Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The grand kids

I did a couple postings today of pictures from the past week and weekend. I did not edit them, but just put them up there for you all to see. Enjoy.
Just out of Reach!
Allie is walking now. At ten months she is all
over the place and Rudy had to hightail it to
higher ground to stay out of reach!

She never slowed down a bit. It was so fun to watch her get around
but kind of sad that she is growing up so fast.

On the go, Rudy is tuckered out!
Caleb and Scott out driving the John Deer.
This is Scott's OLD lawn mower, but when it kept breaking

down I told him to just go buy a new mower.

So he did, but kept this old thing to pull the trailer around with.

But it also makes for a fun "toy" for Caleb, and much safer.

I do NOT believe that kids should ever be on a mower that has a blade engaged.

I know a family who had their son on the mower and when he jumped off the blade caught his foot and cut off a major portion of it. That boy had to live it for the rest of his life. All because of the choices of his dad. It was a horrible tragedy that could have been avoided.

So we felt this was an ok way for him to have a little fun and be safe.

No high speeds and no mower.


Employee No. 3699 said...

Your grandchildren are precious. And yes, they grow up too quick. Now she's walking, next talking...

Mental P Mama said...

Those children have grown so much since I've been visiting you! Time sure flies;)

Tonjia said...

what fun you have at your house!!! I can see the pups stay clear of the toddler. LOL

Just Joni said...

I wish I had that energy! It's wonderful that you are so mindful and attentive to the possible dangers in the riding lawnmower...simple thinking is often the best prevention. I bet Caleb enjoyed riding around on that with his grandpa...a memory he'll treasure.

Eckmama said...

She's WALKING??? Noooooooo!!! :(
Andy walked at 10 months, but the other three all waited until just before their first birthday. I can't believe that tiny little bug is walking. What a stinker. I laughed at Rudy up on the couch--Lia has also decided that it's better to be out of Kimi's reach! She likes to check out her dog's feet, and toes, and ears, and then she tries to use the dog as a stepping stool to climb onto the couch, and that's about when Lia decides enough is enough. They're funny.

Putz said...

actualluy my grandkids are CUTER than your what do you have to say about that/?????

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Hopefully in 20 years I have some grandchildren!

Michelle said...

Shay was an early walker at 10 months as well. Never could keep her still after that.

I think Wes is planning to come for at leats one weekend while she is here. Nothing really special planned, just hanging. She will have to work at the recruiters office for 2 of those weeks but we will have the evenings to hang out.

I had to explain our conversations about drinking and driving because she could not figure out why you were talking about her making good choices. Haha

One of thes days your phone will ring and it is going to be me!!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Looks like good times for the kids! Allie is a cutie running all around! And the mower thing looks like a blast - what a good idea to keep it just for riding around.

AirmanMom said...

Grandchildren are the best! I will blessed to meet my third grandgirl in Januray! Too bad we can't have our grandchildren first...imagine what better parents we would be!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Putz said...

so i see you have been looking up into the sky lately

Debbie said...

Oh I so totally agree on the mower. I wouldn't even let David push mow until he was about 16 LOL. I really don't remember the age, but it was OLDER!

These are adorable photos, girl and she is so huggable!!!! I wouldn't be able to let her go :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely family you have. I wouldn't mind a ride on the John Deer myself.