Monday, December 8, 2008

Second Posting from This Weekend!

This was a Tall Order to Achieve!
No kidding.
This family starts with dad at 6'7
then two sons at 6'5 and
the "little woman" 5'4
son who is 12
and a
10 year old

I love this picture of 2nd oldest with his parents.
Each child had a picture taken with their parents.
I just think in years to come those will be very special.
And when they found the leaves, oh this was fun.

Thank goodness this was done at the end.

But it did make for some cute pictures!

This young man is a Sr. and wants me to take his Sr. Pictures this spring!

Oh yes, I would love that.

And he already has a ton of ideas.

I like it when they know what they want!!!

Youngest son was fun too.

2nd Oldest is very handsome and just poses naturally!

Look at how long he is!

This is a new trick I learned so I had to try it out!
I love it!!
Can't wait to try it on the grand kids!!!

The kids indoors were so willing to do anything I asked.

And I could not believe that I got the whole family on that little background.

But I really like the picture out doors,
They are just such a happy family.
I hope they will like their pictures!
This is a very special couple.

Brother Todd feeds anywhere from 40-70 homeless people in Tulsa
three days a week. He then ministers to them and worships with them
and will help them with any issues they have.
He helps them to find jobs, find family, find God, and does it
all on donations. He does not accept
government help because of all the red tape.
He has a "thrift store" and donations
from other churches and does great works from what I hear.
Not only does he feed the belly, the soul, and the spirit,
he will clothe them, give them money and all the help
he can. I think that is pretty cool.


Mental P Mama said...

These are all great! What a beauty that young lady is...And I love the Senior shot with the cellphone. That is perfection;)

claudia said...

What a handsome family! That young lady is a beauty!
Dad is a wonderful man. Taking care of those that need care. He must possess an extrememly large heart!
Great pictures!

Michelle said...

So I figure that one of these days I am going to have to fly you to where my family is so you can take our pictures. Great shots.

Marge said...

More winners!!!!

Tonjia said...

what a cool family! I'll bet that mom runs the show, even though she is only 5'4".

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Sounds like a wonderful family. The pics are great and that silhouette one is very cool.

Just Joni said...

ah, a man after my own heart...

great photos Miz Lisa!

Memaw's memories said...

Great pictures. Love the kids in the leaves. Brings back such memories.