Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Pumpkin Story

I am a "linking" fool...

Since I have LEARNED how to link (thank you Joni!)

I am having so much fun helping others.

I don't do these things to win prizes,

although the prizes are cute, fun and awesome.

I do it because I think that when people go to so much

trouble trying to accomplish something,

then why shouldn't I help?

Today we are suppose to talk about a pumpkin project of some sort. I am not a crafty person, nor do I cook much. But I do have a love for teachers and children. I was a DARE officer for many years and had special bonds with teachers all over the Enid School district. But one of my first teachers to work with also became one of my dear friends. I respect teachers so much. What they try to do and achieve with these gifts that have been entrusted to them, ie our children. One teacher in particular was Linda H. She taught geography to 7th graders. I was never good at geography and never really enjoyed it. But I watched Linda teach her students, and encourage, inspire, hold them accountable. I really liked what she did with her kids. Each hour the bell would ring and those students would leave the room uplifted, and enjoying school if for only a little while!!! (Till Math or something!) But one of the things she did EVERY year was she had the student bring a pumpkin to class. They would then paint it and put on the continents and they would also have longitude and latitude lines. They worked on these things for days. Learning so much about the world as they created their very own globe. Some were very elaborate. Others were kind of blobs of paint slapped on. But each kid had fun. They labeled things such as the oceans and continents. So if you need a pumpkin project for your kids.... there you have it! You have the whole world at your finger tips.

I need a larger picture, but this is the best I could find. Sorry!


Time: 2 days (1-2 hours per day)

Geographic Theme-Regions and Location

Purpose: To create a model of the Earth

Objectives: To identify longitude and latitude on maps and globes to create a globe using a pumpkin


world maps and globes
pumpkins (one per group)
tag board patterns of the continents
tempera paint


Day 1
Discuss longitude and latitude. Point out examples on the world map and the globe.
Question the students (can be made into a game) about using world maps to locate longitude and latitude. Example: Where is 95 degrees North longitude and 30 degrees West latitude? Houston, Texas.
Divide the globe into hemispheres (north, south/east, west) and discuss the placement of the continents.

Day 2
Review longitude, latitude, hemispheres, and continents.
Divide the students into groups.
Hand out one pumpkin per group, pattern, and paint.
Divide the pumpkin into hemispheres using the vertical lines on the pumpkin as the longitude lines.
Place patterns in the appropriate hemispheres. Trace continents.
Paint continents. Let dry for 1 hour.
Paint the bodies of water. Let dry overnight.
Display in school media center.
Compare and contrast pumpkins to globes.


Mental P Mama said...

Wow. That is quite a project. Well done!

Employee No. 3699 said...

That looks like alot of work. I think I'll stick with carving mine and raosting the seeds. Thanks for the idea though.

Sage said...

That is a very neat project. I'm guessing those students know Africa from Australia and Asia from the United States! I love geography and would have loved that project as a kid. Heck, I'd love that project now!

Just Joni said...

What a creative project...a fun way to get kids to know their geography. I'm finally getting around to visit...this has been a crazy busy week for me....but the weekend is almost here! I was checking out your pictures in the previous post...great job! She's going to have a difficult time choosing a favorite.

Have a good rest-of-the-week my "linking" friend! Ha.

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Thank you for linking up and all of your support!!

What a great pumpkin project - I love it! Fun and educational at the same time. And I like the picture of it - something so different to do with pumpkins.

And I'm sure everyone appreciates your tribute to teachers. :)

Putz said...

wow thanks for all that info, i was getting read to put out my giant lit pumkin for the month when you write this article, did i ever tell you of the pumking that loked like a butt crack, have to save that for another day