Monday, September 1, 2008

Long Week, Long Weekend

Where To Start
Good morning every one and happy Labor Day. If you are not working today, good for you and I hope you get to enjoy it this day of rest.
I hope you are not in the path of the hurricane, and
if you are, I sure hope you are prepared and safe.
Last week was a very difficult week for me. My precious baby either is not bonding with me or has colic. She cried nearly the whole time she was with me
last week. And that was only three days!
It starts out good, her momma brings her here in a really good mood,
but with in 20 min at the most she is crying and here we go.
It does not seem to matter what I do, rock her, change her diaper,
sing (that could be part of the problem!), hum to her, hold her close, hold her on my lap, hold her on my shoulder, lay her on my tummy, put her in the swing, in the pack and play with visual stimulus, or feed her. Nothing seems to work. Thursday I had to put her in her bed and just let her cry for a little bit. Nothing I did made any difference. I cried.
I feel bad when I can not make things better. I don't want her to hurt, I don't want her to be unhappy, and nothing I did made it better. Oh that hurts my heart.
Then I got my grand kids on Friday. We went to Stillwater to watch our niece and nephews show their livestock at the county fair. Oh how that brought back memories from my high school days. We ate lunch with Scott's brother and wife, then we drove around the town looking for sites to take family pictures in the next couple weeks.
They are getting ready for their 50th wedding anniversary and asked me to take a picture of them, their son and his three children. I am so excited about this.
We found some very pretty places, and of course the OSU campus being one. Scott's brother taught at Oklahoma State University for years and I think that would hold some special meaning for them. But we also found another place that is very simple, with rocks, waterfall, and greenery.
After spending time with the families, we stopped by and got the kids. But while there a big storm came in. Good grief. After it passed we jumped in the car and headed home. And of course there was no rain here. We need some rain badly.
The kids were so much fun to have.
But I do believe Caleb talks from the moment he wakes up till he goes back to bed!!
Oh my goodness. But he is so funny, and so full of energy. Allie is cutting several teeth at one time, she has a little snaggle tooth right now and it is cute. I could not get a picture of it, but oh my how funny. Her little bottom has a severe rash right now, has the runs and even in the middle of the night. So sleeping through the night is not something that happens. Bless her little heart. She has been to the doctor three times, has medicine and it is starting to look much better.
It is so nice to have my little girl snuggle up to me and want her grandma.
It is fun and heart warming to have my grandson want to play and do fun things with grandma. This...THIS is what life is all about right now. The joy of these grand kids while I am young enough to really and truly enjoy them is such a blessing. Nothing is any better than the hugs and kisses from those two little beings.
Today I hope I get to spend some time with my parents. I hope to just slow down a little bit and enjoy the day. I hope to be able to watch some TV, and rest. We will see.
So no matter what you are doing today, I hope you are going to have some peace in your life. I hope you get to be with some family or friends.
Summer is ending,
Winter will come,
Let us remember
we all need love.
Spring will be here
blooms abound.
Summer will complete
the year all around.
Time Flies: Have Fun


Debbie said...

YOU need some REST!! Sounds like you had a good time with the family and I'm happy for you. It could be it wasn't meant to be with your "little" job. Don't go blaming yourself either!

Maybe you could get a P/T job working in a school somewhere or something to get you out of the house for a few hours in the a.m. LOL if you get my drift :)

Thinking of you always and Happy Labor Day to you too!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Busy time! Sounds like a fun time with family. Sorry about such a tough week with the baby - that would be really hard.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Putz said...

saw you over on debbies blog, and i saw tonyta there too, all having a big party that got started before i got on the site, so i decieded to get here early to your site before the party started to get going full blast

Michelle said...

I am sorry that you think that Shay is not bonding to you. I am sure it is not you. What does her momma think? Are you watching her again this week?

At least the time with your grandkids helped you get over it. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Hubby's cousins son goes to OSU. He got a band scholarship and seems to be doing really well.

How about them Sooners! 57-2. I just hope they can sustain it. They started out like this last year too and then lost the momentum.

I got a few photos of Anna posted today. I guess I should get some ironing done now.

Homesteader in Training said...

Aren't you supposed to be retired lol. YOu sound like you're starting over lol.
Blessings my friend.

Sage said...

Have you decided what to do about the baby? Maybe, like Debbie says, it just wasn't meant to be. Don't be too hard on yourself.

I saw eight grandkids on Saturday, and one today, otherwise it was a long, dry weekend! And now they'll be in school so will have to go to bed earlier at night.

We're going on a roadtrip as I just posted this evening. Maybe it will give me something more interesting to write about!

Take care..........Marge

Tonjia said...

So sorry to hear about the little one and her adjustment problems. What does she hear at home that she doesnt hear at your house? Do they have music playing for her at home??

Maybe she is just fussy, We tell people that if she is dry, and fed and not too cold or too hot then she just must be fussy. Not much we can do at that point. I used to sedate Bre with Dimetapp (shhhh) but I am sure you dont want to do that. LOLOLOLOL

Hang in there surrograte grandma, she will adjust. does she have something that belongs to mom that she can cuddle with?

Tonjia said...

Oh, and I forgot to say... GO POKES!!!!

Mental P Mama said...

I got tired just reading this! Poor baby...I remember those days. This too shall pass, and get all those cuddles in!

Daniel's Mom said...

:) I hope your Labor Day was great! We were running from Gustav! Eeek! Aww.... it's sweet to hear you talk about your grand-kids! Our parents just love Daniel so much! My SIL's Aunt and Uncle live out in Oaklahoma,I think she teaches at OSU.

RYC: Thank you! I love to write so much! I would love to write a book for young girls pertaining to staying pure in all areas for their future husbands. But don't know where to begin ha!

Just Joni said...

Shay sounds just like how my Kristin was! After weeks and weeks of non-stop crying the doctor discovered she had a "kink in her hose"...a crimp in the lower intestine that caused severe pain when waste became blocked by either her holding it in or by foods that didn't induce regularity (many milk products do this)try lactose-free milk and apple juice to keep things moving right is something they outgrow as the body cavity stretches, but I don't think you can wait that mom is still breastfeeding she too can monitor what she eats to benefit baby's tummy...hope your Labor Day was indeed restful and you got lots of lovin' from your grandbabies!

Putz said...

favorite flower dandilion, because no body even thinks flower only weed

Kristen B said...

Alright, Lisa, a couple of things. First, the crying baby. Maybe she needs time to adjust. She can tell when you're stressed. So if you need to - take a shot :)!! Not really, but deep breathing helps. Crying is good for them. You know that. And I would always tell myself when it got bad that at least they're crying! Which means they're breathing. Then I would thank God and it seemed a little easier to deal with. There is also the sugar water trick. You'll have to ask her mom, of course, but mixing about a tablespoon of sugar in with a cup and a half of water or two (room temp is fine) and then using a dropper and giving her just a little at a time usually helps if it's her tummy that isn't feeling good. Cara and I both used that trick on more than one of ours. Settled them right down. Yours to use as you choose!! Then on to the diaper rash - my sister-in-law passed on a recipe for diaper rash cream that worked wonders. It's equal parts Desitin, Neosporin and anti-fungal cream. I was wary at first, so I asked our local pharmacist and they said it was perfectly fine and led me to the right anti-fungal cream. I first used it on Katie since Tyler wasn't ever in that situation and it worked almost immediately to get rid of the rash. It gave her comfort right away. I've used it on the little guys and have passed it on to whoever will listen. It's good stuff - especially when the OTC doesn't work. So there it is - advice not wanted or asked for, but given anyway. I hope something in here helps! Can't wait to see the pictures!!

Employee No. 3699 said...

I got to spend time with my grandkids this past weekend too. It is the best being a grandparent!

I hope things get better with the baby.