I have the gifts all wrapped, but NOT UNDER a tree...see sentence above. I have found some recipes that I want to try for our Christmas get together, and have planned pretty much everything except when I will get with my son and dil. Life is difficult when they live six hours away and work one job on mid-nights and the other during the day Mon-Fri job.

I have a friend coming over today for me to take her picture with her sister and daughter, shhhh, it is a Christmas gift for her daddy! This friend is one that I have taken most of my photography classes with and she asked ME to take her pictures...that made me feel really good. Plus I have my grand daughter for the next three days!!! Hip hip hooray! then Sunday I will trade her for my grandson and keep him till Christmas Eve when we will take him home to exchange gifts. We are really blessed. Life is coming together so nice, I am proud that my family is all healthy, and in my life. As you all know, family is the most important thing to me so right now my world is all ok. I also love the giving of gifts, I know it is NOT the true meaning of Christmas, but I do feel that it is a part of the reason. Giving of one's self. I am a very giving person, maybe even to a fault. But I feel good to know that I have been so blessed.

I am blessed to have many new friends, and many old friends. I love sending out Christmas cards and letters. But this didn't happen. I am very sorry to say that I just didn't get the stamps for the cards this year. I did have this problem....please don't laugh, there are just some things I don't really know...... I DON'T know you all THAT well.

You see.....

I went to the post office to buy stamps for my Christmas cards. I told the clerk, "May I have 50 Christmas stamps?"

The clerk said, "What denomination?"

I looked her right in the eye and said, "God help us. Has it really come to this?

Ok fine, give me 6 Catholic, 12 Presbyterian, 10 Lutheran and 22 Baptists." Some of you may not be getting any Christmas cards this year!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

She Started It!!

Not MY fault!!!

This posting is NOT my fault. It is in fact the results of me visiting Mental P Mama she was writing about a bunch of stuff I don't understand, she is smart like that. But I do know, and I do understand one thing...I love hippopotamus' and when I told her that, guess what happened? Well if you DON'T have your speakers on, you NEED to NOW. It is HER fault, all HER fault, and now I can't get that STUPID song out of my head!!!! I hope it attaches to someone else and soon!!!! I updated my play list to include Christmas music, I love Christmas music too!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Other Weekend Photo Event!

Meet My Latest Victims!!!

These two youngster have a lot of personality

and spunk.

On the left is a 12 year old young lady

and her 14 year old brother.

These two gave me some good laughs

and some really good shots too.

Teenagers, their interest, and their loves.

I think you will figure out what I mean...
(This is my second posting today,please take a peek at the other pictures too!)

My Weekend--Catch Up

My Daughters Best Friend's Family

I went to OKC this weekend to get pictures of this.

And to keep these kids while their parents went out.

Ryan and Feliz have become my daughters very dear friends

and as a mother, I can never tell them how much I appreciate that.

So since "little" Marco turned 3 months

and they needed Christmas pictures,

I wanted the honor of taking their pictures.

I was really nervous, but.....


Meet Jaden, Marco, and Isabella

along with their parents,

and my new God Grandchildren.

There is always room in my heart for beautiful children!