Sunday, November 4, 2007

New Grandbaby

Allie Marie
About 2 weeks old

Isn't she cute?

Caleb and Allie just getting home.

Here is our Allie Marie. This is our second grandchild born the middle of October with big brother Caleb being the first. These are Scott's daughter's children. They live too far away for us to see them and we do miss that. We spent time with Caleb when he was born for the first 12 days I think. We didn't get to do that with this new little one. What a shame. We have a good bond with Caleb, but hopefully we will get to see Allie before she graduates!!!! Isn't she pretty? Scott's daughter had to have a c-section so that does not make it easy. Plus her husband had to leave a week later to be gone until the middle of November. That is hard too. His parents came up for a week to help Sarah with them and that is good. Two kids plus one c-section is not easy. I know first hand. Enjoy! I will share more pictures as they become available.

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