Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh that's what it was!!!

He was the bomber.

While we were taking Scott's pictures at the lake,
I kept hearing something hit the ground and could not
figure out what was going on.
I looked up and saw what it was.

This little guy was eating a hickory nut about 7 feet above Scott's head.

He was shelling it in pieces and dropping them down missing

Scott by inches or even landing on his leg while Scott was sitting on the bench.

I thought it was funny that the little guy did not stop eating and kept

shelling his hickory nut.

Pretty cute with the sun shinning through his

his furry tail. All the while his cousins were back at

my house eating corn, sunflower seeds and hickory nuts.

***If you have not heard my song Squirrels before, you have got to turn it on and turn it up loud. Maybe even play it twice. I think it is one of the funniest songs ever.

Ok, I am off to my class of PhotoShop. Someone just shoot me now!!!


Mental P Mama said...

I chase squirrels with my pool net in my pajamas. On Sunday mornings. Help me.

Just Joni said...

this is the funniest thing ever...and to think you caught him with your camera before he zipped off....cute song to go with the theme too!

Michelle said...

But your so good at it. The photoshop that is. Nice shots of your buddy there.

Tonjia said...

we used to have lots of squirrels in our yard in PA. But here there are too many cats.

we have chipmunks in the mountains, I need to take some pics of them.

Anonymous said...

How adorable. We don't have squirrels in Australia but I wish we did. I love him!

Debbie said...

You KNOW I love the Squirrel song! I refuse to listen to it because it will stick in my head again LOL!

You're photos were great before, but now? Outstanding girl!!

I saw a rabbit yesterday. I guess they come out in Spring & Fall. Who knows?