Monday, April 26, 2010

This is for you Marge !

First there was this really cute couple...
Oh they loved each other so much.

And they were happy.

They fell in love.......

And soon this little guy came along.

He was loved by his mother....
He is loved by his father.....

And loved by everything around him in his life!!!

They are one cute happy family.

who couldn't love this cute little face?

And who doesn't get tired of all these pictures?
Is it REALLY necessary?

Ahhh, and finally THE END....


This is Cade, he is my little cousin.
I have been photographing him since
he was born. Now he is turning ONE...
He was all smiles until I got the camera
ready and we put the cake down.
But he is so stinkin' cute it doesn't matter
if he smiles or not.

No one was hurt in the photographing of this
special event. No staging was necessary,
this little guy DESTROYED this cake
all on his own.
I had to laugh!!!


Mental P Mama said...

Adorable! But when you started out in past tense, I got all nervous!!!!

Marge said...

Cute, Cute, Cute! That little guy is absolutely adorable, but then his parents aren't bad looking either! What fun that you can take all those pictures and then compare them with previous ones so you can see how he's grown. You'll be putting together the photo board for his graduation, I'll bet!

Glad you finally posted. And also glad that the tornadoes didn't get you!

claudia said...

As usual, you have gone and taken some fantastic pictures. Cade is definitely all boy! What a little cutie pie!

free fonts said...

your son looks so cute ^^!
warm greeting for your lovely family