Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Dear Deer

Deer Videos

please turn off my playlist and turn your volume up to hear these deer.

I wanted to show you a couple videos of the deer outside my house eating corn that I feed to them every day. They don't come and eat each day, but I suspect they come each night for sure. One "clue"...the food is gone! I have really enjoyed seeing the deer outside my window, nearly within my reach. I love these creatures, even though I realize as a girl growing up with a family of hunters, that they have to be hunted to thin the herd, to make them healthier, leaving more food for the survivors. It is the natural selection of the cycle of life. We eat anything we harvest. We waste nothing, well, we are not as frugal as the Native Americans, but we do feel it is important to use what is given to us.

If my family shoot more than we have room in the freezer, then the deer are donated to a group that will process the meat and give to those in need. It is a big deal in Oklahoma. It does help to feed the hungry.

I want to show you another video of the deer when they sense danger. You have to make sure you have the playlist turned off and the sound turned up. If you have never heard this before, I hope it impresses you. I had never heard it before living in this house. I am not a deer hunter, and will not become one. I can hunt with my camera, but not a gun. And I am probably only fattening these deer up for someone else to enjoy. But I love doing this and will continue long as I can afford it. And I had to zoom in to show you the deer pretty good, so every little shake shows in the video. Sorry about that. You might even get a little motion sickness so be careful. but I do hope you enjoy hearing these sounds.

Hopefully this first video is the deer family eating some corn!!!

Hopefully this second video is of the doe alerting everyone that

I was there. They run off and I try to follow them with the camera.

Hope I don't make you motion sick!!!!???


Just Joni said...

Very interesting sound...I've not heard this before...I am always impressed by nature at work and you are so lucky to have a front row seat! How do your dogs react to the deer? I heard a little bark there at the end! Thanks for sharing something we don't get to see everyday!

Tonjia said...

wow. the wonders of nature, huh? the deer are beautiful.

Our deer here are heading to the high country. Hunting season is just around the corner.

Hey Lisa, thanks so much for the nice comment you made on my blog, you made my day. :-)

Michelle said...

Damn Network Nazi's here at work don't allow me to watch these things so I have to wait until /I get home. Have a good Monday.

Putz said...

did you ever go to putzes blog and then to the side bar for platoonoffour and click that icon ansd read about the awful, awwful, thing , unspeakable, terrifying, thinggggg...concerning my DOGS???????

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Very cool!

Employee No. 3699 said...

There's a good chance I'll being seeing deer this weekend...and wild turkeys. I'm going to my friend's house in Galena, IL for girls' weekend.

If I don't see any outside, I'll be sure to see some heads on their walls! They hunt, only what they'll eat and only with a bow and arrow.

Sage said...

Okay, dear friend. I'm coming to camp on your land, okay? I'll just take a little corner there by the fence, and I'll leave my back door open and I'll be real quiet, and I'll watch the deer all day long. Okay? You practice your hiking now, before I get there!

I have a husband who hunts, he has six brothers who hunt, I have 5 sons who hunt, and at least four grandsons and a granddaughter who hunt. Me? No, I'd rather take pictures! Don't eat the venison either!


Mental P Mama said...

Very cool. She sounds like she's sneezing!

Michelle said...

WOW, This is so cool. Now to go look at the crash post.