Saturday, August 16, 2008

Busy Day--Several posting Saturday

Today you are getting three, four or maybe even five postings. I am on a roll today baby. I have been taking a few pictures this morning of a friend of mine and her cousin. So I wanted to put them on my blog. Plus I had to put some pictures of Shay in there too, the little one that I baby sit?! Shay and Sarah are actually sisters just a few years apart. 24 in fact!!! But Shay is so blessed to be in this family. She has a momma and daddy that wanted her to join their family and her big sister is just!!!! I can't wait to take pictures of Shay and Sarah. I have already taken pictures of mom and dad with Shay but we could not work out a time for Sarah to join us. So this next time we will get a family photo and some of just the two girls. I can't wait. These are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Their hearts are so big, tender and over filling with love. I feel so blessed to have met them and to now have them in my life.

My other busy moment this weekend is....we are grand dog sitting. I have been needing a grand kid fix so badly so when my Sarah called and asked if we could baby sit the dog I said yes, on one condition. That we meet up after Caleb gets out of school so I can hug, kiss and see the kids. She laughed and said ok, that was workable. Whew, thank goodness. We wanted the kids last week, but due to my stupid knee going out on me I did not get them. Now this weekend they are going to a family reunion and taking the kids with them. (the nerve!) So I have the puppy. I don't think I ever told you they named her Chloe. To rhyme with Zoe. My dog is Zoe and Caleb so badly wanted to name his Zoe too. His daddy put his foot down and said no. So Chloe was the compromise. She is such a good puppy and my dogs are getting along with her just fine. Last night she did cry but when I went in to get on to her I took her outside to do her business then moved her kennel into the living room with the other dogs and she never let out another peep all night. She will go to the door and whine and dance when she needs to go out doors. Pretty good for a puppy that is only 7 weeks old and she has done this since we hid her out at a little over 4 weeks old. (don't get me started on that, you know I am still mad at that woman for deceiving my kids about the puppy's age!) But she is a very smart puppy and a sweet one too. Later on I will post some pictures of her so you can see how much she has grown since my last postings. But right now, I think I am through with the computer, so after reading this, be sure and read the other three posting for today! OK? Now I am going to watch a movie with my husband, come on dogs, all four of you!!!


Tonjia said...

what a great photographer you are! I love all of the pictures.

Keep them coming!

We are THAT Family said...


Hope your Saturday has been awesome!

Just Joni said...

well I read your posts...every one of them...and you have been a busy lady! I like the name Chloe for the puppy (that's always been one of my favorite names)...your pictures turned out spectacular and you did have some beautiful subjects to practice on...that always helps! I'm sure they will all be pleased with the are those photography classes coming along?

Mental P Mama said...

I want a puppy.

Michelle said...

How come I did not know her name was Shay? Is that the full name or is it short for something else? My Shay's name is actually Sharayah and it is a song by Amy Grant.

Thanks for keeping us in yor thoughts. This will just be a bad storm I'm sure. They have closed the schools for tomorrow but work is still on. Unless I want to take vacation time. Not sure what I will do yet but will keep you posted. Maybe I will get some good pictures!

Putz said...

so why does lisa and her blog interest me so much, i don't know maybe it is because it feels like comments make a difeerance in her life and that i do like

Debbie said...

You are having WAY much more fun than me!! Babies and grandpuppies and photos and fun! Whaaaaaa!!!

I'm looking forward to photos of Chloe (how cute) and of Caleb WITH her :)

Yes, guard is still up but I noticed during time with the hard crime guys I had two guards which made me smile :) Whew!