Thursday, September 11, 2008

Update to the Other Day

****update to the story*****

Ok, I am having a hard time remembering what day of the week it is. This medicine has caused me to lose track of Wednesday. So I think today is Thursday. TJ called me on Tues night with his incident .....right? Ok, I got to thinking about this, after I saw the damage to his police car on that link I gave you on the other posting I started laughing. The back quarter panel suffered some pretty good denting. This is a brand new police car, has suffered damage twice now, both times the rear quarter panel. First was the passenger side, now the driver side....and both times...have been due to TJ, not even a car wreck....I find that really funny. Maybe it's the drugs. But I keep laughing at it. Twice the car is damaged, twice rear quarter panels, twice pretty good damage to it, and twice done by my son...I think instead of his name TJ maybe it should be TANK.

I'm going to bed!


Just Joni said...

It's now friday, hope your head is clearing. I suspect an eye roll would be in order if you called TJ "Tank"...he probably has a different perspective...but I can see the humor, might not want to let him borrow your vehicles any time soon. :)

Homesteader in Training said...

Oh my dear friend. You are too funny. I hope you start to feel better soon (without the use of over the counter pain meds lol) We need you to know what day it is lol.

Sage said...

This is Friday, September 12, you live in Oklahoma of the United States of America, you have dogs, you are retired......anything else you need to know right now?

Hope the back is feeling better. Are you getting rains from Ike yet?

Employee No. 3699 said...

Okay, I had to read the past two posts and catch up. I'm glad TJ is okay and I'm glad the fog around your head is starting to clear. I hate taking anything that does that to me.

I'll be away for Girls' Weekend with no internet access, so I'll peek in on you next week. Feel better!

Mental P Mama said...