Monday, December 8, 2008

Third Post Today --Kind of Gross! Sorry

The Story of Click and Bang!
Our son in law came over to deer hunt early this morning.
And I do mean early.
So they get to my parents house, head out to the tree stands.
Chris is loading his gun and says he really can't see the bullet,
it feels kind of light but he loads the gun anyways. He is up in this
tree when this little buck comes walking through.
Chris has already told Scott that he was shooting a buck no matter
how big it was, he had to shoot something today before going home!
So typical man!
So as this buck is coming through the clearing, Chris just has to raise the gun
and pull the trigger. So he does. All he hears is "click". No gun fire.
So he tried it one more
He reaches into his pocket pulled out another bullet and combat loads his rifle.
By now the buck is walking past so Chris has to lean out on the tree stand,
the deer hears him and raises his head, turns slightly towards him and
The story goes that when Scott sighted in Chris' gun the other day
he kept the empty shells and put them back in the box. So when Chris
went to load his gun today he grabbed the four bullets on the end of the box.
It was the same four bullets Scott had used already. But Chris
had pulled one more bullet out of the box of shells and it was a good one.
That was the bullet that he used to kill the deer.
We have laughed at the story that Chris tells of his
father in law sabotaging his deer hunt for he shot and killed
the deer that Scott had tried to get.
This was Chris' second time to go out deer hunting
and his first buck to shoot. He was very excited.
Again, it is probably not something most of you want to read.
But I have grown up with hunting and see the importance of deer hunting.
I won't go into all the reasons why it is necessary, but I will say,
Way to go Chris, you killed Bambi!

The two guys and two bullets, Bang and Click.
Guess who is holding which ones!
Chris with his deer, his gun and HIS bullet!

Ok, it is just a little six point, but it is his first and he is very proud.

Way to go Chris, happy hunting and we are glad to be a part of it!

See you again soon....I think you can now go for the doe!
This is my third post tonight. Please make sure you see my other GOOD pictures!
No offense Chris.


Mental P Mama said...

Men and their drama;)

Sarah said...

Thank you for taking the pics for me. I am so happy for Chris, now he's a man!! LOL I know this cause I was reminded of it like a hundred times when he got home!!! MEN!!!

Tonjia said...

hey a buck is a buck! Congrats Chris! I totally understand the reason to hunt, when I was little we lived on a cattle ranch in Montana. Did we eat cattle? NO! we ate venison. Good old Montana grass fed venison, mmmmmmm I love it.

LOL at Scott! I love the look on his face in the picture.

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

I grew up in Montana! I have no problems with hunting though I couldn't do it myself. Great story and nice to have pics of it!

Just Joni said...

I understand the reasons to hunt but I sure don't like it...poor Bambi...just look in his little eyes! Well make sure they eat everything and nothing gets wasted!


Michelle said...

HA HA! As I told her, I am not that organized. Those 4 just happened to be with a bunch of stuff I brought back from my brothers. And they should look similar because we went to the same place each year. I don't think it is always the same Santa though. She is gonna kill me when she FINALLY checks blogs.

Only The Good Stuff said...

Awe! Great Pictures, not only here, but the last few posts!
This is my new blog. I plan on using more than the others in the past.....I am ADD with blogs!

Debbie said...

Whaaaaaaaaa! I could have skipped this one, but I do understand men and their huntin!!

Congrats Chris!

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