Monday, December 1, 2008

My Final Project

Photo Essay
"Animal Faces"


Mr. Squirrel

Mr. Goat

Do you know what this is???

The Cat at the Vet's Office

Another goat I found while driving around in the country yesterday!



Great Dane and Calf

Pot Belly Pig

The cutest donkey in the world.
I got an "A".....
Well at least I got a complement from the teacher!
Tonight was my last class of my photography "certificate" program.
I have really enjoyed taking the classes and plan on taking
more next year to continue my education.
Now I am suppose to be given a piece of paper
to add to my portfolio. Yahoo!!


Anonymous said...

All are GREAT pics! My fave is the Kitty and the Donkey!

You know I love the close ups! You are great!

Can't wait to see the pics with my grandbabies! Night, night! Love you, Jill

bernthis said...

I'll take buddy, the rabbit and the donkey. Adorable.

Homesteader in Training said...

Oh yeah!!!! Way to go Lisa! Those pictures are great! I'd give you an A+. So have you got your ticket yet to come take our pictures lol.

Mental P Mama said...

These are fantastic! Cannot wait for more;)

Marge said...

Cute, cute, cute! Love all of them and glad you got your A! I got through my "test" yesterday too, and sure was happy to eat and have my coffee when it was all over! I'm heading into town for lunch with a friend today. Could you join us?

Have a good day! Marge

Caution Flag said...

Congratulations!! Love that squirrel picture. Love it!

claudia said...

Great pics of the critters! I can see why you got that compliment from the teacher, all along I could see it. You are a great photographer!

Michelle said...

As always, great shots.

NoBS said...

Beautiful pictures! Most people don't realize how much difference it makes to be at eye-level with the animal.

Should you visit my site, check out my Camera Critters tag. Pictures of my own kitties. Taken by me.

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Those are fantastic! Glad you finished - you definitely deserve the A!

Putz said...

you asked a question, my answer, THEY ARE ALL PiCTURES OF DOGS... you asked what that was....right?

Tonjia said...

I love them all!!! Especially Chloe. She has such a smoochable little mug.

Debbie said...

Decisions, decisions. They are all perfect. The adorable squirrel reminds me of the squirrel song that made me laugh and laugh!

And Putz!! ROFL

You deserved higher than an A :)