Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Random Facts

25 Random Things About Me
1. I am a middle child with two brothers born and raised in Tulsa, OK area.
2. I always wanted to be a police officer, and retired as one in Enid, OK!
3. As a sophomore in High School, I gave up playing basket ball to ride/train race horses. Wish I was that skinny now!!!
4. Was one of about six females in the state of Oklahoma to be the first President of our local FFA chapter. ( I loved being in the FFA organization!)
5. I have never drank a beer in my life to this very day (48 years, 3 months and some days). I can not stand the smell of beer.
6. I am very lucky to have loved my job for many many years and to have so many good stories to share about it. I love helping people as a police officer and citizen.
7. I have a step daughter, sil, and two grandchildren. After a very rough start, we now are working on a really good relationship. Hip Hip Hooray.
8. I lost three friends in one year to cancer, one being my best friend.
9. My grandfather lived to be 95 and then died of a gall bladder attack, my great grandmother lived to be 104, so I need to take better care of myself.
10. Even as a tough police officer ALWAYS in control, I can be very insecure, and get my feelings hurt, but I try not to let any one know it!
11. Broke my left arm twice.
12. Have had stitches in my head because I kissed a boy in 7th grade.
13. Graduated with a Law Enforcement Degree from NWOSU in Alva, OK.
14. I am married to a retired Fire Fighter.
15. Participated in a program called Cadet Lawman between my jr/ sr year in high school where we for a week went through police training.
16. Had both my children by C-section.
17. My son was born on my second anniversary.
18. My daughter was born on her paternal grandparents anniversary.
19. Went to school till the 8th grade in a little country school.
20. Went to the "city" school in 9th-12th grade.
21. Went through a divorce after 14 years of marriage.
22. My first car was a 1967(?) Chevy Impala nick named The Tank.
23. Have always loved photography.
24. Have always wanted to travel to every state in our great Union.
25. Love my boxer dogs more than words can tell. And I mean that seriously.
I think being on the computer makes it easy to portray ourselves how we want. But I also think we do open up to some extent when we connect with certain ones via the Internet. I love meeting people, and getting to know them. I am very much a people person and I truly believe everyone has a story, they are important for just being who they are. I value human life so much, probably why I was a good police officer, or at least why it was my passion. I believe in right over wrong, try to live my life that way, and I have always tried to walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. I was a DARE officer for 16/17 years and taught literally thousands of students and felt it was so important to set the right example. I was NOT always the best mom, but I think I was a good mom, I tried to be, but I had my failings and shortcomings when it came to raising my children. I wonder how they would rate me? Maybe I had too high of expectations, I don't know. I loved them, gave them everything they needed and lots of what they wanted. And for the most part, I feel they turned out really pretty good. I really have no regrets in my life. I feel I have lived a good life, I have a very strong faith and belief in God, and have been very blessed by Him.
What I would like for you to do give me some random things about you. I have a few of you that read my post on a regular basis, as I do yours. And I would like to get to know you. If you don't want to do a posting, then please feel free to leave it on the comment page. Tell me a little about you, I would really like to get to know you better.


Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Great random things (though I was a bit confused that you said 10 and then had 25?)! :)

I love reading these kinds of things and getting to know people better. I don't think I can think of anything new right now as you have already read my 100 things, though I don't think I mentioned that I have a sister that has Down's syndrome, is mentally retarded and lives in a group home.

There you go - that's something!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Random Stuff About Myself:

* My last living grandparent was buried this Monday. She was 94. I can't write about it yet.

* This guy's blog cracks me up. I'm so glad he only posts a couple of times a month. My ribs would not survive otherwise!

* I make mistakes as a mom. (Don't all mom's make mistakes?) I am not afraid to say I am sorry to my children. I use the phrase "Do over." It is code for all of us in this little family of mine- to restart the conversation or moment that we are having!

* I grew up amazingly tough. It made me strong. I may look like sugar but I am made of steel. ;-)

* Lisa, I just feel like you would be a person I could talk to about life. That is a good feeling. :-)

Debbie said...

Lisa is a GREAT person to talk to about life and I should be smacked up side the head for staying away from computer for so long!

I miss ya girl and I'm trying to do better here :)

I can't even think of 25 things LOL. You did a great job on this and I do know you better after reading it ((hugs))

Michelle said...

Great things. I am only to 10 and am getting bored myself. I am off tomorrow so maybe I can get caught up.

Michelle said...

It is so easy to be a back seat driver or a couch coach during the football game. The evidence we had, or lack of evidence, and the testimony of the officer that was contradicted numerous time by the video cause us to come to our decision. As I said, if all we had to go with was the officers testimony we probably would have found him guilty. But the video tape from the officers patrol car contradicted what he said on some crucial points.

I don't drink and drive but I am known to drive a little faster than I should. But no matter what the reason to be pulled over I have always been advised by a lawyer to never agree to anything or admit anything.

On the bottom of the new Florida License it says that "Operation of a motor vehicle constitutes consent to any sobriety tests required by law." He performed 3 tests and 6 people watching that video saw the same thing. He performed them in a manner that we felt showed control. He was at all times polite and did not sway in his stances. This is called reasonable doubt. Trust me, during the trial I went from an automatic guilty to listening to the judges directions and agreeing with the others about there being doubt.

I would probably refuse the breath test too. Just because my brother is a lawyer and I have friends who are lawyers or x-cops and they ahve always said the same thing. Gotta get my ars to bed. Have a great Friday.

Tonjia said...

okie dokie!! I now have tomorrows blog topic!

I love reading these things that people post about themselves because I think most people are honest. I try to be, and it really does offer a window to your soul.

By the way, even though I have never met you in person (but I hope to some day) I think you are probably one of the most interesting people I have met in bloggerland. Thank you for sharing a part of you with us Lisa..

Homesteader in Training said...

I am pretty much how I portray. It would be way to hard to "act" this way lol. I know you've probably alreay read my 100 things about me post and the 7 random things I just posted not to long ago so not much has changed lol. I'm sure more of me will come out with each post. That's why you have to keep reading *wink*.
Blessings to you my friend.

Mental P Mama said...

What a great post! I need more details for #12. Thanks;)

Amy said...

Cool info! Thanks for sharing. You are so young to have all that experience.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Putz said...

dog lover ehhhh... my life is pretty much my dogs, cat birds{watching steller jays} and blogging....walk with labs, hearing dog, and family dog every day

Just Joni said...

this was fun learning a little about you...and I'd like elaboration on #12

Random facts about me:

* I'm 5'8"
* I love horses and dogs
* I enjoy backpacking
* I'm a full time college student pursuing my second career at the age of 44!
* I try to stay away from politics and drama when possible
* I have two wonderful children
(18 & 21)
* I love gardening
* I've never had a broken bone.
* I was adopted as a baby, but have met both biological parents (I was a curious and persistent teenager)

well there's a few tid bits, nothing too exciting, but pieces of me just the same.

Daniel's Mom said...

:) I am married to a State Trooper. He used to be a Sheriff's Deputy. It's neat to find you!

* I just graduated from a small Bible college in 2006.
* I got married in December 2006.
* I had my first baby in January 2006.
* I love the weather channel.
* I have been to Honduras.
* I have 2 siblings;4 nieces;1 nephew.
* I'm 25 years old.
* I love twinkies!
* I love to write and read.
* I am passionate about life and anit-abortion.
* I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

There ya go! You can read more at my blog! :) said...

O.K. you know a lot about me but I am going to think of some things you might know. I will be back to post them after I batten down the hatches...Gus is coming!
The Park Wife

Michelle said...

I started this and have not finished it. I am having problems thinking of 25 random things that would be interesting to others. Have you been over to see Hallie recently? She needs someone from Oklahoma to write and invite her to campaign in your state. Look at the map and see if you know any other bloggers in those areas that are not showing up yet.

Putz said...

hey i have a broken tooth because of a girl in the sixth grade qnd you got stiches cooool

Employee No. 3699 said...

I think that's great that you had a job that you truly enjoyed.

You've done so much already and you still have a lot of years ahead of you!

I'd really like to hear more about that country school you went to.

Take care, Lisa.