Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow-- Today

We Have Sun

Since we had a little sunshine I made (asked!) Scott to let me do a few more pictures. This time I did what I needed to do, but you can't tell it. The pictures are too small. But I am pleased with the results and will use these and my others to present in class on Tuesday night. I don't know what all ones I will use but these are among them. I still have to go out to my parents tomorrow and take some more. We have to also take some pictures using nothing but window light. This I am not good at. But I will need to practice. And practice I will. I am going to try and talk my mom into being my model. Won't that be cool? Having a grey haired I mean a more mature woman being my model. I am really hoping I can do this. So see you soon.


Michelle said...

Does Scott ever smile? LOL. You are doing so great. Shay has a very nice camera and wants to take a photography class so she can figure out all that can be done with it. HAHAHAHA

And the real count down begins!!! Ooo my stomach just did a flip when I thought of that. I better go take some Tylenol pm or I might not sleep this week.

Have fun at moms. Go Sooners

Tonjia said...

GREAT Pictures!! Scott is a good model. Looks like a hunting man to me. LOL

I would love to see pics of your mom. great idea to use her as a model.

Just Joni said...

these are pretty good photos! I think they are all assignment just need to bite the bullet and pick which ones you feel are the best. I think you'll have fun taking pictures of your sure to share those!
Looks like you are having fun with photography and I think that's great!

Homesteader in Training said...

You know the fact that he changed outfits for you shows just how much that man loves you lol!
Blessings my friend.

Mental P Mama said...

I love his costume changes! What a great hubby. Hope you are successful with your mother;)

Reddirt Woman said...

You're going to have to take a photo of Scott smiling just for your readers.

The photo you saw at my place was taken south of Purcell, on the east side of I-35. I've passed but it many times traveling back and forth from OKC to Ft. Worth where my sibs live. We were all raised in OKC, And after living in Tulsa, then Bartlesville, I moved last year to south and east of Noble.

I didn't think you needed a permit to shoot in Woodward Park unless you were a professional. BTW, I like the hat on Scott's face better than the paper, it doesn't have a shine like the other.

Oh, yes, another thing we have in common, my niece and her hubs are both Norman police officers. She's on disability leave right now, but she also trains Dutch Shepherds for bomb sniffers, drug dogs, search and rescue and attack.

We'll keep in touch...


Putz said...

you should probaly be the model, how come the pretty ones are all on the wrong side of the camera????