Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shay--Week One

Shay's First Week With "Aunt" Lisa

I arrived around 7:15 my first day with momma bringing all my stuff inside. I'm in the car seat thing, see it? I was a little afraid momma might cry leaving me there, but she didn't. She is a good mom, she picked this really nice lady to take care of me while she is at work. She told me to be good, play nice with the dogs, and to eat all my food. I thought, hey yes, this is going to be an easy gig, eat, sleep, play, get my pants changed at the drop of a hat, and rock, oh yes, I can get rocked off and on all day if I want it. Pretty much this new woman in my life is here for my every command. I might like this after all.

I'm was pretty much ok with this new place, it has big dogs to protect me (and to wake me with their barking!! Bad dog!) a soft bed to sleep in, and a nice cuddly grandma type woman that likes to rock babies. I'm thinking this may not be too bad of a place to hang out till mom comes to get me.

Oh I am all happy now, till the gas kicks in, then the tone changes just a bit. And would that woman get that camera out of my face!!! MOM....the poparat, the popparot....the camera lady won't leave me alone!!!!

Oh this being cute is such hard work, and a girl does need her beauty sleep. Nothin' better than sleepin' and swinging.

Then this "Aunt" Lisa lady put a big ole, huge bow on my head to take more pictures.
I have a thing or two to say about all of this...But the bow is kind of cute isn't it?

Oh my, I think this woman is going to be taking lots of pictures of me. Every time I turn around there is this camera in my face and this bright light going off. It makes me blink real fast and see white spots for a little while. Is this the life of a movie star?

Good Grief!!!
Thank goodness for the weekend!

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Tonjia said...

Lisa, Shay is such a precious little girl, and the bow looks great!!

what a perfect subject to practice your photography on!

Mental P Mama said...

Oh how I wish I could come play with you two! I would wear that baby out dressing her up!